Welcome to Year 6

To all of our lovely former Year 6s,


We just wanted to tell you that we are thinking of you all and wanted to wish you the best of luck on your new adventure.  We know you will work really hard at secondary school.  Don't forget to pop in and visit us in the future when it is safe to do so.


See below the photos of the last day at Roche School.


Take care and stay safe


Miss Palk and Mrs Powell

Hi everyone,
Wow! What a lovely last day!
We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves and hope that we succeeded in making it special for all of you.
You have all been such stars during the year and especially during the more recent difficult times and you deserved an amazing day .
The assembly was fantastic. It was especially lovely to see all the class together on the screen for one last time and our thoughts were with all those class mates who were unable to join us in person. Also, your special surprises had Miss Palk and Mrs Powell fighting the tears.
The pasties must have been tasty, as they were devoured with only a few scraps remaining! The sun shone and the rounders match tested our wits!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful and thoughtful gifts and cards we received.
Please take care of yourselves and we wish you all the best in the next stage of your lives.
Lots of love from Miss Palk and Mrs Powell xxxx

Here are our videos from the Year 6 leavers assembly! We wish all of our class the very best for the future!

The Year 6 Team



A message from your new friends

A poem from the teachers

Year 6 Leavers Memories

A message to the Y6 pupils at home

Our memories of Year 6

Year 6 flower video


To all of our lovely Year 6s

Our final few days at Roche School have finally arrived!  We wanted to tell you how much we will miss you all and to wish you all the very best for secondary school.  For all of our Year 6 home learners who we haven't seen in a while, please pop in to see us one day in the future as we have missed you.  We will record your leavers' assembly and share it with you as soon as possible and don't forget to come and collect your bag of goodies on Wednesday. Remember- always work hard, have fun and, above all, be kind!


Miss Palk and Mrs Powell

Hello everyone! How are you? We hope you are all keeping safe and well. How are you getting on with the Summer term topic grid? If you have any examples of your work, please send it in. We are busy getting the leavers' assembly prepared and feel very sad that we can't be altogether but, don't worry, we've got lots of virtual surprises for you which we will be put on the website.
Check out the Spanish we have been learning in school:


Hi everyone! We hope you've had a great week.  It's been another busy week in school.  The highlight was taking part in Cornwall Virtual Games; did anyone have a go at home?  If you have completed any of the activities on the topic grid, we would love to see them! Here is a reminder of the activities which were sent out:

Don't forget to send in your memories of being at Roche School for us to use in our end of term virtual assembly; it would be great if everyone shared something they remembered!

Take care, Year 6s! We miss you!


Mrs Powell and Miss Palk




Hi everyone! Sorry Miss Palk and I were not in touch last week; it was a busy week in school.  It was lovely to welcome back some familiar faces and there are some more pupils joining us next week.


We are really missing all of our Year 6 home learners and hope you are all well.  Please still send us photos of what you are all up to; we would love to see them!  We have a few virtual ideas for how we can celebrate the end of year together and we will be in touch with you all soon with more information! For those of you who are going to Brannel, have you been watching the virtual tours?  Hopefully, they will help you to find out more about your new school.

Thank you to all of the home learners who are still doing the work set every week.  Last week, Education City was completed by:

Don't forget that every day, arithmetics are set for you to carry out.  These are SO important for keeping your maths ticking over.  Well done to Kyle, Sophie and Zen who completed them at home last week. Information on TTRS and MyOn will follow.

We will be in touch soon.  Take care Year 6s!  Send us in some photos so we can see what you have been doing.


from Miss Palk and Mrs Powell


Hi everyone!
Wow! What a great first week back to school! We have had 15 of our Year Six class back in school; everyone seems to have enjoyed being reunited and are presenting a super attitude.
At the moment we are based in Mr Moore’s room and have quickly got used to our new routine of squirting and spraying, although Miss Palk got carried away and sprayed Miley by mistake on Friday!
Our new class text is Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman, which we have all agreed is gripping and very thought provoking; causing a number of debates to take place.
We have been taking part in exercise every day and enjoyed challenging ourselves in PE to see how many bounces and jumps we could do within a minute.
The Year 6 hope that all of you working away at home are staying safe; we have been thinking about you.
We hope the week ahead goes well and that the sun makes a reappearance very soon!
Take care,
Mrs Powell and Miss Palk


Hi everyone! We hope you are all well and had a good week.  Did you manage to get outside and enjoy the weather?  Miley sent in some photos of her making a perfume pot and Faith has been busy making a Power point about The Chelsea Flower Show (see theme page for photos).


