EYFS At Roche

Early Years Foundation Stage Vision at Roche


Here at Roche we believe that the first year at our school is a fundamental stage in your child’s life.  One of our main aims is to ensure children have a love for learning as soon as possible which will then stay with them through the rest of their time here at our school.


Through high quality practise our staff in EYFS will help to nurture your child. They will observe and listen intently to your child’s interests as well as help them to shape their own learning through questioning, giving children time to reflect and through modelling key skills.  Careful planning by staff members is carried out to meet the needs of each individual member of the class allowing them to reach their full potential. 


We value children’s views and opinions.  We invite children to shape their own learning through prioritising child directed play.  Our aim is to get children to learn at their best through being deeply engaged and tuned into what they are doing. We want children to be engrossed in their learning naturally promoting concentration at a young age. We aim to turn every possible situation in to a learning opportunity.


The environment in which your child will learn will be safe, calm, inclusive and organised.  It will promote, independent learning, problem solving, challenge and for children to take positive risks whilst flourishing in all aspects of their development. We want children to explore the 3 characteristics of effective learning: playing and exploring, active learning, and creating and thinking critically.     


Children will learn a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum which has an emphasis on the development of reading, children’s vocabulary and writing. This curriculum will be carefully delivered through child initiated play and adult led activities.  At the start of your child’s journey in our EYFS setting we prioritise communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development.  Once these vital skills are embedded we know they can carry on to make progress in all the other significant areas without barriers to their learning. 


On a daily basis, our EYFS staff will involve your child in assessment of their own progress. They will be involved in completing their own learning journey throughout the year.  We value strong links with parents and carers and also want you to contribute to the learning journey with your observations and pictures. These contributions will allow us to have a complete picture of a child’s learning and developments for their significant first year at our school allowing them to make the best start they can going into Year 1.