About Us

At Roche we believe that children have a right to a safe, happy, varied and challenging learning experience. Every individual child matters and all children have abilities and potential which must be realised. Within this context, commitment, self-responsibility, honesty and respect are the key personal qualities which we value from all members of our school community and that we feel are essential to success in later life.

These qualities are embodied in our school rules;

  • Show good manners at all times
  • Follow instructions with thought and care
  • Care for everyone and everything
As a school we feel that the drive for progress is everything. We acknowledge and reward effort and consistently encourage children and ourselves to achieve more and look forward to the next challenge.

We promote reading throughout our curriculum and ensure that the development of reading and the opportunity to engage with and enjoy reading is prioritised.

Our Curriculum delivers the scope of the national Curriculum but also reflects our school context. We utilise opportunities to develop core skills of reading and writing throughout curriculum subjects.

Our relentless drive to raise standards in English and maths are at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning, reflecting the needs of our children in preparation for the future.

We endeavour to raise children’s understanding of Wellbeing. We want children to understand the importance of physical and mental good health, how they can achieve and maintain this themselves and look after others. We link learning in PSHE with PE and promote our 5 ways to wellbeing through assemblies and activities throughout school.

All children in school take part in PE every day. This forms part of their understanding of their own physical and mental health and well being. We pride ourselves on being an active school!

We believe in working together to reach our goals.

Jeremy Walden, Headteacher