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Welcome to Year 2

21/06/ 20

A quick update for this week's homework.  Arithmetic to follow shortly.


Education City:  Well done to Abigail, Charlotte, Chloe, Emily, Freddie, Holly, Jack, Jake, Kaelyn, Lanikai, Lola, Louisa, Marina, Max A, Roanna, Senna, Seren, Sophia, Steven, Taylor, William and Harlan

myON:  Super effort Charlotte, Chloe, Freddie, Holly, Jack, Jake, Kaelyn, Lola, Roanna, Seren, Sophia and Xander.  A special mention for Sophia who read 31 books!  Holly also did fantastically reading a total of 17.  Brilliant work!


TTRS:  Abbigail, Charlotte, Daisy, Emily, Freddie, Holly, Jack, Jake, Kaelyn, Lola, Louisa, Roanna, Skyla, Sophia, Steven and Xander have all worked on their times tables - Well done!


Numbots:  Well done to Freddie, Holly, Louisa, Skyla and Steven.  Let's see if we can get a few more next week.


Arithmetic:  To be confirmed


Keep up the great work everyone!

Mrs Welch :)



Dear Mrs Welch , just a little update of what Seren has been up to over the past couple of weeks. She really enjoyed the flower show week, we picked flowers and made perfume, grew runner beans, went for a walk to the Bodmin beacon and took our flower checklist along. We made an origami butterfly and  Seren made a lovely dinosaur garden.  We also went to Castle an Dinas for a history lesson and Seren has been learning to ride her bike. Seren is looking forward to coming back to school soon. 


Love from Steph and Seren


I've received a lovely email from Jack.  I love hearing about how you have been learning from things around you.  I hope more of you can let me know what you have learnt.  Send in photos and a brief description like Jack has.  I would love to see them all.


Good morning,


Jack wanted to let you know what he has been up to this week as well as the arithmetic, TTRS and myON.  

At the beginning of the week we went for a walk on the beach before it got too busy and hot! We walked a long way to the sea as it was low tide so we talked about how the tide moves in and out as the day goes on. 

We also watched the lifeguards set up for the day. They placed signs by the cliffs to warn people of the danger. They also placed various flags along the sea edge. Jack looked at the sign to see what all of the flags mean and made a little poster to show his teachers and friends. 


We hope to see you all soon


Karen and Jack 

Class letter 26.5.20

Charlotte's PowerPoint
Faith and Charlotte's protected strawberries
Faith and Charlotte's protected strawberries
Hello Mrs Welch and Miss Searle,
Holly and Mylor have had a very busy week, they both made pictures out of vegetables and fruit. Holly made a sun and Mylor made himself, they then sketched their creations.
They designed a flower with magic powers, Mylor's flower can tell the time and Holly's can make rainbows.
We have also done of planting seeds and made perfume pots. 
Take  care everyone.
Rosie, Holly and Mylor

Good morning all.  Seren worked hard on telling the time and learnt about apostrophes. We went on a lovely nature walk and she made a portrait of mummy using fruit

Holly and Mylor enjoyed doing painting using their fingers to make spots and then drew pictures of the beach.
Take care,
Rosie, Holly and Mylor 
Dear Mrs Welch
Attached is Freddie’s art work for this weeks theme.
Kind regards
Sarah Rowe

Chloe has been practising handstands and is doing a fantastic job! Chloe has also made no bake playdough and it was really easy albeit a little messy but she did it all by herself!

 She measured out the ingredients:

 4 Cups plain flour

 1 ½ Cups of salt

 1 cup water (may need to add more)

 2 tbsp oil

 Food colouring


Mixed it all together and then got messy by kneading it lots!


