Welcome to Year 4


Happy birthday to Callum, from everyone at school!


Have a look at some of the work Joseph has been doing at home!


Hi Year 4,

How are you all?

I was very proud of Key Worker B last week.  We took part in the Virtual Cornwall School Games!

Our class completed 3 Volleyball and 3 Tennis activities to score points for our school.  Also we ran a mile on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs!  Here are Key Worker B's points:

  • Volleyball = 968 points
  • Tennis = 510 points
  • Miles ran = 61!

Did you complete any activities last week?  I would love to hear about it!

Well done to all the Y4's who competed in our TTRS battle against Y3 last week! We were comprehensive winners, special congratulations to our 3 MVP's: Logan, Lola and Dylon!

A special congratulations to all the children who got 5/5 in our Science themed Education City tasks week!

Take care Year 4,

Miss Tonkin


A huge congratulations to Callum who has completed the challenge set by his mum to read 100 books since the start of lockdown. ONE. HUNDRED. BOOKS!

Here is a very proud Callum with his certificate:


Hello Year 4! We received some great pictures from Brooke W and Frankie completing some science activities, the experiments look amazing, well done!

Well done to the children who completed all 6 activities on EducationCity this week! We also had 6 pupils who had completed reading more books this week than last, great effort!


Hi Year 4! We received some great photos of Josh and Ollie completing some extra maths work and reading, well done boys!


Hi Year 4!  How are you all?  I was at school last week.  I am teaching the Year 4 and 5 Key Worker children with Mrs Harrison.  They worked really hard, just like some of you have looking at the results below! Mr Moore will be impressed with how many Maths questions my group got through.  Our target this week is to get more reading on MyOn completed in school.  How is your reading on MyOn going?  I think it is great the number of texts on there.  Special mention to Callum who read 17 books last week!!

The 2 Key Worker groups have started a project on the Amazon. We have learnt a lot already. The Shared Reading Text my group are reading is Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson:

We are enjoying it and it links in well with our project work. If you would like to learn about the Amazon, you are more than welcome to send in some Amazon Rainforest or River facts to us! We would really like to hear from you.

Lastly, a funny picture of Miss Buttons for you with her dinosaur. Do you think she has a guilty face?

Education City results for children who achieved 75% or above in all 6 activities from last week!  Great effort!
Education City results for children who achieved 75% or above in all 6 activities from last week! Great effort!
A big well done to all 3 children who went on Nessy last week!  Keep it up.
A big well done to all 3 children who went on Nessy last week! Keep it up.
MyOn results for children who have read more this week than the week before.  Can you challenge yourself to read even more this week?
MyOn results for children who have read more this week than the week before. Can you challenge yourself to read even more this week?


Hi Year 4,

Joseph has sent us some photos of his home learning, take a look!


Hi Year 4,

We've had a flurry of updates today, see the messages and pictures below:


Miss Kent

Hello Year 4!
I hope you are all doing well at home. I have loved seeing all the activities you have been doing and the lovely letters some of you have been writing. I wonder if my fun writing group are still carrying on with their amazing writing at home? I can see Ollie has, what a great letter! I have been enjoying the sunshine, sorting out the garden and going for walks with Poppy. I have also read a few books too. What books have you been reading? I miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon! From Miss Kent.



Sophie has been out fishing with her Dad, look at the size of those fish!


Joseph has shared some of the home learning he's been doing, taking inspiration from Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Georges Seurat!


Hi Year 4,

I am so impressed with both groups of children below for completing all 6 or 7 activities on Education City last week!


Well done to the following children who have accounts on Nessy this week:

Keep up the good work!
Stay safe. Miss Tonkin


Hi Year 4!

Shout out to the 19 out of 28 of you who accessed Education City last week, well done! Special mention to the following children below who got 75% or above on all 5 activities I set!!! Very impressive! I have just set this week's challenges on there which you will have access to Mon-Fri this week. Good Luck!

We also received a picture of Jacob in his shared reading lesson with Andy Serkis, reading The Hobbit! (See below) Well done Jacob!

Take care everyone,

Miss Tonkin!


Hi Year 4!!

