Welcome to Year 3 

Alfie has been busy making a rainmaker. Look at the gorgeous colours on it. He has been busy completing the activities on the topic grid. Well done Alfie! Keep it up!


Hi everyone

Hope you are all well? It was nice to welcome some Year 3 children back to school this week and they have all settled in lovely. We have been busy learning about the Amazon Rainforest with the other keyworker children in Miss Tonkin's class. Have you had a look at the topic grid? It is located on the right hand side of this page in the "Document" section. There are some fun activities for you to complete. I would love to see some photos of you doing these activities. Please remember to send in photos to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk and we can put them on the class page.

I know it must be getting hard to stay motivated but please keep at it! Well done to the children below who accessed the activities on Education City.

A special mention to Riley who scored 100% on 5 of the activities.



Now that we have some Year 3 children in school, they have been accessing the Arithmetic in school as usual as part of their maths lesson. Well done to the following children who are completing the arithmetic at home, you are amazing: Amelia, George, Millie, Ruan, Tyson, Alfie, Jack, Emilia, Ruan, Olivia!

Last week you read 112 books in total. This is a great number of books but the week before you read an amazing 124 books! A special mention to George who read 16 books, Kira 15 books, Ruan 14 books and Jack 12 books. Have a look on there for an exciting project you can do.

How is everyone's sunflower? They must be getting taller with all the rain we had?!

Stay safe, stay well, still missing you!

Mrs Campbell

Hi everyone

First of all, thank you so much for all your birthday wishes! I loved the recorded messages, made my day! Look at the amazing cake that Martha made for me. It was a red velvet and white chocolate cake, it was delicious!

What a great week you all had last week with your online learning! It was lovely to see that lots of you had accessed the daily Arithmetic; 15 on Monday, 17 on Tuesday, 12 on Wednesday, 16 on Thursday and 15 on Friday. Well done!

Another success was Education City. 20 of you accessed this. This is great to see as I know it must be getting incredibly hard for you all to stay motivated but keep at it! Well done to Alfie, Amelia, Ava, Charley-Dee, Emilia, Esmee, Ethan, Finley, George, Harry, Isla, Jack, Kira, Logan, Macie, Olivia, Reuben, Riley, Ruan and Tyson.

What a lot of reading you all did last week on MyOn! 128 books in total, that's amazing. Well done to Kira for completing 26 books. The rest is as follows:

Logan 16 books
George 12 books
Harry 10 books
Ethan 9 books
Alfie 6 books
Ruan 5 books
Reuben 5 books
Finley 5 books
Emilia 3 books
Charley-Dee 3 books
Jack 3 books
Macie 2 books
Jacob 1 book
Esmee 1 book
Amelia 1 book

20 of you worked really hard on your timestable last week practicing on Timestable Rockstars. Fantastic!

I understand that many of you may be struggling to keep up the motivation with learning. Look out for extra learning on this page next week.

best wishes

Mrs Campbell



Hi everyone

Welcome back to the last term of the year. Hope you are all well? Last week was very different for me and some of the children in our school. Some children and I are now back in school. The children (and me!) have settled well back into a different routine with different children. I am missing you all, seems strange being in the Year 3 classroom without you all. I have, however, being looking at all the home-learning you have been doing . Well done to Charley-Dee who took home learning to another level and put her school uniform on to do her work. Great idea Charley-Dee, I bet it made you concentrate more and felt like you were in school! Let's have a look at all the other home-learning that has been happening. It's been another great week:

Education City
A big well done to all these children who have completed the activities set on Education City. Our numbers have dropped slightly. I know its hard to keep the motivation up and you have all been doing so well. Keep persevering everyone! Well done to Alfie, Amelia, Charley-Dee, Emilia, Esmee, Finley, George, Isla, Jack, Kira, Logan, Macie, Olivia, Riley, Ruan and Tyson.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep accessing the Arithmetic that is set. By doing this, you are keeping your working memory ticking over and practising all the four operation methods taught: formal written method for addition and subtraction, grid method for multiplication and bus stop method for division. It will make it easier for you on your return to school if you practice these methods regularly. A huge well done to:

who completed the arithmetic every day.

Well done to Esmee, George, Isla, Kira, Tyson, Harry, Reuben, Jack, Riley, Macie and Ruan who also completed the Arithmetic.

