Design Technology


We want our children to have the opportunity to learn a wide range of Design Technology skills and techniques across 6 areas of study.

We want children to develop confidence in a range of skills and regard themselves as able to design build and evaluate their own products.

We want children to experience success in their outcomes at every stage of learning.

We want children to gain an appreciation and understanding of the variety and diversity of technologies that are available to us and have a fundamental understanding of how things work.


School is using a condensed version of the Kapow Primary DT curriculum as its starting point but has organised and sequenced learning under 6 areas of study; Digital World, Electrical Systems, Food, Mechanisms, Structures and Textiles. The areas of study have been planned across year groups.

Digital World

Electrical Systems





Condensed Long term plan DT 21-01-2022

Condensed Design and Technology Progression of skills and knowledge overview