Thank you for the gift of Art Week (I assume this was your task Mr Walden!)
We are very proud of our vegetable picture.  Thank goodness for sacks of potatoes!
Charlotte has drawn who she is missing. From left to right in her picture it is herself, Roanna, Lizzy and Louisa.  Charlotte and Ro have been having a fun time over Facetime.  They have played Snakes and Ladders together (Ro had the board and counters and Charlotte rolled the dice for them both).  Charlotte and Ro both had an afternoon of painting 'together'.  They set up various devices and painted pictures whilst having a lovely chat  over the wonders of the internet.
Faith decided to paint what I was missing and drew Becky Golley and I at Costa!!!! Friday afternoons haven't quite been the same for a while.
Faith has also enjoyed challenging her friends (and very bravely Mr Moore) over TTRS!  The number pad on her laptop is getting very well used!
The caterpillars we have are growing very very quickly.  We think there is something special in Roche stinging nettles!  We did have one 'whoopsie' moment when someone hadn't quite popped the secure lid on and we had one sitting on the top of the pot looking out of the window! He was soon put back in!  We have 10 in total - they are all called Malcolm!
We are all going for daily walks and it has been lovely recently to bump in to a few children and their parents from school around the village.  We have had some great 'socially distanced' chats.  All the children we have spoken to are missing school and their teachers.
Keep well and stay safe lovely people.  Missing you all.
We had a very busy week learning lots of Makaton. 
Ashleigh made a simple poster explaining the rules of using Makaron with children, you will also spot a couple of makaton symbols added to the poster.  They were also very lucky to be given some of the makaton stories such as dear zoo, the hungry Caterpillar and monkey puzzle and lots of songs to practise at home. This is where is comes in handy that mummy works with Makaton tutors. Jack loved playing the loop game that the early years makaton tutors use on training. We had to learn signs for food and then sign " I have.... who has....." we played this alot! We also made pizzas and learnt the signs for what toppings we wanted. 
On VE day we made bunting, watched lots of news to find out more about the history and had a chat to their great nan who told them about what it was like at the time.


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and safe. I’ve been busy in the garden. I’ve redone all the pots and vacuumed the grass! Yes you read that correctly. I have a really small garden so I have artificial grass. This means I can keep it clean by using the vacuum. I do feel a bit silly when I do it and wonder what my neighbours must think, but it looks lovely afterwards. What do you think? ( see pictures below)I have also made a delicious sweet potato curry, which I think you would like it as it’s not too spicy. I’ve included the recipe for you to try. Lizzy kindly gave me her custard biscuits recipe, so I had a go making them. They were yummy, but not as  good as when when Lizzie makes them.

I just love receiving all your lovely photos and letters telling me what you have been up to. Keep them coming, it makes me smile!

Sweet potato, coconut and spinach Curry


30ml of groundnut or sunflower oil

1 diced onion

400g sweet potatoes, chopped into chunks

½ Tbsp curry powder

½ tsp turmeric

250g baby leaf spinach

25g ground almonds

1 green chilli, sliced

½ tin coconut milk

Squeeze of lime juice



1. In a wide heavy-based pan, fry the onions in the oils with the lid on until they soften (about 5 mins).

2. Stir in the sweet potato, curry powder, turmeric and on high heat with the lid off until it starts to stick to the bottom.

3. Add the spinach a handful at a time, along with the ground almonds and chilli.

4. Add the coconut milk and some salt and stir well.

5. Put the lid back on and keep on a steady simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring from time to time. Take the lid off to reduce the sauce to a thicker consistency if needed.

6. Finish the curry by stirring in the lime juice and season to taste and enjoy!



Well done to those who have done the arithmetic tasks set on the website: Charlotte, Emily, Daisy, Holly, Jake, Louisa, Max A, Roanna, Freddie, Senna, Xander, Jack, Kaelyn and Seren had a total class average of 85%. Well done! Amazing effort!

Times table Rock stars

This week sees your best ever number of children accessing TTRS on one day, a total of 11 on both Monday and Wednesday. That’s really good, and I am pleased that this week we have had a total of 18 people have a go. Try to encourage your friends by sending them a battle challenge. This week the following people have been putting in a sterling performance: Daisy, Ellie, Xander, Charlotte, William, Holly, Jake, Roanna, Senna, Freddie, Louisa, Abbigail, Max J, Seren, Lanikai, Sykla, Jack and Chloe.