Mrs Powell has an apology to make! She set last week's Education City homework but didn't press publish! Sorry for anyone who tried to access the work; it is now published and ready for anyone who wants to have a go over half term.

As always, thank you to everyone who is completing the work being set.  The daily arithmetics were accessed by Ashleigh, Alfie M, Imogen, Alfie D, Faith, Kyle, Ryan, Zen, Chloe, Miley, Scarlett, Sophie, Amber and Kodi.  It would be great if more of you could do these every day as it is so important to keep your arithmetic ticking over.

Well done also to these children who have been working hard at their times tables this week!
Alfie D Alfie M Ashleigh Callum Dominic Faith Imogen Jack Josh Kodi Kyle Miley Paige Ryan Scarlett Sophie Tyler Zen
Keep it up everyone!

Great work from these children this week who have been reading on MyOn. We are so proud of the effort you have been putting in with your reading.
Sophie Zen Alfie M Kasey Miley Imogen Ashleigh
Kyle Kodi Chloe Amber Faith Tyler Ryan

Have a great half term, Year 6s.  We really miss you all.


Miss Palk and Mrs Powell xx


How are you all, Year 6?  We hope you've had a great week.  The weather has been kind to us again.  Mrs Powell was really pleased when she went out into her garden yesterday as there are now peas, beetroots, carrots and radishes coming up through the ground.  Evie and George have also grown lots of tomato plants which they are going to sell in their village and donate the money to a charity.  

You've done brilliantly with TTRS this week; well done Year 6s! Keep it up! Mrs Powell was challenged by Faith, Alfie D and Alfie M.  Her highest score this week was 32; can you beat that? Please keep challenging us. Well done to Alfie D, Alfie M, Ashleigh, Faith, Imogen, Josh, Kaci , Kisha, Kodi, Kyle, Miley, Paige, Ryan, Scarlett, Sophie, Tyler, Zen. Keep it up everyone! 

Lots of you are also keeping up with Education City.  Well done to the following children:

Don't forget your daily arithmetic practice.  Only 12  Year 6 children had a go last week; well done if you were one of them!   Let's try and improve this next week as  practising our arithmetic is a great way of keeping everything that we have learnt ticking over. 

Well done to all these children who are keeping up their reading. Miss Palk is also loving having the chance to do a little more and get lost in her book!

Keep up the reading everyone. Last week we managed to finish 41 books in total. This week it was 38. Let’s see if we can get it back up again!

Take care everyone and keep up the great work!


Miss Palk and Mrs Powell

We had a very busy week learning lots of Makaton. 
Ashleigh made a simple poster explaining the rules of using Makaron with children, you will also spot a couple of makaton symbols added to the poster.  They were also very lucky to be given some of the makaton stories such as dear zoo, the hungry Caterpillar and monkey puzzle and lots of songs to practise at home. This is where is comes in handy that mummy works with Makaton tutors. Jack loved playing the loop game that the early years makaton tutors use on training. We had to learn signs for food and then sign " I have.... who has....." we played this alot! We also made pizzas and learnt the signs for what toppings we wanted. 
On VE day we made bunting, watched lots of news to find out more about the history and had a chat to their great nan who told them about what it was like at the time.

Well, Year 6s, this week would have been your SATs week.  Although it can't be helped, Miss Palk and I are really disappointed that you won't be taking them as you have worked so hard and deserved to do well.  The progress that you were making was amazing and we just wanted you to know that we are really proud of you. We couldn't  ask for a more determined and motivated Year 6 class.   Have a great week and keep your photos coming in as we love to see what you have been up to.  Here are a couple of all of you xx

What another busy week!  We loved this weeks topic too!

