Themed Work for 20th – 25th April
Reception – Year 6
Eco Week!

This week’s themed work is all about being eco-friendly to our environment whilst being at home. We have tied it in with ‘Earth Day’ which is this Wednesday 22nd April.

Choose activities to complete from the grid below. How many can you complete in a week?

Any texts or attachments needed to complete some of the tasks will be in the resources section opposite. Remember you can always have help from adults at home for any of these tasks or you could do them together!

Remember we would love to see any of the activities you do above so please send them in to:  and 

We will be showcasing many examples of work on our new ‘This week’s theme’ website section.

Have fun and stay safe!


Here are some brilliant examples of work that children completed from last week's handwriting theme:

Ashleigh completed a diary entry.

Kyle and Tyson carried out book reviews.

Faith wrote a diary entry set in World War II !

 Dear Diary page 1 FB.pdfDownload
 Dear Diary page 2 FB.pdfDownload
 Dear Diary page 3 FB.pdfDownload
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Luke in Year 5 wrote a book review.

Meave, Rory and Senna have also completed book reviews.


Keep sending in photos of your theme work: we'd love to see it!

 Eco Week!.pdfDownload
 Earth Day 2020 Text and Questions.pdfDownload
 Earth Day Fact or Opinion Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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