Education City

A bit of a slow start to Education City this week, as the website was playing up and I could not set the homework until Monday evening. All is well now and I have been so impressed with everyone’s efforts. Well done these pupils who have really worked hard: Roanna, Seren, Marina, Holly, Senna, William, Abbigail, Charlotte, Ellie, Emily, Freddie, Jake, Kaelyn, Lanikai, Lola, Daisy, Max A, Xander, Jack, Sophia, Steven and Taylor.

I know that some of you had a bit of trouble because they were not tablet friendly. I’m really sorry about that, but we have completed all the tablet friendly tasks. Although I will set others, I will always try to include a tablet task, however, if you can’t access it, please feel free to do anything else on EC that you like. Any little tasks helps refresh our learning.

Theme weeks

This week has been packed with things to do. Lots of you have learnt some Makaton and many of you have been doing activities related to VE day. In school we learnt about why VE day is important and then made bunting, designed and printed t-shirts and had a little VE party in the afternoon. It was great fun! Charlotte has sent through what she did with her family. I’d love to see any other photo’s you’ve got.



Well Myon is now up and running. After a few early on glitches, it seems that everyone is enjoying it. The number of books read this week is a total of 86. This is up from 40 last week. Amazing progress! Well done everyone! This week’s top reader is Ellie with a total of 14 books read! Well done Ellie! Last Week Charlotte was in pole position with an amazing 20 books! Well done Charlotte. I’m keen to find out who will be our top reader next week.

Well done to William, Roanna, Marina, Seren, Lola, Emily, Holly, Jack, Freddie and Louisa who also read this week.


I know that staying in must feel really tricky at times, but you are all doing such an amazing job. You are working hard and I feel so proud of you all. I hope it won’t be long before we are back together again.

Missing you lots,

Mrs Welch

See photos below of curry, hoovering lawn and biscuits.

What another busy week!  We loved this weeks topic too!

 Faith did her favourite activity and made a Power Point on Helen Keller this week.

 Faith and Charlotte have been signing their names and learning songs using Makaton which they have really enjoyed.

 Faith did really well on TTRS this week and managed an average time of 1.43 seconds with 42 correct answers and 0 incorrect!  

 The girls also changed our lightbox sign - they are missing Mrs Welch, Mrs Powell and Miss Palk very much. (Picture attached)

 We also bought some caterpillars which will hopefully turn into tortoiseshell butterflies!  They are currently very small black and white caterpillars - they are enjoying their diet of Roche stinging nettles and have settled into their new home.  Charlotte missed the Year 2 butterflies so is our resident butterfly expert!

 The girls are hoping to do a caterpillar timeline.

 We miss you all and send a big virtual hug to everyone.

Good morning all. Hope you have all been enjoying the lovely bank holiday sunshine. Just a little update on what Seren has been up to this week. 
She has loved the new Myon and has read 4 books already! She was so pleased to see the sunflower grow on the quiz. We watched The snail and the whale and Seren learnt the Makaton signs. She also learnt how to say "good morning" and "my name is Seren". 
For VE day we made a victoria sponge, played marbles and dominoes, made our own bunting, did a wordwearch and had a fantastic street party. She also learnt some of the words to We'll meet again".  
Best wishes
Steph and Seren 
Dear Mrs Welch,  I have been really busy this past week and worked really hard. Mummy is very proud. We did the Cornish quiz together, made a map of some of the places we have visited (my favourite is the Eden project) and we made scones. We added sultanas to then as well. I have also been practising with number lines, writing my numbers in words and did some letter formation using flour. I am still working on my dino project, this week I completed 4 dinosaur jigsaws the hardest was 70 pieces. I really miss you and my friends and hope to see you soon. 
From Seren 
Our daily exercise, Steven did a spot the objects video.
When Steven finished his walk, we found a beautiful field so he showed everyone a trick. 