 Faith did her favourite activity and made a Power Point on Helen Keller this week.

 Faith and Charlotte have been signing their names and learning songs using Makaton which they have really enjoyed.

 Faith did really well on TTRS this week and managed an average time of 1.43 seconds with 42 correct answers and 0 incorrect!  

 The girls also changed our lightbox sign - they are missing Mrs Welch, Mrs Powell and Miss Palk very much. (Picture attached)

 We also bought some caterpillars which will hopefully turn into tortoiseshell butterflies!  They are currently very small black and white caterpillars - they are enjoying their diet of Roche stinging nettles and have settled into their new home.  Charlotte missed the Year 2 butterflies so is our resident butterfly expert!

 The girls are hoping to do a caterpillar timeline.

 We miss you all and send a big virtual hug to everyone.



Here is your mid-week catch up from Miss Palk:

Hi again Year 6!
First of all I need to mention the incredible effort made with Cornish Week last week. The whole school made me proud but especially our Year 6 class. I could see that so much work had gone on: pasties, scones, maps, letters and research. I hope by now you have all turned into Cornish experts. Thank you all for trying so hard and I hope you all enjoyed it! We had a great time singing ‘This is my Cornwall’ and dancing the Flora dance around the garden!
Miss Palk has had a very busy week at home. I have lost my kitchen, so the whole house has been a little bit chaotic. Sparkles the naughty Corgi lived up to her name this week: she ran / swam through a whole path of runny concrete and had to be pulled out with it dripping off of her! Unfortunately I don’t have any photo of this, as we were all too busy shouting!
I spent a very uncomfortable night on Tuesday camping in the garden. Luckily we were warm but my blow up bed went down and then at 5.30am the tent started to leak! I think Delan enjoyed it though!!!
However, we have continued with home schooling in amongst the dust and the digging: it’s amazing how just doing a little bit can help keep your learning going.

I know you have all been sent some login details to access the online library. Have you all managed to have a look, as there are some amazing books on there?
Have a great week everyone.
Stay safe and hopefully we will see you soon.
With love from Miss Palk xxx


Hi Year 6s! We hope you and your families are all keeping well.  What have you been up to?  Inspired by all of the Cornish week photos we've been sent, I had a go at making pasties this week.  The last time I tried, they were terrible and it put Evie off eating pasties for a whole year!  Luckily, this time they turned out much better!

As always well done and thank you for those of you who are keeping up with your work.  I have a go at TTRS every day so please feel free to challenge me.  Here are the children who have also been learning their times tables: Kyle, Faith, Kodi, Ryan, Paige, Josh, Alfie D, Kisha, Tyler, Miley, Imogen, Ashleigh, Alfie M, Ava, Sophie, Zen, Scarlett and Kasey. 

Well done for the following children who have been doing the activities on Education City:

Did you watch our video to you all?  It was great fun to make and we hope it made you laugh.

Have a great week Year 6s. Keep up the good work with your learning and have fun.


Mrs Powell xx

Here is your mid-week message from Miss Palk...


Hi Year 6!
Wow! I can’t believe another week has passed by – the time is going by so quickly! We have had another busy and exciting week. As well as continuing with home schooling, we have been trying to get lots of fresh air in the garden and on our daily walks.
After a long wait, we have finally discovered that we have a hedgehog in our garden. Miss Palk went outside late one evening and there he was munching from the food bowl. That was several nights ago and he has been back every night since - hungry little chap! Needless to say, Delan is delighted: she loves hedgehogs!
Also this week, Miss Palk’s kitchen has started to be renovated: it is now a pile of rubble (as you can see in the photos!).
Well done to everyone who has been trying hard to keep with their school work. I know it is difficult to stay motivated when you are at home but it will help your brains to keep ticking over and I love seeing all the work you have been producing. The Earth Day work this week was amazing. I loved Ashleigh’s writing and Kyle’s acrostic poem, also Faith’s wonderful diary entry from the week before made me really proud. Ellie looked as though she had had a really busy week and I think I will have to commission a bug box from Ryan, if he is taking orders!
Take care of yourselves everyone. Try to take a look at the Cornwall themed topic work this week, as Miss Palk has set it!
With love from Miss Palk xxx