I have been at home this week.  The weather has not been as good at times so I have been getting on with finalising all my Spring assessments for you for Reading, Writing and Maths.  Seb, great photo of you working on the computer with your dog next to you.  When I am working Buttons likes to be in her basket near me.  It looks like you and your brother have enjoyed our Cornish themed week.  Those scones looked yummy!  You might have to send me the recipe.  I have never baked them before. 

I have managed to complete another book.  I am not sure what book to read next, I have too many to choose from!  I also baked some chocolate chunk cookies.  Unfortunately, they are all gone now though!  I am impressed with myself that I got up to running 8km this week on 2 occasions!  My furthest runs yet!  

Year 4 thank you SO much for all the messages for our class page as well as the themed work page!  I really enjoy reading them all.   Brooke W, Logan, Riley S + Riley-Joe I have enjoyed seeing your themed work.  Well done!  Logan keep up the great spelling revision.  I am really impressed you are getting 100%!  Are you making sure you do it the mean Miss Tonkin way....  5 new and 5 old that could be right back from September?!


Ethan and Callum thank you for your second messages!  Ethan, it looked like you really enjoyed Eco Week!  Thanks for saying Buttons is really cute Callum!  I am very biased I know, but she is!!!  Keep going with TTRS Callum even if it is tricky.  I have been playing on it quite a bit over the past few weeks to try to beat you all.  I have got faster and earnt quite a few coins but the staff cannot keep up with you!  As you know I am very competitive so I have been trying.  The school learners last week helped me spend some of my coins.  This is my updated Rock Star, what do you think!?  

Josh and Ollie, thank you for your messages, my letter and photos.  Peggy has grown up so much.  I remember her when she was a puppy!  It is great to know you are doing your Maths and Reading in the evenings.  Ollie, I was so impressed with your letter.  You have worked really hard with that.  When I spoke to Mrs Harrison on the phone this week I read it to her and she was really pleased with you.  Your handwriting is improving too, keep it up!


Oscar, thank you for the photos.  Mrs Harrison told me you are working very hard in your mini lessons through Skype.  I think your ear piece is great!  We know you like making things. 

 Jack B, thank you for your letter, work and photos.  Your Mum's cake did look extremely delicious!  Keep up the effort with your writing.  I really appreciate you taking the time to write to everyone.  

Did you see our staff video Mrs Powell put together?  I thought it was amazing!!  It really made me smile.  It took myself, Mrs Campbell and Mrs Welch a long time to film our bits!!

Finally, I wanted to say a 'Happy Belated Birthday' to all the children who have had birthdays in April!!!  Jack D, Jack B, Lola, Brooke W, Logan, Josh and Ollie. I promise you will get your cards we made when we all return to school.  I hope you all had enjoyable days.

I am back in school next week with Team A so make sure you have a look on our website to see what we get up to.  Keep working hard Year 4 and stay safe everyone!! 

Miss Tonkin


Hello Year 4,

I hope that you are all safe, well and keeping busy at home. I am still finding lots of jobs that need doing around the house and I am enjoying keeping on top of all the jobs in the garden too. I’ve not read so much the past couple of weeks, so I definitely think it’s time to pick up a book again!

I’m enjoying seeing what you are all getting up to at home. Seb those scones looked delicious and Jack your birthday cake made my mouth water. (Great to see your handwriting still looks beautiful). It was fabulous to see photographs of Oscar doing some Maths work with Mrs Harrison and well done to all of you for carrying on with your school work and little projects at home. It’s great to see all of your photographs. Have you all seen the video that the school staff did for you?

I had a lovely memory of school the other day. I was listening to the radio whilst I was painting and the song Titanium came on and it made me think of you all. Definitely put a smile on my face. Stay safe and look after yourselves.

Take care
Mrs Yelland



Hi Miss Tonkin & Mrs Gardner, 

 Hope everybody are ok. The boys have been super busy with their work but they are both starting to miss their friends.  Seb and Morley have been trying their hardest with their work every day and are really enjoying the themed work that's been set each week. They even help bake (and eat) some scones yesterday. Below are some photos of a few things the boys have been up too. 

 Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will see you all again soon. 

 Best wishes 

 Robbie, Josie, Seb, Morley and Seth. 

Ollie wrote a lovely letter...


