Our children are growing up in a digital world in which technology is everywhere and an integral part of their lives. Whilst such technology provides our children with opportunities to learn and grow and will provide essential skills for their future, it can also expose them to certain risks. For this reason, Internet safety is always a priority in our school.

At the beginning of each year, all children take part in e-safety lessons which teach them how to use online technology in a safe and responsible manner. Lessons will also teach children what to do if they feel unsafe when online and give them the confidence to speak out. Our acceptable user agreement has been written by our school council.

Roche School E-safety Acceptable User Agreement 1

We are also committed to working closely with parents and carers when it comes to e-safety. Useful information will be provided every other week on the newsletter and this website page to help us all keep up with the different sites that our children might have access to and how to ensure they are being used safely. If you are ever worried or concerned about your child’s safety online, please do not hesitate to talk to us; we can offer advice and point you in the direction of some brilliant online safety websites with lots of useful information.

Our Online Safety policy is available to download from the policies section of this website

Our Peer-on-peer abuse policy is available to download from the policies section of this website. This policy also contains specific information about online safety issues that may occur.

The Designated safeguarding leaders for school are Jeremy Walden ( and Victoria Tonkin (

Click the link below for a parents guide to online safety:

A Parents Guide to Online Safety 1

The NSPCC is a great source of information for parents and carers about e-safety and keeping children safe. Click the link below.

Online Safety for Children – Tips & Guides | NSPCC

Family Activity Sheet Viewing videos online 3438

Childnet - Parent and Carers Toolkit