Welcome to Year 5 

What a fantastic start we have made to Year 5! So far, we are loving our topic of Space and today spent some time considering the different sizes of the planets and how far away they were from the sun.

I have also set a voluntary homework to help the children remember the order of the planets. Below is a mnemonic. Can the children make up their own version? If it is easier to include Pluto, you may - we have discussed why Pluto is a trouble maker!

Also, we have been learning about the International Space Station (ISS) and how it travels around the Earth every 92 minutes. Why not download the NASA/ISS App or click the picture below, to try and track it. If it is a clear night, you will probably be able to see it (or its lights!) flying through the night sky. 

BBC bitesize Earth and space link

Year 5 Documents
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