Theme 5- Art Week!


Well done everyone; another super week of theme work! It has been great to see all of the work and video clips you have sent in (see bottom of this page); the Makaton and BSL you have been learning is brilliant! 

We have gone for an art theme this week. We have a choice of four activities to have a go at. We have chosen activities that have some good online resources to help you get started.
Send in your work to the usual addresses; and

1.What would you and your family or friends most like to be doing if we weren’t all on lockdown? I’d like you to create a picture in the style of Lowry. imagine what you and your family and everyone else would be doing if we weren’t all stuck indoors. First watch this clip.
As Lowry says in the clip, he painted from his imagination, the scenes are made up and the people are doing whatever he wanted them to be doing so you can do the same. If you Google Lowry you will find loads of his paintings in images so you can get plenty of ideas. Look closely at Lowry’s style. He kept it very simple and painted people how he wanted not necessarily how they really are. You don’t have to paint unless you want to. You could use pencil, marker pen or chalk.

2.Get to the point!
Pointillism - pictures made up of dots. Lots of dots! Google Georges Seurat to see some amazing examples of this type of work. You could have a go at creating your own picture or have a look at the link below for a great activity.

3. Veg out!
Giuseppe Arcimboldo became very well known for a distinctive style of painting, follow the link to see what we mean. Picture below. you could create your own Arcimbolodo pictures by drawing, painting, collage or by raiding the fridge and the fruit bowl and taking a photograph of a portrait made from real fruit and veg!

4. The stuff of art or the art of stuff?
Have a look at the Mike Kelley activity in the link below and have a go at making your own collage.
Don’t worry about arranging all of the pieces in clay or sticking them down if you don’t want to. Arrange then on a coloured background and then take a picture to send in. When you look for things to use you may find some long lost precious toys, or it may just help you tidy your room!

                                                                                                                    A few more than your five a day!

Here is some of the super work from last week:

Finley had a special lesson from his Auntie. They did the alphabet, days of the week, animals, key worker jobs and more. They learnt them by playing games and singing songs.  Well done, Finley!

Alfie and Kian have learnt to sign the alphabet! Well done, boys!

Ngaire has worked really hard to learn the alphabet, the days of the week, greetings and how to sign the names of some animals.  Well done!

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Faith made a Power Point on Helen Keller this week. Faith and Charlotte have been signing their names and learning songs using Makaton which they have really enjoyed. Well done Faith and Charlotte!

 Helen Keller.presentation power point Faith.pptxDownload
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Well done, Riley, for learning how to sign your name!

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