Following lockdown we have had to consider the extent and impact of lost learning on children’s progress. Based on our experience and in order to hit the ground running this autumn we have developed a recovery plan to run alongside our main school priorities. We have decided to run this plan at least to the end of autumn term, assessing impact along the way before hopefully returning to something closer to our normal curriculum offer for Spring 2021. Our Mission/values curriculum statement below remains the same but as you can see we have inserted the recovery elements that we feel are essential now.

Mission/Values statement

Curriculum statement (Recovery Plan)

Learning is structured within a curriculum that is designed to be engaging, enjoyable and rich with experiences and meaningful contexts for learning. The development of skills in English and Mathematics is at the core of the curriculum. The drive for progress is everything!

We recognise the need for learners to catch up on lost learning. The curriculum must fill gaps in content and place greater emphasis on the skills and knowledge that will enable children to achieve this catch up and make progress. The curriculum will therefore reflect greater emphasis on learning in core areas that underpin all learning.

We want our children to become confident, independent, driven and resilient learners and young people. Teaching is designed to nurture and champion these attributes.

In catching up on missed content the curriculum will also emphasise and strengthen independent learning skills, thinking about learning and children’s understanding of how they learn best.

We want our children to learn and demonstrate the values of kindness, respect, tolerance and consideration for others.

PSHE will be developed in all year groups with an emphasis on education about relationships and children’s understanding of National and global initiatives such as talking about mental health and the Black Lives Matter campaign.

We want our children to know how to keep themselves and others safe and healthy

Developing children’s understanding of physical activity as being key to good mental and physical health and wellbeing.