Theme 6- Chelsea Flower Show! 


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Chelsea Flower Show theme this week.  Luckily, the weather was really kind to us again so it made it so much easier to get outside!   Thank you for sending in all of the work and photos to show us what you have been up to; it is always lovely to see what you have been doing.

This is our final week of themed work so we would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the activities and sent in your work and photos. 


Ellie has made a lovely fairy garden!

Wow, Luke! Your origami flowers and butterflies are amazing! (much better than Mrs Powell's).  

Emilie, your miniature garden looks amazing; well done!

Julia's sunflowers are growing nicely!

Lowen and Merryn have been learning about flowers.

Faith and Charlotte have been busy bees! They were given a strawberry plant by their Granny and Gramps. They had to work out a way to stop the birds from eating the strawberries so they made a frame out of sticks and tied some CDs to the frame to deter the birds. Faith made a power point on the Chelsea Flower Show. Charlotte made a Power point about fairies at the bottom of the garden! They have also been looking after caterpillars; one has turned into a chrysalis!

 Fairy Land by Charlotte.pptxDownload
 The Chelsea Flower Show powerpoint presentation by Faith.pptxDownload
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Themed Work for 18- 22 May
Reception – Year 6

This week would have been the Chelsea Flower Show, one of the most famous flower and garden shows in the United Kingdom and perhaps in the world!

Choose activities to complete from the grid below. How many can you complete in a week?

Any texts or attachments needed to complete some of the tasks will be on our ‘resources section’ on the theme page on our website. Remember you can always have help from adults at home for any of these tasks or you could do them together! If you fancy entering ‘The Secret Garden’ competition, please ignore the closing date as it has been extended to August. You can either enter individually or send your entries to school to be sent altogether.

Remember we would love to see any of the activities you do above so please send them in to: and

We will be showcasing many examples of work on our new ‘This week’s theme’ website section.

Have fun and stay safe!

 Butterfly origami.docxDownload
 Entry form booklet.pdfDownload
 Make a perfume pot.docxDownload
 Match flowers to Latin name.docxDownload
 Research questions.docxDownload
 wild flower spotter sheet.pdfDownload
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Have a look at some brilliant art work from last week.

What a brilliant painting in the style of pointillism, Emilie.

Harry really enjoyed Art week.

Here is Joseph's great art work.

Kira watched some videos about the artist Lowry and some on the style of pointillism.  She created a painting in this style.  This is her amazing 'Tree on a Hill'.


Faith and Charlotte have raided their vegetable supply to create 'Flowers'.  Charlotte also painted a picture of her friends she was missing and Faith painted something that her mum was missing- having a Costa coffee with her friend!

Here is Miley's brilliant turtle picture using pointillism. 

Well done Luke for your great art work this week.