Year 1

Dear Mrs Gardner,
Georgia has had a busy few days! She's had her third visit from the tooth fairy, seen baby swans and made homemade birthday cards and cake for her grandad!

Lowen had fun on her flower hunt and making perfume..... we collected them on our #stay@home rainbowsclub 

Good evening,
Georgia asked me to share her work and pictures from the last few days. We planted sunflower seeds, and are looking forward to see who's grows the biggest!  

Green fingers!

Perfect theme this week the girls have helped me continue working through covid 19
Stay safe and stay happy all xx 

Lowen and Merryn learning about how to look after flowers.

Dear Mrs Gardner,
Georgia (and mummy!) had a go at origami butterflies today and loved every minute! She's also been practising her handwriting, trying her best to keep it neat!
Kind regards,

Dear Mrs Gardner,
A little more work Georgia has completed today.


Kloe has watched some videos on the artist Lowry and some on pointillism, she chose to paint in the style of Lowry and this is her painting of her family and friends having a picnic.

Good afternoon,
Please find attached some more work Georgia has completed this week. 
I hope everyone is well, take care!
Dear Mrs Gardner,
Georgia was back on top form enjoying making bookmarks from dots of paint today, she asked me to share some pictures and of course her little sister had to join in!
Take care
Kind regards,
Last week Liam invited us to a VE Day tea party, he planned the menu (sausage rolls, crisps, jelly and chocolate- of course!) Liam carefully measured things out to help make the jelly, sausage rolls and decorate cupcakes and helped with the decorations! We had a fun party! Another tractor drawing- which is Liams favourite and a coin! We hope you are all well and enjoyed your VE Day bank holidays :-)
From Liam and Donna
Kezia wanted to share her work she did for VE Day and some other work from the class website including showing some of the plants she has been growing in the garden whilst at mine over this last weekend as well as completing both weeks of homework tasks on education city and reading books on Myon. 
She was excited to know that I could send some pictures over to Mrs Gardner of her doing some work hence the vain poses. Ha ha! 

Here are some lovely photos from Georgia, her mummy and little sister.

Can this be passed on to Kezia's teacher Mrs Gardner. This is some work she did last weekend whilst with me. She also completed the homework that was set for her on education city too which I have printed certificates for if these are required too. She has accessed Numbots a little and loved reading on the Myon system that has now been set up. 

Hello Mrs Gardner,

 Isla is really missing everybody! She has been busy planting seeds, making slime, baking and playing in the sunshine. We've been trying our best at the work set out but Isla is finding this a really strange time so we are taking it slowly! 

 Isla has really been enjoying playing on a new game on our Nintendo switch during her screen time . it's called animal crossing. Isla has always loved building things on the ipad or computer so this game is perfect for her.

 Isla also had a lovely video call with katrina, Isla put filters over her face so was talking to Katrina looking like a cat and a piece of pizza at one stage! 

 Isla has had two visits from the tooth fairy she is excited to tell everyone that shes lost her two front teeth. 

 Hope everyone is keeping safe.


Dear Mrs Gardner,
I hope you are all staying safe and well. I miss you all and have been doing lots of fun things at home. I made heart shaped scones this week that were really yummy and a Cornish Steam Engine. I’m enjoying my Education City/Numbots and love to play outside.
I hope to see you and all my friends soon.
Ruby and Kat xx
Hi both,
George and Maisie loved the Cornish theme this week. Lots of creating Cornish landmarks, plus labelling the map with our favourite places then looking at them via Google Street View. We also cooked pasties and enjoyed the quiz. So much so George then quizzed his grandparents over Skype! 
Looking forward to the new theme tomorrow :)
Hi Mrs Gardner and Mr Walden 
This week Liam has been making a model of a steam engine firstly out of lego and then out of recycling.  We had the map of Cornwall out and marked all our places of importance on it, including Roche School and of course Newquay Lifeboat Station. We've learnt all about Helston Flora day as Liam's Mum is from the Helston area and danced the flora dance when she was a student at Helston School. We ended the week by baking Hevva Cake and rock buns which Liam enjoyed eating, unfortunately we didn't bake pasties so can't compare them to Mr Walden, but his pasty looked lovely.
Stay safe.
Liam and Martyn

Kloe has had a Cornish pasty this week learnt some Cornish words, mapped out places she's been in Cornwall and chose to paint the nearly home tree's, which is on the Devon border but still a Cornish landmark.