It was also Jack's birthday last week, he sent in some photos and a letter he'd wrote:

30th April 2020

Oscar had a little maths lesson with Mrs Harrison the other day. They did recognising Numicon numbers, one more / one less and number formation. At the end of the lesson Oscar showed Mrs Harrison his cat and the microphone and earpiece he'd made!

28th April 2020

Huge shout out to these children in Year 4 who have Numbots accounts!  Looks like you are earning lots of coins!  Keep it up! Why don't you send in a picture of your robot so we can see all the shopping you have done with your coins!!  Well done, from the Year 4 Team.

We also had a message from Josh and Ollie's mum:

Hi, this is Ollie doing times tables work, hope everyone is ok xx

Here is a message from Josh:

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would let u know what I have been up to on a morning I try and do my maths work then on a night I do my reading also I have been doing a lot of jobs in the house helping my mam only because I have been getting pocket money, the sunshine we have had and my Xbox sometimes doesn’t help my routine though. It was me and Ollie's birthday on Sunday we got electric scooters it was a strange birthday not seeing my family and friends but been FaceTiming them all a lot, hope everyone is ok

love Josh xx

25th April 2020

Check out some of the messages we've had this week! Here's Callum's

Hello Miss Tonkin and everyone at school. I loved the photo of Buttons she is really cute. I’ve been doing my school work. I have finished my homework and answered questions on all 3 earth day tasks. Mum said I did really well and got them all right. I have been doing my rock stars but they have been hard for me this week. I spoke to my friends through the window it was great fun I miss being able to play with them. Love Callum.

Here's a message and some photos from Ethan:

Hi year 4,
I have enjoyed reading everybody’s news on our page. It’s nice to see what everyone is up to.
I have been doing the tasks for earth week, making a power station out of recycling, taking pictures, answering questions and designing a tee-shirt!!
I also like to go on night walks as it’s so quiet and I’ve seen lots of satellites!
I hope everyone is well and enjoying the sun,

We also had a message from Logan and Scarlett's mum:

Both children have been completing the tasks set,and after a lot of work, they both got 100% on their spellings.

Logan kept getting stuck on social.

Here is Logan with his school work.
A few extra bits to keep him off the I pad

20th April 2020

A special mention must go out to the following Year 4 children who had a go at some of our NEW daily arithmetic questions last week! Brooke W, Caitlin, Esme, Harriet, Lola, Seb, Harry, Jack B, Jacob W, Logan, Brooke T, Ethan and Lily. Out of those, these 3 children managed to complete 4 days out of 5: CAITLIN, ESME + SEB! Great effort!

How many of Year 4 will be on next week? Please have a go and if you get stuck you can always email maths@roche.cornwall.sch.uk for some help. Mr Moore has also started putting videos up to remind you of our written methods on our website. We must put the effort in Year 4 if we want to be champions again when we return to school.


17th April 2020

Hi Year 4!

I have been at home this week.  I have been keeping busy outside in the lovely weather we have been having (until today!).  Lots of painting going on in the garden this week!  Lily like your dog, Buttons has been keeping me company whilst I am in the garden unless it gets too hot for her.  Look at the photo of her chilling out resting her head on her ball!   


I have also made my first ever mini egg, blondie brownie!  



I finished another book which I enjoyed reading this week.  Have you finished your book yet Mr Moore? (Not quite, I'm 115 pages into the classic Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell)  Well done Lily and Jacob W for all your reading.  Callum that sounds a great idea reading to your brother every night.  I have also made next week's themed homework which Mr Walden will send out soon.  I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you ever so much to all the messages coming in for our page.  I really enjoy reading them!  Callum what a great photo of you!  The Year 4 adults are so impressed with your score in spellings, keep it up!  Brooke T, thank you for your message and all your photos.  I noticed your great, new hair cut too!  Jacob W it is super how much work you have been getting up to and enjoying all the time on your laptop.

Has anyone managed to do our daily Arithmetic this week?  Mr Moore is so clever turning my questions into Socratives and Nearpods!  Last week we had 12 children accessing Education City.  Well done to those 12!  This week we have had the most so far with 19 accessing the tasks I set!  Great work Year 4!  Special mention to Jack B, Shannon and Brooke W who achieved all 5 above 75%.