First of all - thank you Miss Palk for a great topic!  This is my Cornwall has never been played so much in our house!

Charlotte and Faith have loved this week's topic.  Faith has made a short Power Point on the West of England's Bandsmen Festival.  She also drew a picture of Roche Rock.


 Faith and Charlotte really enjoyed learning about the Cornish language and both learnt to say this:


 What's your name? - Pyth yw dha hanow?

My name is Faith/Charlotte - Ow hanow yw Faith/Charlotte 

 The girls enjoyed finding photographs of where we have visited in Cornwall and making a memory map.  They also enjoyed researching the answers to the quiz and we whipped up a quick steam engine each too!


 Alongside TTRS. Numbots, Education City, Arithmetic, 60 Second reads and spelling, we have had a jam-packed week!


 Faith and Charlotte are missing all of their friends and would like to give them all a virtual hug.

Hello Mrs Welch,

 I been busy learning different things about Cornwall's history and watching various videos online. I have even made a small project about the different things I have learnt for you to look at. I have made a flag with my brother and next week when we go shopping, I am going to make pasties with Dad. I'll send you some pictures next week. 

Love Logan 

Abbigail baking and looking after her pets.

Holly and Mylor have had a very busy week, they have enjoyed learning about Earth day. They have helped with the recycling and made a boat and a drum out of some of the recycling. They have both enjoyed listening to poems about the earth and then writing their own acrostic poems. Holly has been practising the common exception words and Mylor has been practising his letter formation. We have even found the time to make jammy buns and gluten free chocolate cake. 
Hope you are all well.
Holly, Mylor and Rosie.

Ellie has been enjoying learning about bugs. Shes built her self a bug hotel and has enjoyed reading her new book all about different bugs. Here are some pictures of her doing her life cycle of a butterfly work.

Chloe has made a bug house! she will be checking it weekly to see if we have any visitors!


Hi everyone,

Can you believe another week has gone by?  I have really enjoyed my last week in school, doing lots of activities with Keyworker children.  Some learnt to crochet, and do French knitting.  We made superhero costumes, created sand art paintings, played parachute games and so much more.  I bet you’ve all been busy at home with your families.  I’ve had some lovely letters with photos of what you have been doing, which I have included on the website.

Home School Learning is going really well.  Well done to all those who have been having a go.  It’s great to see so many of you enjoying the activities.


Well done once again to those children that have completed the arithmetic work set on the school website.  This will really help you remember what we have been learning in class.  Keep up the excellent effort. 

Times table Rock stars

Well you guys really pulled it out of the bag with our Children vs Teachers battle.  You definitely won!  However, we have some new recruits this week so watch out!  This week, congratulations go to Roanna, Charlotte, and Senna who each completed all their games.  Jack and Abbigail, were close behind so well done!

Education City

The following children have been on Education City: Jake, Jack, Holly, Freddie, Emily, Daisy, Chloe, Charlotte, Kaelyn, Lanikai, Lola, Max A, Roanna, Senna, Seren, Sophia, Steven, Taylor,  William, Xander.  That’s two-thirds of our class.  Fantastic!

Theme weeks

I hope you have all been enjoying the theme weeks.  I’ve seen loads of lovely photos of your efforts in recycling.  Well done.  This week it’s all about Cornwall.  How about including some information you know about Richard Trevithick.  It was great fun learning about him.


I know you all love your reading.  I hope you’ve been enjoying some of your books together as a family.  How about trying a bit of shared reading with your family?  You could read to them and ask them questions about it, just like I do in class.  If you read any books that you really enjoy, send me a book review and I will try and get it for our class.

Well, I hope that you are continuing to enjoy time with your family, hopefully it won’t be much longer until we can see each other again.

Missing you lots,

Mrs Welch.

A message from Steven!