Hi Miss Tonkin & Mrs Gardner,

Hope everybody are ok. The boys have been super busy with their work but they are both starting to miss their friends.  Seb and Morley have been trying their hardest with their work every day and are really enjoying the themed work that's been set each week. They even help bake (and eat) some scones yesterday. Below are some photos of a few things the boys have been up too. 

 Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will see you all again soon.

Best wishes 

 Robbie, Josie, Seb, Morley and Seth. 

Dear Mrs Gardner,

I just wanted to say how much we are enjoying the themed work set this week. As well as keeping us busy, we’ve been able to get some of our family and friends involved too - having a cream tea over FaceTime and Callum’s Granny playing the tune for Trelawny and recording it for us, so we can practise our singing. Thanks to Team Roche for coming up with these great ideas.

From Callum and Nicola


Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all OK? I’ve been busy working and updating the website. I hope you have all watched the film that we recorded for you. I loved it! It was really nice to everyone from school.

Where has the sunshine gone? After so many weeks of beautiful blue skies and hot sunshine we are back to rain. I managed to walk the dog in between showers today! It was quite windy at Little Fistral, but I took a couple of photos to show you.  I have also done some pebble painting and made a picture of seahorse with Finlay.

I only put the new education city online yesterday and was really impressed to see so many of you using it, well done everyone!

Don’t forget there is also daily arithmetic that I have set for you, 60 seconds read which is about Polar bears this week, practising your common exception words, reading and this week’s theme.

On that note, I’m going to miss not going to Obby Oss day this week in Padstow, if you get a chance have a look at a video of it online from last year. It’s so colourful and fun and this is one Cornish tradition that makes me feel proud to be a proper Cornish maid!

Please keep sending me photos and letters, I really love them and I will put them on the website for you.

Finlay has been doing his work from school and as a reward I’ve let him have Disney channel for a few weeks. He absolutely adores Marvel and is slowly making his way through the films in the evenings. He has also been watching the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and has been reading the new Tom gates book. He has also decided to learn how to play chess with his dad (I have no idea! ) and he is picking it up really well. I have taken a picture to show you.

I hope you are all staying safe!

Keep watching the website for updates.

Love and best wishes,

Mrs Gardner


Dear Mrs Gardner,
Please find below the Cornish quiz Georgia has completed today, thank goodness for Google! Mummy has also learnt lots of new things! We also could not find the answer to question 3.....we look forward to hearing what it is!
Take care and stay safe!
Kind regards,


Mr Walden

 Paige getting into the swing of the Cornish theme this week, pics attached,

She is really enjoying Education City and completing Mrs Gardners tasks.

Also Numbots on your website are there different logins?? If so could you send over?,

 Many thanks for all your hard work through these strange times, stay well stay safe,

 Kindest regards.

Mr Mark Hooley 

Paige’s father

Dear Mrs Gardner and Miss Searle, 

Lexton & Leyton were super busy last week and really enjoyed the theme.

Lexton has been practising spelling and writing his common exception words and Leyton has been practising his letter and number formation! 

They’ve been having fun making junk models out of our recycling and even more fun building a bug house! 

They have both been going on to do the daily arithmetic and also accessing education city daily, we read every day accessing books on Oxford owl! 

Lexton has also been accessing Numbots and he is trying to get enough coins to buy a new body for his robot ☺️ 

We’ve also been doing a bit of baking and the boys mixed red and blue food colouring to make purple icing!  

