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Firstly, we were blown away by the amount of children taking part in the Eco Week activities last week; it was amazing! Please have a look at the photos below of what everyone got up to!

Themed Work for 27th April– 1st May
Reception – Year 6

Cornwall week
This week’s themed work is all about Cornwall, Cornish people and Cornish events. During this week, Trevithick Day, Padstow May Day and Padstow Obby Oss Day would normally take place. Why not have a celebration of your own at home?

Choose activities to complete from the grid below. How many can you complete in a week?

Any texts or attachments needed to complete some of the tasks will be on our ‘Resources’ section on this page. Remember you can always have help from adults at home for any of these tasks or you could do them together!

Remember we would love to see any of the activities you do above so please send them in to: and

We will be showcasing many examples of work on next week's theme page.

Here is some of the amazing work from last week's theme.  Well done everyone; we were really impressed and glad you enjoyed it so much!

Your work on Eco Week is amazing, Joseph!

Wojciech, your robot is amazing!

Well done Brooke for this super work.

Well done Joshua for all the work you did for Eco Week.

Isla has been busy completing the Earth week challenges, including looking at photos of before and after lockdown around the world and planting strawberries.

A super poem by Harry.

Julia made a brilliant plush toy from an old pair of socks! 

Amelie in Year 3 made a colourful bug hotel.

We loved this week's theme! We worked our way through lots of the activities and work sheets. Here are some pictures of the bug hotel they made with Daddy, a robot made from recycling, Ashleigh's piece of writing about ways we can make the earth a better place and a picture of Jack practicing his speedy words.
Thank you again Team Roche for providing such a great range of activities.

Stay safe
Dan, Karen, Ashleigh and Jack

Hi Everyone,

Today for World Earth Day I have planted some old potatoes to see if they will grow and produce some new potatoes. Then my Dad and I made a watering can out of an old drink carton. Then Ben and I planned, cooked and served a three course meal for our Mum and Dad (It Looks delicious, Dom!)
Hope you have all had a good day?
Dominic. Yr6

Ellie is Year 6 has been so busy this week: nature walks, making a bug hotel and producing Power Points based on the theme to name but a few.  We particularly liked learning about  The Kraken!

 Ellie Crew - Family walk to find natural things - PPT.pptxDownload
 The Kraken Ellie.pptxDownload
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Faith and Charlotte have been busy bees! Faith made a Power Point presentation for Earth Day.

We talked about how we recycle items and why. Faith and Charlotte made hair bows from the ties on their Easter Egg boxes (then recycled the card).

They also found a picture they both liked and traced it onto a plain t-shirt we had. Faith traced it and Charlotte coloured it in!

It happens to be recycling in Roche this week, so Faith and Charlotte did the job they do every week anyway, and collected all our recycling and put it ready for Daddy to take out tomorrow.

As part of Earth Day, Faith made a den underneath her existing tree house from the recently cut down trees behind our house. She also found some rubbish which had been uncovered from the tree cutting so did a litter pick and tidied the area too.


 Faith Earth Day pp.pptxDownload
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Harry and I made boats out of things we recycle at home. During our daily walk we thought we would find a river to test their ability to float. Mrs Harrison's boat "ultrarapid" went head to head with Harry's boat "lightning bolt"
During the first race both boats held well, ending with a tie.
Second race started well until Lightning Bolt hit a log and capsized. Sadly water started pouring in causing the boat to sink and lose parts of its body work. Harry managed to scramble into the water and salvage his boat now named "Bolty" for short.
After some adjustments and repairs Bolty was ready for a third race! Bolty showed great resilience but Ultrarapid was the overall winner.

Jacob wrote a lovely acrostic poem.

Well done Kyle and Tyson for your brilliant work this week.

Well done Luke in Year 5 for your super Eco Week work.

Miley and Esmee wrote a lovely poem together.  Great teamwork! 

What a great poem by Olivia.

What a great bug hotel by Ryan and a recycled model.

Scarlett and Logan really enjoyed the theme.  Here they are planting and making a bug hotel.

What a super bug hotel, Finley.

This is a brilliant bug hotel, Riley- Joe

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 map of cornwall.docxDownload
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