Hi again, not sure how many photos uploaded to the last email so here are a couple more. Seren was really proud of her t-shirt design and for her rainbows activity. she collected sticks and made a nest. 

Dear Jeremy

Thank you for all your emails keeping us all so updated. You are all doing an incredible job, thank you. Attached is a letter from Freddie, plus a photo of him learning badminton & a photo of the fairy cakes he made.  It would be lovely to see these on the year 2 web page.

Stay safe & thank you again

Sarah Rowe


Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. 

I’ve had a lovely week at home.  I’ve been busy in the garden, went for some lovely walks and made some banana bread and some flapjacks which I shared with my Mum and Dad.  I have also finally finished my crochet blanket! 

I’ve put some photos on here so you can see what I have been up to.



A Rainbow I spotted on one of my walks;   Freshly baked banana bread;  my completed crochet blanket; Meisie enjoying the sunshine in the garden;  a view during one of my walks.


I am now preparing for my week in school.  It is very different from normal lessons.  We are doing some learning, PE and some art and craft activities.  I think Mrs Campbell has something great planned for us this week.  Watch the website School Learners to find out all about it.

You have also been really busy.  I love receiving your emails telling me all about what you have been up to.  Please keep them coming in.  Here are some I’ve received this week:

Charlotte has not only been busy doing home learning through the school website, but she has also managed to make an amazing bird feeder out of an old milk bottle.  Look how brilliant Faith and her efforts have been (pictures further down the class page).

Seren has sent me in her book review and has tried really hard with her handwriting.  She has also been practising time telling.  Have any of you managed to do this too?


Senna has also sent in her handwriting show case book review.   Fantastic handwriting!  I will have to try and read that book Senna as I am not familiar with it.

I have also enjoyed the emails I have received from Sophia, Lanikai, Jack and Ellie. 

Sophia has sent in photos of her learning to tie shoes, tell the time and reading.  Is that a book I recognise from class?  I can’t wait to finish reading it!  Look below to see her photos!

Ellie has been learning all about bugs!  How lucky are the bugs in her garden!  They get to have their very own hotel made by Ellie!

Lanikai has been using her  writing skills to write a story.  I saw some great punctuation Lanikai.  Well Done!

Jack and his sister Ashleigh have been finding creative ways to learn.  Jack used cars to help with his fraction arithmetic work!  Great job Jack!


Well you are now all set for Home Schooling for the next week.  I have done your arithmetic; organised another 60 second read; and set up your Education City activities.  Have you seen what the theme is for this week? – It looks like great fun!

Education City has proved to be a hit this week with a record number of you having a go with the activities: 

Daisy, Max, Sophia, Steven, Emily, Freddie, Holly, Jack, Jake, Kaelyn, Lanikai, Senna, Seren, William, Abbigail, Xander, Roanna, Taylor and Charlotte.

That’s an amazing response everyone!  I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed doing these activities.  I wonder if we will get even more people doing it this week.

Sadly, not many of you have accessed the new arithmetic homework.

Charlotte, Taylor, Jack, Roanna, Senna, Seren, Steven, Holly, Lizzy, Louisa, Skyla and William were the only ones to do it this week.   A special mention goes to Charlotte, Taylor, Jack, Roanna, Senna, Seren and Steven, who completed all the tasks.  Well done! 

I am really proud of their achievements, but a little disappointed that more of you have not been on to have a go.  Continuing your learning while at home is really important, as it will help you when you return back to school.  I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more people doing this this week!  Come on Year 2!  We can do this!

I have also challenged you all to a Timestable Rock Stars Challenge.  Do you think you can beat me?  Have a go.  It’s great fun!

Well, that’s me for a moment.  I look forward to hearing all about your week.  Keep the emails coming and don’t forget to do your arithmetic each day!

Miss you all.

Mrs Welch



What brilliant bird seed holders Charlotte and Faith have made for the local wildlife!