I am back in school next week so make sure you have a look at the school learners page to see what we get up to.

Year 4 take care and remember to please stay safe!  

Miss Tonkin

Here's and email we had from Jacob W:

Hello Mr Walden and Miss Tonkin

I hope you are both doing well and not missing me too much!

My Mum and Dad have been keeping me really busy doing school work and keeping me healthy.

Every morning we wake up and do PE with Joe Wicks. PE with Joe Wicks is tiring but it keeps me energised for the rest of the day. We have also been out everyday doing our daily walk. Sometimes this is just a short walk, sometimes it is a long walk. My legs gets really tired!

I have been looking at the school website most days to see what i need to do. This morning i have done Education city, spellings practice (written), Socrative and the 60 second read. I am loving spending so much time on the laptop! I have also been having a spelling test every Friday. I have also been reading in bed most nights. I finished Jurassic Park. It was really good. I am now reading The lost world, the second Jurassic park book. It is also really good so far.

I have also spent a lot of time in the garden playing with Bruce. I think he likes having so much time with me, but i think i make him tired! Bruce is a very big puppy who is not very intelligent. He loves to play with his ball but sometimes can not catch it and crashes into the shed!

I am missing all my friends and Teachers very much, but i am really enjoying not having to get out of bed until 8:55!

I miss school very much and hope to see you all soon. Stay safe.

Jacob W

15th April 2020

We had another great email from Brooke T's mum yesterday, take a look:

Here are some of Brooke’s adventures so far... there are so many to choose from! Brooke has been loving spending time outdoors and home schooling... she has also managed to FaceTime with friends and family. Brooke says “I can’t wait to go back to school and see my teachers and friends, Even though I’m being home schooled, thank you for sending us school work and making it really fun."

14th April 2020

Hi Year 4!

Mr Moore here, how are you all doing? I’m missing you all very much, I’m so proud of your arithmetic progress, 1st again out of the whole school and we had an amazing 7 children get 100% on their Socrative test! I’ve been keeping busy by doing lots of gardening, Ruby and I made a little greenhouse out of some wood to grow tomatoes in. 

All of the teachers had a virtual staff meeting last week, it was really nice to see all the teachers and hear about how they're getting on. I’ve also been reading a lot, Miss Tonkin was shocked when I said I was reading an actual book instead of reading from a Kindle or iPad!  I hope you had a great Easter and you’re keeping busy at home, there’ll be a fresh arithmetic task every day on the Arithmetic page of the website, let’s keep our number one position!

We also got a lovely email from Callum's mum:

Callum has been trying hard to keep doing his school work and he’s doing some every day. He is reading his brother a bedtime story every evening which they are both enjoying. Callum has been doing his spelling test every Friday and this week he was super happy to get 90%. He is missing his friends and the teachers and has said he wants to return to school although he is enjoying the extra time he gets to play on his Nintendo switch.  This was Callum when he was told he had 90% in his spelling test (picture below).

9th April 2020

We had a lovely email from Lily, here is what she sent us:

Dear Miss Tonkin and Year 4,

I am missing school but enjoying being home with Mum, Jack, Daisy and Dad when he's not working. We have been making gingerbread men and cakes. I have helped mum hoover up and mop the floors. At 8pm we have been going out and clapping, as we clapped there was a emergency ambulance go by both times.
I have been on times tables rockstars and tried to get on to education city but sometimes can't get on because of other pupils on and working really hard. We have played payday and monopoly when we've finished all our school work.
I think Daisy (the dog ) has enjoyed me and Jack being home as she is coming out in the garden 24/7 with us. I have finished three of my books so I've got one more to read and then I'm going to read The Worlds Worst Children. Hope everyone is safe and happy and enjoying being home schooled.

Stay safe,

2nd April 2020

Hi Year 4!

I have been at home this week while Team Alpha have taken charge at school.  I have been making the most of the sunshine and been working in the garden each day.  I think Buttons has enjoyed me being at home this week.   I have also been reading on my Kindl everyday.  What have you been reading?  Any recommendations?  Miss Goatman will be proud I even baked a banana cake this week!  Have you done any baking?  I have seen Oscar has!  Well done Oscar the cookies looked delicious!  Thank you also to Esme for your message as well as your very informative PowerPoint on the coronavirus.    

