Early Years Foundation Stage Vision at Roche 21-22-1

Reception 2023-24

On this page you will find all the information for starting school in Reception Class 2023-24.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child to our school. As part of our transition arrangements, you and your child will be invited to a virtual home visit via Microsoft Teams with Miss Searle. This will be an opportunity for you to give us background information about your child and for you to ask us questions about your child’s first school days. It will also be great for your child to be able to see and talk to Miss Searle. These will be timetabled in for either Thursday 29th June, Thursday 6th July or Thursday 13th July. We will be in contact soon to organise these.

We will also be doing a meet and greet at the school on Monday 3rd July where you will be able to come to the school gate, walk around to visit your child’s new classroom and pick up your child’s new book bag, school bottle and special gift! 

We also wanted to give you some key dates for September. Our official start date is Monday 4th of September but there will be an INSET day on Monday 4th. We are going to have smaller groups of children attend on Tuesday 5th September, Wednesday 6th September, and Thursday 7th September. We will be telling you your child’s first day in the virtual home visit.

ALL children will then be in school from Friday 8th September and will be attending full time.

Please can we have all your forms completed and dropped to the school office by Friday 23rd June. You can drop them in at the main green gates Mon-Fri anytime between 9am and 3pm. Press the bell button at the main gate and a member of the office staff will let you in.

This is a link to a BBC Bitesize section about starting school. This is a guide written to help children make the best possible start to school life.

Please be reassured that we are going to do all we can to ensure your child has a smooth transition during this time and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have on the following email

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Mr Walden Miss Tonkin Miss Searle

Headteacher Deputy Head / EYFS Lead EYFS Teacher

Data Collection Cover Letter - new intake 2023.pdf

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