Ashleigh and Jack have been very busy this week. They have both loved the arithmetic work that has been set each day. Jack even used his cars to help him work out some of the fractions. They have also completed the Education City work and had some time on TTRS and Numbots.
Jack has been working hard on his handwriting and practising those common exception words although he finds them quite tricky! He has also been doing some work on telling the time.
Ashleigh has been collecting more information in Egyptians and has enjoyed the virtual tour on the Louvre website. She's also written a diary entry about her Easter weekend.
The children even had time to bake some cheese scones. Ashleigh found the recipe and guided Jack on the process. Needless to say they didn't last long! 

A message from Sophia and her mum.


 Sophia wanted to share her books that we have been reading. She was disappointed that she couldn’t finish FING with Miss Welch so with her pocket money she brought these and has been having a go at reading too. She has also cracked the shoe lace tying and we are now working on how to tell the tell the time.

Ellie has been enjoying learning about bugs. She has built herself a bug hotel and has enjoyed reading her new book all about different bugs. Here are some pictures of her doing her life cycle of a butterfly.

Lanikai has been very busy writing.

Mrs Welch update - 12th April

Hi Year 2 and Happy Easter,
This week I was in school with Miss Tonkin and Mrs Campbell, looking after some of your friends. Did you spot all the lovely activities we did? I was sneaky and made my Mum and Dad and Easter Card too! It was tricky sewing on the buttons. I think I will stick to crochet!

Well you have been busy bees this week!

I’ve received an email from Xander to say how hard he has been working on his Times Table Rock Stars. Brilliant work Xander! Keep it up! If anyone would like to challenge Mrs Welch on TTRS, send me an email and we’ll do a battle.

Charlotte has been working hard on her PE skills; kicking a ball into a bucket. That sounds like great fun Charlotte. Did you have a competition with your family? I loved her wonderful diagram of the life-cycle of the frog (below). It was brilliant. I would love to see some more. Did you see the photos of our butterflies being released? They are off to start the life-cycle all over again.

Chloe has been busy baking and has sent me a recipe for Chocolate Crispy Nests (below). She was really kind and gave them to their next door neighbour who is a Key Worker. What a lovely gesture! I am going to try and get some Coco pops next time I’m at the shops to try and make them. I would love to hear about anyone else’s baking they have been doing.


I also received a lovely letter from Taylor. He has been missing us all, but has been chatting to some of his friends. It’s great that we can use technology to keep us connected to our friends and family. He has also spent some time making rainbows. I believe there are lots of lovely rainbows around Roche. Send me some pictures in that you see on your walks.

The following people have been working hard on Education City this week:

Holly, Jack, William, Abbigail, Freddie, Lanikai, Seren, Chloe, Charlotte, Kaelyn, Taylor, Xander and Roanna.

Well done to all of you! I’ve set some new tasks, so pop on and have a look.
This week, we have started to set Arithmetic questions up. I’m looking forward to you telling me how you have got on. If you get stuck or can’t remember something, send me an email and I will help you.

Has anyone had a go at Numbots? It’s great fun. Remember it uses the same login as your TTRS.
Well that’s all for now. Don’t eat too much chocolate!
Missing you all.
Mrs Welch

Good morning, 

Jack and Ashleigh wanted me to share this with you. We decided to make our own liquid soap out of a bar of soap. It turns out a standard bar of soap makes rather a lot!! 3 litres to be exact.. we had to hunt the house for enough bottles to fill and even took some to our neighbour's! 

Take care all and we will see you soon.

 Karen, Ashleigh and Jack.


Morning year 2

We now have 5 butterflies and are hoping to release them today. Why don't you find out about the life cycle of a frog,  draw a picture and label it. Send them to reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk and we will add them to the website.

Stay safe!

Mrs Welch

Hi everyone. You are all doing a fantastic job and we are loving all of the pictures and updates from school. 