Another great week on this fantastic reading site. 119 books read in total with 566 mins of reading, wow!
George 36 books 195.6 mins reading
Kira 12 books 127.4 mins
Amelia 7 books 22.1 mins
Ethan 6 books 22.9 mins
Alfie 5 books 14.1 mins
Reuben 4 books 16.9 mins
Macie 4 books 13.3 mins
Jack 4 books 11.1 mins
Harry 4 books 59.6 mins
Finley 3 books 17.5 mins
Ruan 3 books 13.3 mins
Isla 2 books 28.8 mins
Charley-Dee 2 books 8.6 mins
Emilia 1 book 8.8 mins
Esmee 1 book 4.9 mins

Come on other members of the class, support your friends and start reading! Could the children who have been using MyOn, write a review of MyOn, what do you like about it, which books have been you're favourite etc. Tell the other children in our class, how easy it is to use. Send it in to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk so that I can share it on our class page.

Another great week on TTRS! Well done to the following Kira, Tyson, Jacob, Logan, Isla, Emilia, Harry, Esmee, Jenson, Alfie, Charley-Dee, Ethan, Reuben, Ruan, Jack, Macie, Amelia and Finley. A special mention must to go Olivia who has become the first member of Year 3 to finish all of her Auto-Training. Well done Olivia! It is amazing and I'm very proud of you. Mr Moore has now moved Olivia on to learning her associated facts.

How are your sunflowers? Martha's and mine have started to grow, slowly but surely. Hopefully, the rain that we have had will make it grow faster and quicker! Please send in any photos to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk or head@roche.cornwall.sch.uk that you have of your sunflower or any other activity that you are doing at home.

Have another great week Year 3. Keep doing what you are doing, remember you are amazing and stay safe.

Speak soon Mrs Campbell x

Charley-Dee and her dad have set up a classroom in our dining room. They covered most subjects and even started off with PE! She also wore her school uniform!


Hi everyone

Hope you are well and enjoying this gorgeous weather. Sorry I didn't write last week but I had a very busy week in school with Miss Tonkin and Mrs Welch getting the school ready for some children to return. Yet another amazing home learning week from Year 3. I am very proud.

Education City - Well done to all the following children who not only accessed the learning but also received a score of over 90% some also had 100%. Huge congratulations to the following: Alfie, Amber, Amelia, Emilia, Esmee, Finley, George, Harry, Jack, Kira, Logan, Macie, Millie, Olivia, Riley, Ruan and Tyson.

Arithmetic - Well done to all the children who completed the tasks set this week. 15 children on Monday for Place Value, 15 on Tuesday for Addition/Subtraction, 17 on Wednesday for Multiplication/Division and 14 on Thursday for Fractions. Great scores too. Come on everyone else, we need you.

MyOn - Last week Year 3 read a total of 118 books! Well done everyone. It is a fantastic resource and very easy to use. When you have finished reading (or listening) to a book you then take an AR quiz on it just like you would in school. Come on all Year 3, we don't want Year 5 winning again, do we?

Look how many books these children have read since we started using it:
George 84
Kira 49
Ruan 17
Amelia 16
Alfie 15
Jacob 15
Olivia 13
Jack 13
Harry 12
Esmee 11
Ethan 11
Reuben 8
Emilia 8
Finley 6
Riley 5
Macie 4
Isla 4
Scarlet 4

Martha and I have been busy in the garden over the bank holiday and decided to paint some terracotta pots to grow sunflowers in. We have given a pot to everyone in the family and we are having a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. Why don't you see if you could try and beat us and join in with the competition? You could paint a pot too if you wanted to. We are going to measure the sunflower each week and keep a record. I'll keep you updated on here. Join in the competition and see if you can grow a sunflower taller than mine. (I'm not very good at looking after flowers so I'm sure you will beat me). Send in the photos to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk and we can share them on this page.

Once again, thank you so much for the lovely video that you made, it put a huge smile (and a few tears) on my face.

Have a lovely rest of the half term. Speak soon.

Mrs Campbell



Hi everyone

Wow! What a lot of learning you all did last week. Well done to all of you that are accessing Education City regularly - 23 of you this week, that is fantastic. Our highest has been 26, let's see if we can go back to that!

Another success has been the Arithmetic. By completing the arithmetic everyday you are keeping all the methods taught so far fresh in your head. This will make it easier for you when you return to school. A huge well done to Alfie, Amelia, Charley-Dee, Emilia, Esmee, Ethan, Finley, George, Harry, Isla, Jack, Kira, Macie, Olivia, Riley, Reuben, Ruan, and Tyson.