Updated Saturday 25 April

Hi everyone! We hope you've had a good week and you are keeping well.  Hasn't the weather been great! Mr Powell, Evie, George and I have been spending time in the garden and enjoying the sunshine.  I've also been home schooling Evie and George but, I have to say, they aren't as motivated as all of you!  Every day I look to see what work you have covered and I'm always really pleased! A big thank you  to those who are completing your homework activities; we have really enjoyed looking at the photos you have sent in and seeing what you have been up to.  I've also been practising my times tables on TTRS all week.  My highest score is now 33; who thinks they could beat that?  The teachers worked hard to beat you in the Battle of the Bands but you were all too good!  Well done to Kyle, Dom, Faith, Kodi, Ryan, Joshua, Paige, Josh, Alfie D, Kisha, Leo, Miley, Ashleigh, Jayden, Alfie M, Chloe, Sophie, Zen, Callum and Scarlett for all playing TTRS this week.


Lots of you have also had a go at the Education City activities this week.  Well done to....

I know lots of you have also been carrying out some of the eco week activities.  These will be displayed on the theme page next week.

Keep up the good work everyone.  We're missing you all and hope to be back together soon

Take care,


Mrs Powell xx

Here is a lovely message from Mrs Lewis to you all:

Hello everyone, this is Mrs Lewis, speaking to you from home. It seems a long time ago that we were last in school together, but the time will go quickly and we will soon be back there again. I've been catching up on some gardening and bits and pieces at home so I have sent some pictures of things that I've grown, particularly the huge great amaryllis in the picture with me. I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine and managing to get out for your daily exercise.

Here is a lovely message from Ryan: it's great to hear from you.

Good afternoon,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Ryan's been working really hard on his work at home. He's been doing 3 hours a day with his dad and brother whilst mum's at work.

He's been spending a lot of time on the trampoline with his brother and they have been bike riding everyday.

Ryan's been doing some of the challenges on his Earth day work as well as reading, education city, TTRS and nessy.

As you can see attached we went out for a walk and collected things to make a bug hotel. Ryan and his dad built this together.

Ryan's looking forward to coming back to school as he's missing everyone very much.

All the best,

Marie Billing and Ryan x

Here is a message from Miss Palk:

Hi year 6,
I hope you are all managing at home. I have absolutely LOVED reading all of your messages, looking at some amazing homework and seeing the pictures and videos of all the things you have been up to: very impressive.
We’ve been working hard at home too. Miss Palk has been trying to adapt to being a Year 1 teacher! ( I think I’ll stick to year 6!)
I have been working hard to encourage the wildlife into my garden and have set up a bird feeding station and a hedgehog house. We now have lots of birds and although no-one has taken up residence in the house yet we have excitingly found hedgehog poo in the garden!
Have you all been joining in with the Key Worker clap every week? We have really enjoyed it and have added saucepan lids to our clapping. I think I will miss it, when all this is over.
I’ve been trying hard to get some fresh air every day and we have been on some amazing walks. Sparkles the naughty Corgi got covered in swampy black mud today and had to be thrown into the river to be washed off!
I hope you are all staying busy - remember to check out the website for lots of ideas.
For now, stay safe everyone and hopefully see you all very soon.
Bye for now,
With love from Miss Palk xxxxx

Updated Saturday 18th April

Hello everyone!  Firstly, we're so pleased with the amount of Year 6s who are now accessing the learning we have been setting- well done and keep it up!  Here is a list of who has had a go at Education City this week:

Also, we are impressed with the number of Year 6s who have played on TT Rock Stars this week.  Well done to the following children who have all had a go:

Kyle                 Joshua                 Kaci                           Ashleigh                    Sophie

Dom               Alfie D                 Tyler                           Jayden                       Zen

Faith                Kisha                  Miley                          Alfie M                        Scarlett

Kodi                Leo                      Imogen                     Chloe

This week,  Mrs Powell was challenged to a Rock Slam by Faith and Zen.  Have a look on TTRS to see who won!