Seren is very much missing Mrs Welch, school and all her friends. However we are making the most of the extra time together at home. 
She has been working really hard on TTrockstars and really enjoys the education city activities. She has been making her way through lots of books - reading is her favourite. Seren and her baby brother Brynn have loved playing with the water play mat too. She has also been writing in her journal and drawing lots of pictures too. 
I have attached some pics and also one of the letter to Mrs Welch. 
We miss you all lots.
Stay safe
From Steph, Chris, Seren and Brynn xx


The next part of the life cycle is happening. Just emerged two butterflies. I wonder how many there will be tomorrow morning. Keep checking the website to find out!

Steven did baking and decorating Paw Patrol cupcakes.

Steven having exercise on indoor bike.

1st April 2020


Dear Year 2,   


Thank you for all the work I have received this week.  It is lovely hearing about all your news in your letters to me.  I was pleased to find out that Holly had been writing to her Great Granny and that she had been on some lovely walks with her family.  I enjoyed seeing her pictures of her mini-beast hunt with Mylor.


Charlotte sent me a lovely letter on unicorn paper which I loved.  You can never get enough unicorns can you!  She has been telling me all about her home school and how she has been practising her common exception words and using Education City.  I like the fact that Charlotte has been helping with the dishes.  I wonder if anyone else has?


Logan, I can tell, spent a long time writing his letter to me.  He has been telling me that he has been doing lots of school work at home, and has helped out with the gardening.  He’s not a fan of this and prefers baking cakes!

Well done to Abbigail, Charlotte, Holly, Jack, Kaelyn, Lanikai, Seren, Senna, Taylor and William who have been working hard on Education City.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks to  Chloe for her pictures of her craft.  I really enjoyed seeing what she had been making . She is very creative!

My next job is to check Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots to see how everyone has been getting on with that.

Keep your photos and letters coming, I love seeing what you’ve been up to.

Missing you all loads.

Mrs Welch

This is what Holly and Mylor have been up to this morning.
We did a minibeast hunt this morning. I liked holding the worm-Mylor
The minibeast hunt was fun, I liked the snails and the ladybird, but did not want to hold the worms yuk!
Take care everyone.
Hi Mrs Welch 
Chloe has been busy crafting....


Hi Year 2,


I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying a bit of lovely weather in the garden.  I have had a relaxing weekend after working last week in school.  On Saturday I spent some time in the garden sorting out the weeds from the grass.  Not a job I like doing!


I have really enjoyed seeing what Charlotte and Jack have been up to at home.  It’s great to see how creative they have been.  Jack, I love your water gun idea and I’ll be glad of Charlotte's time keeping skills at school. It would be great to see a few more photos from others.


The Challenge this week is to write a letter to me using:

  • 5 Common Exception Words
  • 1 subordinating clause
  • 1  coordinating conjunction
  • 1 contraction
  • 1 possessive apostrophe
  • 2 homophones


You can write about what you have been doing or something that interests you.  See how many you can get in.  Send your letters through to the email address provided.


I bet I can beat you all again on the next Teachers VS pupils TTRS challenge!


Has anyone started their project?  I would love to see some if you have!


That’s all for now. 

Mrs Welch

Jack wanted to share his fun phonics session with the lovely people at school. We printed some words from his phonics sounds book. Jack had to read the word, spot the speedy sound that was written on the wall and shoot it with the water gun. He then had to write the word. 
We hope you are all staying safe.
See you soon

Charlotte says: "I have been learning to tell the time! My mummy is teaching me. She is a good teacher but Mrs Welch is better!"

Education City can be accessed and  I've set some Education City activities, please  look in the back of your reading records for your login details. Please use this web address: https://ec1.educationcity.com/

Year 2's caterpillar life cycle continues.

After the chrysalises hardened, the lid to their cup was gently removed and placed in the butterfly net.  One chrysalis did not like being moved at all and had a little moan about it.  Listen to it shaking about on the video.  Now we wait to see how long it will take are before the butterflies breakout.

Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 Autumn Letter 2019





Habitat Resource File

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