Dear Mrs Gardner and Mr Walden
This week Liam has been working super hard to complete 'Mr Waldens homework'. We have been going on walks daily since the home isolation began and have even been lucky enough to see a Deer on two occssions. We had also planted lots of vegetables and plants in the previous weeks, including Sweetcorn, Tomato plants, and some mixed salad. Liam has painted a tshirt with planet earth. We have done research on the Woolly Mammoth and he has created a 3D Mammoth from some old recycling. Liam has also sent a postcard (to Mr Walden) as if he had travelled back in time and seen a Woolly Mammoth. And finally we have done our poem the 3 pledges and the quiz on Earth Day. We have also researched Polar Bears and The Amazon Rainforest using national geographic kids, which is a great website. 
We have enjoyed seeing what Mrs Gardner has been planting and hearing what you have been doing at home, and we have loved doing education city every day, doing Mrs Gardners set tasks as well as doing the other tasks available online. And of course we have been reading every day as we always have and Liam's reading appears to be getting better.
We have kept Liam very busy with jobs at home and Liam has helped to redecorate the bathroom, re paint the garden bench and help with the pressure washing the paths outside.
Kind regards 
Martyn, Donna and Liam
Dear Mrs Gardner,
Georgia was in her element making a Cornish Steam Engine junk model, she's been hard at it for most of the day!
Kind regards,

Kloe had fun doing her earth day projects this week, designing her love your planet T-shirt, planting tomato seeds and she's enjoyed making her bug hotel with help from her dad the most.

Dear Mrs Gardner,
I hope you and your family are keeping safe and well.
We have really enjoyed doing some of the activities set as part of the Earth Day theme this week.
As Callum has a broken left wrist at the moment, writing is a bit tricky, so we had an IT class to put together a Powerpoint called "My nature diary". Callum came up with all the labels, typed some himself and we practised spelling and punctuation whilst we did it. We even went back and edited some of the labels to improve them. Callum hopes you enjoy looking at the pictures he took.
We also re-used an egg box from our recycling, painted each section and did a nature scavenger hunt to find things matching each colour and created a bird feeder out of an old milk bottle (pictures attached).
Today, we have all worked together as a family to build a bug hotel.
Callum is missing his Year One friends, but enjoying his time at school and very proud that you and Finlay got 12/12 on the superhero quiz! 
Take care, stay safe and we hope to see you soon.
From Callum and Nicola (Mum)
Hi Mrs Gardner,
We hope you are keeping safe and well.
Maisie wanted to share some photos of her learning with you :) 
Take good care, Amy, Dan, George and Maisie


Here are some other photos of somethings Liam has been doing. Including helping paint the bathroom and staining the bench, pressure washing and our walks.
Also attached is the literacy task from last week. We have also been doing plenty of reading as well.
Hope You're staying safe.
Kind regards 

Here is Ruby with her t-shirt for recycling, Earth day poem and bug garden with a ladybird.
She has been growing, beetroot’s, parsley and chilli peppers.


Dear Mrs Gardner,
Georgia asked me to share with you the work she has been doing so far this week. Shes been really concentrating on her reading (she is reading over my shoulder as we speak!) and her Numbots / daily arithmetic. She really enjoys education city and tries so hard to get 100%! She also completed all three earth Day 2020 question sheets we were sent (her substitute 'teacher' didn't quite read the instructions properly!

Hi Year 1 and families,

Well we are into another week of home learning. I'm busy at home updating the website with people's pictures, letters and work. Thank you to everyone sending things to us, we love seeing them all. Please take a look at this weeks activities and if you get a chance have a go at the daily arithmetic. Also I'm just about to update education city with some new tasks. Well done all those people who are accessing Education City.

I know how challenging learning from home can be, Finlay absolutely hates me trying to teach him anything and I'm trying really hard to keep to his school's timetable of work! It's easier for me to be back at school with you lovely lot. So for all of my parents, I feel your pain right now. BUT, it's so important to keep trying to do some home learning, no matter how small. Please keep sending us letters, photos and work. We may not all be at school, but we are trying to stay connected as much as possible. We are so very lucky that we have such a community based school, with such lovely staff, children, parents and governors. I'm missing my second home a lot, (after 20 years at one school I think I can call it my second home) so you all stay safe, keep in touch and keep trying to do little bits of learning when you can. 