A new set of Education City activities will be activated on Monday and keep looking at the spelling, reading and theme sections of the website to find out what new activities there are for the week ahead.  Also, keep sending in your photos to us as we love hearing from you and finding out what you have all been up to.


Take care everyone and we hope to see you all soon,

from Miss Palk and Mrs Powell xx

Updated Saturday 11th April

Happy Easter everyone! We hope that you are enjoying the weekend and this lovely weather!  Firstly, well done and thank you for all of you who are completing the Education City activities:

A new set of Education City activities will be activated on Monday.  Also, thank you and well done to the following children who have had a go at Times Table Rock Stars this week: Kyle, Kodi, Ryan, Alfie D, Tyler, Miley, Ashleigh, Ava and Scarlett.

Keep checking the school website as new work for after Easter will soon be set.  It will include spellings, reading and arithmetic as well as a different theme with fun activities to carry out.  It would also be great if you can  keep up with Education City and Times Table Rock Stars!

Have a brilliant Easter everyone. We can't wait until we are all together again.

Stay safe

Miss Palk and Mrs Powell xx

Here is a lovely message from Sophie (We're glad you had a lovely birthday):

Hello year 6!!
Whilst I've been away we've been up to all sorts and don't worry I have been doing school work! Recently it has been my birthday so that was fun. I had a massive padova instead of a cake and my favourite meal spaghetti bolognase. I've also been baking which I love. I made meringue nests YUM! Also I have been doing exercise with my family such as having daily walks, doing Joe Wicks, swingball and running laps around the cricket pitch with my dad. I hope your all having a good time at home
From Sophie

What brilliant bird seed holders Faith and Charlotte have made for the local wildlife!

Ashleigh and Jack have been very busy this week. They have both loved the arithmetic work that has been set each day. Jack even used his cars to help him work out some of the fractions. They have also completed the education city work and had some time on TTRS and Numbots.
Jack has been working hard on his handwriting and practising those common exception words although he finds them quite tricky! He has also been doing some work on telling the time.
Ashleigh has been collecting more information in Egyptians and has enjoyed the virtual tour on the Louvre website. She's also written a diary entry about her Easter weekend.
The children even had time to bake some cheese scones. Ashleigh found the recipe and guided Jack on the process. Needless to say they didn't last long!

Hi Kyle! It's great to hear from you and to see the work that you and Tyson have been doing.  Keep it up!

It's lovely to hear from you, Dominic! You've been busy! Mr Walden commented on how good your baking looks! Your challenge made us laugh!  Here is a message from Dominic to everyone:


Hi All,

Here are a few of the things I have been up to since lock down.
I have done a lot of baking with my Mum. We have made chocolate brownies, flapjacks and donuts.
I have helped my Dad in the garden taking down an old wall and putting together new decking.
My brother and I have been lucky and got a trampoline which we have been on everyday.
I hope everyone is well.

Hopefully see you all soon,
From Dominic Bate

P. S I challenge you to try the squirty cream challenge. See video attached 


Hi Chloe! It's lovely to hear from you.  Well done for keeping up with your maths.  Your Egyptian project was lovely to read with some really interesting facts, especially about make-up! Your 3D pyramids and sarcophagus are very effective! It's also great to see you are practising your spellings.

It's great to hear from you today, Faith.  Your book review of Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson is really good; Mrs Powell showed her daughter and now she wants to read the book too!

Hi Alfie! It was brilliant to hear from you today.  It's fantastic that you are keeping up with lots of work and that you are enjoying the Egyptian topic.  Your information booklet looks very impressive and I love your hieroglyphics on aged paper.  The Egyptian date and walnut sweets look amazing: did they taste just as good?  Check out Alfie's photos below.

