Ofsted and Performance

The school's current Ofsted report can be downloaded from the link on the right. 

Alternatively our report can be viewed on Ofsted's website:

Roche CP School Ofsted Page

Below is the most recent KS2 data for the school. This information can also be found at our page on the GOV.UK Find and Compare Schools page.

Comparable performance of the Primary Schools within TPAT can be found on the GOV.UK TPAT page.


2017 KS2 Performance Tables
School Local Authority Average England Average
Pupils meeting the expected standard in reading, writing and maths 37% 59% 61%
Pupils achieving at a higher standard in reading, writing and maths 0% 8% 9%

Average score in reading

(100 is the expected standard)

100 104 104

Average score in maths

(100 is the expected standard)

99 103 104


Average progress score in reading (KS1-KS2) -2.9
Average progress score in writing (KS1-KS2) -4.5
Average progress score in maths (KS1-KS2) -4.4


2018 Inspection Report
 Roche Community Primary School Inspection Report 2018.pdfDownload
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