Missing you all so very much,


Mrs Gardner xxx

Dear Miss Gardner,
Georgia has made you this lovely card, she is missing school very much now, especially all her friends. She's been doing lots of things to keep busy, baking, craft and playing in the sunshine. She is also enjoying education city, Numbots and still loves to read, write and draw all the time!
Hopefully she will see everyone again soon.
Take care and stay safe!
Amy (& Georgia)

Here are some pics of George and Maisie making Easter cakes, we're keeping busy!

 Take good care, Amy

Morning Year 1,

I’m so impressed with the education city users, well done on your progress. (See photo)

I have set a new set of content today and I will be looking at your progress over the week.

I’ve added 10 new activities, all of which are tablet friendly!

 Don’t forget there are daily lesson on RWI website with Ruth, you can practise all of your sounds.

These can be accessed on

Don't for get to read any books you can find, there are lots online  You could also listen to Julia Donaldson stories. The author will perform stories, songs and poems, broadcast on Facebook from her home in Steyning. Each episode – airing 4pm each Thursday on Facebook – she’ll be joined by guests including illustrators Axel Scheffler, Rebecca Cobb, Lydia Monks, David Roberts and Nick Sharratt.

You could also be practising your year 1 words, we are well on our way to reading and spelling them all.

I’ve been busy looking after your plants. I had to put some bean plants into bigger pots, check out their roots in the photos below, they are looking great.

Keep sending in pictures and messages and any I receive, I will upload to website.

Stay home and stay safe!

Mrs Gardner

Dear Mrs Gardner

Taylor has had a fantastic 1st week at school and is definitely keeping us on our toes.

Taylor has been writing, reading and role play along with many other things.

Both Taylor and Ava had fun on a video call this week.. you would think it was longer than a week they had been apart.

Taylor’s plant is very small compared to Liams as his plants are doing really well.

Well goodbye for now..

Kind Regards

Sharron Malpass


Pinch punch, first day of the month.

Morning year 1. Hope you are all okay and being good at home for your parents. I've been to deliver a package of cakes, biscuits, puzzle books and presents for my uncle and aunt, who are both in their 80's today. I waved to them through the window. Well done to everyone who is accessing education city. See below to see your progress. Don't forget PE with Joe Wicks in the mornings and also there is new phonics on RWI website. Keep busy, keep smiling! Stay safe.

Mrs Gardner


Hi Year 1. What beautiful weather we are having. I've been getting out in the garden and have been looking after your plants as well as planting some peas for myself to grow. I have set up new education city activities for you today. Well done to those children who have been accessing the activities. Take a look below to see how well they have been doing. If any of you fancy writing me a letter, draw me a picture, take a photo of yourself, you can take a picture of them and send them to If you want me to put them on the website, just let me know. I look forward to hearing from some of you. I'm missing you like crazy, stay safe you lovely lot. 

Love Mrs Gardner


Good morning year 1. Day 5 in the Gardner household is going well! Finlay and I  have managed to tidy both the gardens, so we both have space for outdoor exercise. He is still working through his home learning and I've been updating the website with photos and messages from other children. I have also been marking your last unaided writing and I have been blown away with your progress. Well done everyone. Well done to Liam, Callum and Morley for accessing Education city. Hope you are enjoying it. You can also watch phonics lessons on the RWI website. 

I'm missing you all a lot.

Keep safe!

Love Mrs Gardner

Well done Morley, I see you have had a go at one of the Education city games.

I've added some pictures of your bean plants that I have put in my greenhouse at home they are loving the heat and are really beginning flourish. Don't worry i will look after them. 

Good morning year 1!

I hope you are all ok, I'm currently watching Finlay do Joe Wicks PE workout.

Then we are starting our home schooling!

I have found this online - it's our phonics lessons from the lady who produces RWI (read, write, Inc).

Please try and watch if you can, it will help you to continue your reading practise from home.

Take care you lovely lot.

Mrs Gardner


Welcome to Year 1



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Spring 1 planning

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