I can see that you have also been busy doing lots of reading on MyOn. Last week, you read 75 books! But, a special mention has to be made to George who has read 33 books so far. That is amazing George, very proud of you! There are some great books on there, make sure you all have a look.

This week's learning theme looks really good. It is Art week. You will see that one of the activities set is "Pointillism". Pointillism is similar to the Benday dots that we were using in class with our Roy Lichtenstein style art work. Pointillism is smaller and closer together. I think you will all be fantastic at producing some great art week. Can't wait to see it!

I had a great week in school last week and it was lovely to celebrate VE day in school. I know that lots of you celebrated VE day at home. In my street, we all took a picnic into our front gardens and celebrated with neighbours in the street. We even had a band playing songs, it was lovely! The scones in the photos were made by Mr Campbell, they were delicious! The biscuits were also homemade. Mrs Whitford gave me the recipe for the custard biscuits that she makes in school. These were yummy although not as good as Mrs Whitfords!

Keep up the good work this week. Year 3, you are showing great resilience and perseverance. Keep doing what you are doing. You are amazing and making me very proud.

Missing you all.

Mrs Campbell

Well done to Olivia who has been keeping so busy!


Hi both,
George and Maisie loved the Cornish theme this week. Lots of creating Cornish landmarks, plus labelling the map with our favourite places then looking at them via Google Street View. We also cooked pasties and enjoyed the quiz. So much so George then quizzed his grandparents over Skype! 
Looking forward to the new theme tomorrow :)

Kira has made a superb Roman shield!

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well? I had a busy week at school last week with Miss Tonkin and Mrs Welch, we had great fun dressing up as Superheroes on Friday! Look at the School Learner page on here for photos.

Over the weekend, I painted some planters that Mr Campbell had made and went for a long walk with one of my dogs, Peppa on the clay trails. Can you see her funny bottom teeth?

You have all been incredibly busy as well working very hard. I am super proud of you all. Last week 25, yes, 25 of you accessed all the tasks on Education City, that is incredible. Well done to all of you. Please keep it up!

You have also been completing your Arithmetic. Well done to Alfie, Amelia, Amelie, Emilia, Ethan, Finley, George, Isla, Logan, Olivia, Riley, Reuben, Esmee, Harry, Macie, Ruan, and Tyson.

Have you had a look at this week's learning theme, it looks great with lots of activities on. I'm sure you will enjoy doing them.

Have another great week, keep doing what you are doing. You and your parents are all amazing!

Stay safe, missing you all

Mrs Campbell

Well done to Harry for this great Earth Day acrostic poem!

 Earth Day poem and other Eco week work completed by Tyson. Well done Tyson!

Gorgeous photos from Emilia from one of her walks. Great Earth Day acrostic poem too!

Isla has been working very hard. Fantastic design for her Roman shield, reading the story of Romulus and Remus, great Earth day poem and t-shirt design. Well done Isla!  Isla has decided to grow some strawberries. Will be lovely with some cream! 

This is Amelie's super Roman shield.

Isla has made a brilliant shield.

Here is Harry's brilliant Roman shield:

Here is some of Amelie's homework that she has enjoyed so far:

Olivia has been making her Roman shield and dagger, practising her Roman numerals and maths based on perimeter and symmetry.

Hi everyone

Hope that you have all had a lovely Easter! I bet you had lots of chocolate. Did you have an Easter Egg hunt in your garden? We did and I was very lucky and found 2 large eggs which I am munching my way through! It has been lovely weather and I have been able to do lots of jobs in my garden; painting fences, walls and furniture. I would love to see and know what you have all been up to. Perhaps you could write me a letter and we can post them on this page. I know that many of you are posting on our Facebook page which is wonderful but if you could also send news to either head@roche.cornwall.sch.uk or reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk then everyone else will also see all the fantastic things you have been doing.

We have had some lovely news this week; Jacob has become a big brother! His little sister, Emily, arrived safely on Friday 10th April at 12.20 weighing 7 lbs 5 oz. Congratulations to Jacob and all his family!

Well done to all the children accessing TTRS. At the moment, Olivia is the one to beat. She is answering questions in 6.45 seconds and has amassed 184, 321 coins and is now a Headliner! Fantastic Olivia! Chasing her is Isla who is answering in 8.33 seconds, amazing!

I have added further activities to Education City; some Maths and Science. Remember, you can also access other activities on Education City. Well done to all the children below who completed activities last week. It was nice to see perseverance from you in that you were completing activities a couple of times to beat your previous score!

