Wider Curriculum

The learning objectives from the National Curriculum are mapped across classes to ensure coverage. In delivering the wider curriculum we stick firmly to our intention to develop learning in core areas. Our shared reading strategy is effectively used in the delivery of curriculum content. The stimulus for writing will regularly be derived from broader curriculum study.

Experience has shown us that our children learn best when learning is set within an understandable context. This may be an overarching topic but could also be based on a central shared text thus reinforcing our reading focus. We plan activities and experiences within topics that are designed to spark imagination and celebrate learning. This may be in the form of an educational visit, a visitor coming in to school, a celebration day or a super learning day. However in some areas learning is best delivered as a discreet stand alone subject or within a ‘one off’ super learning day. In all instance teachers are directed to identify the best way to deliver the objective to ensure that learning takes place that sticks.

Children are familiar with recording their own learning using Knowledge Organisers. These direct the child to focus on the learning objective, the knowledge they have learnt, the skills they have acquired and also reinforces the development of the use of the correct subject specific vocabulary. Knowledge Organisers allow the child to record learning in a number of ways that will be memorable for them. Where school has purchased curriculum resources, the accompanying assessment resources will be used.

Under each subject heading below you can see how the curriculum is mapped out across year groups. In some cases the curriculum has been completely developed from within school and in others school has purchased curriculum materials. Following our evaluation of the wider curriculum some subject areas are still being developed and improved. The individual year plans illustrate how complete curriculum coverage is being delivered for all National Curriculum subjects.