Theme 4 - Deafness Awareness Week

Wow! Another excellent week of themed work learning! Thank you for all of the work and photos that you have sent us; we love seeing what you have been doing. Please have a look at the bottom of this page where work is being displayed.  We're so glad that you have enjoyed the Cornish week theme so much!  We hope you had fun with the Cornish quiz; the answers are below.

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Themed Work for 4th – 8th May
Reception – Year 6

Sign Language is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression, and body language. It is mainly used by people who are Deaf or have hearing impairments. Within Britain the most common form of Sign Language is called British Sign Language (BSL).
Makaton is also a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. For anyone who has experienced the frustration of being unable to communicate meaningfully or effectively, Makaton really can help!

Choose activities to complete from the grid below. How many can you complete in a week?  Also, later on in the week we will be sending you some activities based on VE Day.  These will be featured on the VE Day page.

Any texts or attachments needed to complete some of the tasks will be on our ‘resources’ section below. Remember you can always have help from adults at home for any of these tasks or you could do them together!

Remember we would love to see any of the activities you do above so please send them in to: and

We will be showcasing many examples of work at the bottom of next week’s theme page on the website.

Have fun and stay safe!

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Mylor has enjoyed learning about Cornwall. He drew a comic strip about St Piran, after listening to a story about him. He enjoyed making a steam engine out of recycling. Mylor drew a lovely picture of Roche Rock. He also drew a pirate map of our back garden and went on a treasure hunt. After that he drew a map Cornwall and plotted his favourite places to go.

Well done, Joseph, for your super Cornish week work.

This week Liam has been making a model of a steam engine firstly out of lego and then out of recycling. He had the map of Cornwall out and marked all the places of importance on it, including Roche School and Newquay Lifeboat Station. He's learnt all about Helston Flora day as Liam's Mum is from the Helston area and danced the flora dance when she was a student at Helston School. He ended the week by baking Heva Cake and rock buns which Liam enjoyed eating.

George and Maisie loved the Cornish theme this week. Lots of creating Cornish landmarks, plus labelling the map with their favourite places then looking at them via Google Street View. They also cooked pasties and enjoyed the quiz. So much so George then quizzed his grandparents over Skype!

Well done, Joshua, for your super work on Trevithick and your Cornish map.

Ruby, your heart-shaped scones look yummy!

Holly has enjoyed learning all about Cornwall.  She wrote a story about St. Piran, made a steam engine out of recycling, drew a picture of Roche Rock and drew a map of Cornwall and put her favourite places on it.

Harry has enjoyed the theme this week:

Well done, Seb and Morley; the scones look yummy!

This is Scarlett's Cornish work as well as picture board of a famous Cornish person William Bligh.  Scarlett also  painted St Nectans Glen on a rock; this is one of her favourite places.  For her technical drawing she did the Richard Trevithick engine , using a compass and ruler.  While filling out the map of Cornwall, Scarlett was shocked at how far away her nan lives in Launceston.  The map reminded her of all the lovely places she had visited in the past.

Roanna has completed lots of brilliant Cornish themed work.

Riley, Jack and Ollie have been really busy this week.

Riley Joe and Brynley have also produced some great work.

Ngaire has created this great map.

Brilliant maps and sketches from Miley and Esmee

Well done Logan for this great map of Cornwall.

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Logan has drawn a picture of one of his favourite places, Wheal Coates mine and a technical drawing of a steam engine "Cornish man" using a compass and a ruler.He has also written about the goal keeper from St. Austell, Nigel Martyn.

Look at all of Luke's great work this week.

Kloe has had a Cornish pasty this week, learnt some Cornish words, mapped out places she has visited and painted the 'nearly home trees', which is on the Devon border but still a Cornish landmark.

Kira has had a Cornish pasty this week, learnt some Cornish words, mapped out places she has visited in Cornwall and chose to paint Roche Rock as her cornish landmark.

Julia wrote about her favourite place in Cornwall.

Finley and his mum made pasties. They chatted about the history of the miners who would have a pasty to eat down the mines. Finley explained that the miners would hold the crust with their dirty hands and then throw the crust away. Finley has also been singing along beautifully to his favourite Cornish song "This is my Cornwall".

Charlotte and Faith have loved this week's topic. Faith has made a short Power Point on the West of England's Bandsmen Festival. She also drew a picture of Roche Rock. They really enjoyed learning about the Cornish language and both learnt to say this:

What's your name? - Pyth yw dha hanow?
My name is Faith/Charlotte - Ow hanow yw Faith/Charlotte

The girls enjoyed finding photographs of where they have visited in Cornwall and making a memory map. They also enjoyed researching the answers to the quiz and  whipped up a quick steam engine each too!

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Ellie has had a great time making delicious Cornish treats. She also made a super St. Piran comic strip.

Chloe has written about the places she has been in Cornwall and some interesting facts about St. Michael's Mount.

This week Brooke and Frankie had fun researching about all the different things Cornwall celebrates.  They practised some Cornish phrases and made a story board.


Ashleigh and Jack really enjoyed the Cornwall theme this week. They completed the quiz together and enjoyed singing along to Trelawney.
Ashleigh made a PowerPoint all about Dorothy Pentreath.  Jack enjoyed telling us what he had learnt about Richard Trevithick and made a steam engine from cars. He also loved finding places to add to the map. They made a list of where they will revisit and explore when lockdown is over. They also had to have a go at making scones. Ashleigh made cheese ones and Jack made some fruit scones all ready for afternoon tea.

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Alfie wrote a lovely letter to Miss Palk.

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