Hi everyone. You are all doing a fantastic job and we are loving all of the pictures and updates from school. 

Seren is very much missing Mrs Welch, school and all her friends. However we are making the most of the extra time together at home. 
She has been working really hard on TTrockstars and really enjoys the education city activities. She has been making her way through lots of books - reading is her favourite. Seren and her baby brother Brynn have loved playing with the water play mat too. She has also been writing in her journal and drawing lots of pictures too. 
I have attached some pics and also one of the letter to Mrs Welch. 
We miss you all lots.
Stay safe
From Steph, Chris, Seren and Brynn xx


The next part of the life cycle is happening. Just emerged two butterflies. I wonder how many there will be tomorrow morning. Keep checking the website to find out!

Steven did baking and decorating Paw Patrol cupcakes.

Steven having exercise on indoor bike.

1st April 2020


Dear Year 2,   


Thank you for all the work I have received this week.  It is lovely hearing about all your news in your letters to me.  I was pleased to find out that Holly had been writing to her Great Granny and that she had been on some lovely walks with her family.  I enjoyed seeing her pictures of her mini-beast hunt with Mylor.


Charlotte sent me a lovely letter on unicorn paper which I loved.  You can never get enough unicorns can you!  She has been telling me all about her home school and how she has been practising her common exception words and using Education City.  I like the fact that Charlotte has been helping with the dishes.  I wonder if anyone else has?


Logan, I can tell, spent a long time writing his letter to me.  He has been telling me that he has been doing lots of school work at home, and has helped out with the gardening.  He’s not a fan of this and prefers baking cakes!

Well done to Abbigail, Charlotte, Holly, Jack, Kaelyn, Lanikai, Seren, Senna, Taylor and William who have been working hard on Education City.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks to  Chloe for her pictures of her craft.  I really enjoyed seeing what she had been making . She is very creative!

My next job is to check Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots to see how everyone has been getting on with that.

Keep your photos and letters coming, I love seeing what you’ve been up to.

Missing you all loads.

Mrs Welch

This is what Holly and Mylor have been up to this morning.
We did a minibeast hunt this morning. I liked holding the worm-Mylor
The minibeast hunt was fun, I liked the snails and the ladybird, but did not want to hold the worms yuk!
Take care everyone.
Hi Mrs Welch 
Chloe has been busy crafting....


Hi Year 2,


I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying a bit of lovely weather in the garden.  I have had a relaxing weekend after working last week in school.  On Saturday I spent some time in the garden sorting out the weeds from the grass.  Not a job I like doing!


I have really enjoyed seeing what Charlotte and Jack have been up to at home.  It’s great to see how creative they have been.  Jack, I love your water gun idea and I’ll be glad of Charlotte's time keeping skills at school. It would be great to see a few more photos from others.


The Challenge this week is to write a letter to me using:

  • 5 Common Exception Words
  • 1 subordinating clause
  • 1  coordinating conjunction
  • 1 contraction
  • 1 possessive apostrophe
  • 2 homophones


You can write about what you have been doing or something that interests you.  See how many you can get in.  Send your letters through to the email address provided.


I bet I can beat you all again on the next Teachers VS pupils TTRS challenge!


Has anyone started their project?  I would love to see some if you have!


That’s all for now. 

Mrs Welch

Jack wanted to share his fun phonics session with the lovely people at school. We printed some words from his phonics sounds book. Jack had to read the word, spot the speedy sound that was written on the wall and shoot it with the water gun. He then had to write the word. 
We hope you are all staying safe.
See you soon

Charlotte says: "I have been learning to tell the time! My mummy is teaching me. She is a good teacher but Mrs Welch is better!"

Education City can be accessed and  I've set some Education City activities, please  look in the back of your reading records for your login details. Please use this web address: https://ec1.educationcity.com/

Year 2's caterpillar life cycle continues.

After the chrysalises hardened, the lid to their cup was gently removed and placed in the butterfly net.  One chrysalis did not like being moved at all and had a little moan about it.  Listen to it shaking about on the video.  Now we wait to see how long it will take are before the butterflies breakout.

Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 Autumn Letter 2019




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