Harry Maths - Card Clash 70% 7.4.2020
Kira Maths - Card Showdown 87% 7.4.2020
Kira Maths - Card Showdown 100% 7.4.2020
Reuben English - Survive a Shower 100% 8.4.2020
Reuben English - Wilderness Reserve 100% 8.4.2020
Ruan Maths - Card Showdown 100% 8.4.2020
Ruan Maths -Card Clash 67% 8.4.2020
George Maths - Surf's Up 95% 9.4.2020
George Maths - Card Showdown 97% 9.4.2020
Kira Maths - Card Clash 73% 10.4.2020
Kira Maths - Card Clash 97% 10.4.2020

It has been wonderful to see all of you working so hard, please keep it up, it's fantastic!

Missing you all, stay safe!

Mrs Campbell

Yet another amazing shield.  Well done Esmee!

Millie has been very busy over the last two days making her Roman shield and sword. She has  also has started drawing her Roman god and adding facts and information on a poster. All great fun and she loves this topic. 

It's great to hear from Tyson and Kyle and to see what learning they have been doing.  Well done for keeping up with Education City, TTRS and all the other work which has been set!

Well done to Alfie for making this amazing Roman dagger!

It was great to hear from Scarett today and find out what she has been up to.  She has been enjoying the sun and reading outside as well as making a Roman building with the help of her dad; she is really getting into this topic. Scarlet had her guitar lesson with Kari on zoom and really enjoyed it.

Wow! What a brilliant Roman shield and sword, Emilia! Thank you for showing us.

Thank you, Finley, for sending us these photos of you making a paracord. What concentration!

Here are some pics of George and Maisie making Easter cakes, we're keeping busy!

 Take good care, Amy

2nd April 2020
Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine as much as you can? As you know, your child was really enjoying learning to play a brass instrument in school. They were progressing so well. To support their learning in the lessons, Anna, the music teacher uses a website called Charanga (instructions on how to access the site is below). Mrs Batten will be texting out to you your child's username and password in order for your child to access the different activities that Anna will be setting. Please encourage your child to participate in these activities. They thoroughly enjoyed them in the lessons. The activities include singing, learning about rhythm, different genres of music etc. It is hoped that we will continue with the learning of the instruments when we return to school and this will support the learning.

Best wishes,

Mrs Campbell

Go to https://cornwall.charanga.com/yumu
Enter your username and password in the boxes on
the screen.

Click on the log in button.

All done! Click on the world to get started.


Here are a few pictures of Emilia's cooking skills, her rainbows and enjoying a walk in the village. She is missing everybody: we are missing you too!

Thank you, Harry, for the photo of you practising your guitar with Kari.  It's lovely to see you're keeping up with lessons!

Wow! Those pasties look yummy, Olivia! When Mr Walden saw these photos, it made him feel very hungry!


25th March 2020

Hi everyone

It's only been 3 days and I'm missing you all! Hope you are all well and completing some of the work in the pack that I sent home. Have you found out anything about the Romans? 
Well done to Jacob, George, Amelia, Alfie and Jack who I can see have completed activities on Education City. I shall refresh these next week and add different ones. 
Fantastic achievement from the Year 3 girls who are beating the boys in the TTRS challenge. Come on boys!
I know that you were all enjoying designing your own chocolate bar wrapper at school (and making/eating your own chocolate) so why don't you enter this great competition being ran by Kernow Chocolate so ask an adult to look it up. 
It was a shame we were so close to finishing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you have a copy at home, try and finish it, either read it to yourself or ask your parents to read it to you. You were also enjoying Ratburger, check out www.worldofdavidwalliams.com for audio stories from his books.
Check out the activities on Real PE too. www.home.jasmineactive.com They are great!
I would love to see photos of what you have been getting up to at home. I have seen Finley acting like a Roman in his garden with a big Roman shield! Please email the photos so that we can put them on our class page on the website. Thank you for the photos of Olivia that were sent in today along with the following message:
So today we went for a walk around our area.. during the walk we were testing Olivia on her times tables, her spellings and telling the time... 2 1/2 hour walk so lots of exercise and fresh air and rock climbing with her daddy (see Olivia's photos in the gallery below and in the 'Year 3 what we have been up to' file).
Hi Harry! It was great to hear from you today.  Your bug hotel and garden are brilliant and well done for keeping up with your learning!  Check out Harry's photos in the gallery below.
Stay safe!
Mrs Campbell x

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