This week you have a lovely message from Mrs Tibbles: I know you will all be missing her...


Hi year 6,
Missing you all lots but it's nice to see photos on the school website of some of things you have been getting up to. We will all be together again soon to have lots of fun and laughs.
I have been kept busy filming Ruby and Hazel for a toilet roll challenge from the young famers group they are in. Maybe you can pick them out if you ask someone to show you on the Roche Young Farmers Group Facebook page. Harry has been helping to do some jobs, cutting the grass, cleaning my car amongst other things. I have sent some pictures too of the things we have been getting up to. 
Stay Safe, stay at home.
Take care from Mrs Tibbles.


Mrs Tibbles has also sent you a list of ideas of activities to do at home:




Updated Sunday 5th April


Hi Year 6s! We can't believe another week has gone by!  We hope you are all ok and we are all really missing you. Firstly, well done to Faith, Ryan, Zen, Ashleigh, Ava, Joshua and Jayden who have completed some of the activities on Education City!  The following children have completed all of the activities- that is fantastic! 

A new set of Education City activities will be activated on Monday: it would be great if everyone had a go!


Did you watch the Awful Egyptians on Horrible Histories?  Mrs Powell and her family watched it and her children laughed all the way through but learnt lots at the same time! What have you found out about the Egyptians so far?  It would be great if you could take photos of some of your work and email them to the school so that Mrs Powell and Miss Palk can see it.


Here is a lovely message to you all from Miss Palk:

Hi Year 6,

Just a quick message from me - Miss Palk. I hope you are all managing to keep busy and stay safe? We’ve been up to all-sorts, within the house and garden: tennis on the trampoline, cooking marshmallows on the fire, tie dying ( a bit messy!) , baking , a quick dip in the paddling pool( freezing) and trying to squeeze in a little bit of learning.
Sparkles the naughty Corgi has had lots of walks and we have managed to find plenty of little trips close to our house.
I miss you all and hope that this won’t be going on for too much longer. When it is all over, we can all get back together again and have some fun.
I hope you like the photos! (see gallery below)
Take care everyone.
With love from Miss Palk xxx
P.S. Don’t grow too much or we won’t recognise you!
P.P.S. If someone in your family is called Dave, you can go outside!!! ( a joke!)


Please keep sending in photos of what you have been up to at home to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk so we can share them on this page and keep in touch.  The photos will be put in a gallery below and the Year 6 file 'photos of what we have been up to'. Mrs Powell has added some photos of her children helping in the garden.




Keep in touch, keep indoors and  keep safe!


Mrs Powell and Miss Palk x

Well done Faith for keeping up with your guitar practice with Kari.  When we are all back together, we must have another singalong like we used to! Also, we love the football game you have created.  

Ashleigh, what a great idea making your own liquid soap- a whole 3 litres!  That will keep those germs away! (by the way, Mrs Powell and her children had a go at the baby shark conditioning challenge- it was fun but VERY hard!)

Have a look at Faith's and Ashleigh's photos below!

Hi Chloe! It's lovely to hear from you and great to see that you are keeping up with your school work (see gallery below).

Hi Kodi! It was fantastic to hear from you today and to know that you are ok and still have a smile on your face. Well done for getting fresh air and exercise even with your broken arm! (see Kodi's photo in the gallery below).

Hi Ashleigh! It was so lovely to receive your message today. We're glad you're keeping up with your fitness and your arithmetic (Mr Moore will be pleased!) We've just had a look at the Baby Shark conditioning challenge on you tube- it looks VERY hard but we'll give it a go and let you know how we get on!!
'Ashleigh has been working very hard on keeping her fitness up while gym and school are closed. She's been up at 8 to be part of the zoom HITT (insanity) session each day and plenty of other core and flexibility work.
She would like to challenge some of the teachers to try the baby shark conditioning challenge on you tube!
When she's been the right way up she has also been writing a diary of her time at home, some sample arithmetic papers and helping prepare meals. '
Check out Ashleigh's photos in the gallery below.

Year 6 Files