Did you see the great newsletter Team Alpha sent out this week?  Did you see the exciting news on page 2?  The Year 4 Team are all SO PROUD...ARITHMETIC CHAMPIONS AGAIN!  

A huge congratulations last week to Jack B and Shannon who completed 8 out of 8 Science tasks on States of Matter on Education City.  Thank you to the rest of you who attempted some of the tasks.


This week these children have already been accessing the Reading tasks I have put on: 

Shannon, Jacob G, Jacob W, Seb, Brooke W, Logan, Brooke T and Ollie.  Keep up the good work!

Remember please email in what you have been up to at home to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk or head@roche.cornwall.sch.uk and you might get the chance to be on our class page!!

Look who I have got messages from for our class page below...Enjoy!

Stay safe everyone and take care.  Miss Tonkin 

Mrs Harrison says:  Hello Year 4s, I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying this time with your families.  I've been very busy working in the garden, baking cakes and eating lots of food!  Harry and I made a bug hotel this week.  We have been learning times tables and we are reading 'The World's Worst Teachers.' What book are you reading?  We have also been enjoying doing REAL PE at home.  Miss Tonkin is very impressed with us!    I am very proud to see lots of you have been working hard on TTRS.  Keep up the good work!  Miss you all.  


Miss Kent says:  Hello Year 4!  I hope you're all doing well and are having fun at home with your families.  I have seen some of your TTRS scores on the school website and they are brilliant so keep up the good work!  I miss seeing you all every day.   I also miss our Shared Reading lessons and taking my Fun Writing Group.  I watched Matilda last week and it made me think of you all.  During my time at home I have done a lot of baking and I have enjoyed taking my puppy Poppy for a walk once a day.  The exercise is very much needed after eating all of the cakes I have made!  I can't wait to hear what you have been up to.  Stay safe at home everyone.  


Mrs Yelland says: Hello Year 4!  Hope you are all well and enjoying the dry sunny weather that we have been having?

I have been keeping myself busy in the garden and decorating the bedrooms in my house. I have even managed to read a couple of books too!  Have you finished reading Matilda yet? I can’t wait to hear about some of the other books that you have been reading and your learning at home. Are you all still joining Joe Wicks at 9am for your PE lesson? I have to admit that I have missed a few!  Anyway, take care and I look forward to seeing your pictures and reading about the activities that you have been getting up to at home.  Stay safe!  


We received some lovely pictures from Oscar, decorating, baking and enjoying the sunshine!

Hi Esme! It was lovely to hear from you today.....

Dear Miss Tonkin,

Hello I am missing school . I have been doing some power points this is my one about the Coronavirus . I have been playing with Frank and been taking good care of the fish and cat . I've done PE with Joe Wicks three times it is exhausting! At tea time I have been helping Dad with it and I've been taking the food down to the table . From Twinkl I have got some maths sheets . We could do with a maths lesson from Mr Moore ! I am really missing the lessons at school . I hope you and Buttons are well .

Stay Safe ,

Check out Esme's brilliant and very informative Powerpoint about the coronavirus which she has created in the Year 4 files section.


25th March 2020

Hi Year 4!
I hope you are all well! What have you all been up to at home? What have you enjoyed learning about with your parents? Have you finished Matilda yet and compared it to the film?
I have been in school this week which has been fun. I hope you have all seen the newsletter we created together today.

Did you see you made the front cover with your swimming efforts?
Thank you to Ethan for being the first Year 4 to send in information and a great photo for our class page. Please keep sending them in!
Stay safe Year 4.
From Miss Tonkin

Here is a message from Ethan...

Hi Mr Walden and everyone at school
I miss being at school with my friends and teachers but we are making the best of the situation.
I like being with mum and dad. we have made a timetable and learning wall but it’s hard to stick to it with my Xbox here and the sun shining!
Yours sincerely Ethan Dome

Check out a photo of Ethan's learning wall and timetable below:


Send in photos of what you have been doing to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk- we can't wait to share them!  

We'll also keep a log of them in the file 'Photos of what we have been up to' in the folder on the right.

Year 4 Files
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