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Updated Sunday 29th March


Hi Year 6s! We hope you are all ok.  Firstly, well done to all those of you who have completed the activities set on Education City last week and to everyone who has been practising their times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars.  A new set of activities on Education City will be activated tomorrow for the up and coming week.  Well done to those who took part in the teacher versus pupil challenge that had been set on Times Table Rock Stars.  Mrs Powell had several goes: she did ok but needs to revise her 12 x tables!  So far, we are doing well in this week's challenge.  If you haven't had a go yet there is still time- you have until Friday!


Who has been doing the Joe Wicks and Oti Mabuse workouts?  Has anyone been taking part in any other fitness sessions?  If so, let us know!


What have you found out about the Ancient Egyptians?  Remember to check out  Le Louvre museum virtual tour as it has a great Egyptian section. Also, why not watch the Awful Egyptians on Horrible Histories?


Please send in photos of what you have been up to at home to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk so we can share them on this page and keep in touch.  The photos will be put in a gallery below and the Year 6 file 'photos of what we have been up to'. Mrs Powell has added some photos of her children helping in the garden.


Hi Chloe! It's lovely to hear from you and great to see that you are keeping up with your school work (see gallery below).


Hi Kodi! It was fantastic to hear from you today and to know that you are ok and still have a smile on your face.  Well done for getting fresh air and exercise even with your broken arm! (see Kodi's photo in the gallery below).


Hi Ashleigh! It was so lovely to receive your message today.  We're glad you're keeping up with your fitness and your arithmetic (Mr Moore will be pleased!)  We've just had a look at the Baby Shark  conditioning challenge on you tube- it looks VERY hard but we'll give it a go and let you know how we get on!!

'Ashleigh has been working very hard on keeping her fitness up while gym and school are closed. She's been up at 8 to be part of the zoom HITT (insanity) session each day and plenty of other core and flexibility work.
She would like to challenge some of the teachers to try the baby shark conditioning challenge on you tube!
When she's been the right way up she has also been writing a diary of her time at home, some sample arithmetic papers and helping prepare meals. '

Check out Ashleigh's photos in the gallery below.



Keep in touch and keep safe!

Mrs Powell and Miss Palk


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