School Learners

Following our children that are still attending school during mainstream closure.

Wednesday 27th - Friday 29th May

We have made paper plate turtles, painted and sprinkled sand onto our pictures, made jigsaws, put our footprints in the sand, had fun in the mud kitchen and sandpit and danced to super movers.

Tuesday 26th May

1 - 3. Miss Goatman's HIIT workout this morning in the sunshine!
4 - 5 KS1 storytime- Stanley's Stick.
6 - 9. We went outside and found our own sticks, came up with names for them and wrote down what our sticks were! (Magic sword, boomerang, walking stick, and a fishing rod to name a few!)
10 - 12. KS1 maths games.
13. We made Miss Searle a new headband! What do you think?
14. Researching different whales and sharks.
15 - 17. Using the meter rulers and ourselves to measure out the lengths of different whales and sharks!
18 - 20. Making a start to our beach-themed artwork.

Friday 22nd May

1 - Start the day with Joe
2 - MyOn/Arithmetic/TTRS
3 to 5 - Our sunflower diary so we can record progress of our sunflowers
6 to 10 - Watch this space for the sunflowers
11 to 13 - We love bubbles!
14 - Quick Ryan before it pops!
15 - Anyone seen Mrs Welch?!
16 - Fun in the sun and sand

Thursday 21st May

1 - Start the day off gently with Minecraft Cosmic Yoga
2 to 3 - MyOn, Arithmetic, Education City and TTRS plus other learning
4 to 7 - Theme work - decorating flower pots
8 to 17 - Enjoying the sunshine in the meadow and making miniature gardens

18 to 20 - Finished flower pots. Wonder what we shall put in them?


Wednesday 20th May

A mini sports day!

Tuesday 19th May

1 to 4 - Teamwork = dreamwork. In pairs, we designed a poster to advertise the Chelsea Flower Show
5 - Anyone for tennis?
6 and 7 - We played a game called Kings and Queens.
8 - Great action shot!
9 - Finish the day off with a game of rounders.
10 - Watering the new flowers planted in the bed.

Monday 18th May

1 to 4 - Painting flowers using cotton buds.
5 to 13 - Planting new flowers in the train with Miss Tonkin.
14 to 15 - We learnt how to play hopscotch with Mrs Welch.
16 to 18 - We made nature bracelets with Mrs Campbell.

Friday 15th May

1-3. Playing 'Everybody's it' on the playground this morning.
4-5. KS1 enjoying the app 'Geoboard' at the moment.
6. KS2 Computer time!
7-8. KS1 Lego challenge! Can you create Camel Creek adventure park?
9. This afternoon's challenge!
10-12. Working in teams to try and work out the riddle.
13-14. KS1 challenge! Can you build a bridge over the river?
15. We solved the riddle! Can you work it out?
16. We made a bridge to cross the river!
17. Fun in the sandpit to end the day.

Thursday 14th May

1. Making our own Giuseppe Arcimboldo fruit and vegetable art on the interactive whiteboard!
2-6. Using our scissor skills to cut out fruit and vegetables and make our own fruit and veg faces!
7. Finished masterpiece!
8-9. Look at the radishes we have grown!
10-14. Georges Seurat created a whole new painting technique called pointillism! We created artwork inspired by him. Lots and lots of dots!

Tuesday 12th May

1 and 2. Trying to make pyramids!
3-5. Collecting natural resources for our outwork this afternoon.
6. Beautiful flower! Does anyone know what it is called?
7 and 8. Examining our findings! Natural or man made?
9. Lunch in the sunshine!
10-13. Making our very own Andy Goldsworthy art pieces.
14. Miss Goatman's amazing artwork.

Monday 11th May

1 to 3. KS2 working hard this morning.
4. KS1 Reading our phonics books and EducationCity.
5. Sausage dog puzzle completed!
6 to 11. Jigsaw puzzle and board game fun!

Thursday 7th May

1 - Classroom very busy with VE day preparation.
2 - We made our own VE day shirts.
3 - We listened to World War II music whilst we worked.
4 - Concentrating very hard on his scissor skills.
5 - Designing t-shirts.
6 - Colouring place mats.
7 - Making the bunting.
8 - Sticking the tongue out makes you concentrate harder!
9 - We learnt why we celebrate VE day.
10 to 16 - Fabulous tea party to celebrate VE Day.
17 - We ended the day with some WW2 style dancing!

Wednesday 6th May

1 and 2 -  Hmm... what shall we do with these boxes?
3 - A new classroom complete with door mat.
4 - Teachers were allowed in for a little bit
5 - Room for one more

Tuesday 5th May

1 and 2 - Staff are getting younger these days! (Enjoying our staffroom)
3 - Completing the pebble monsters.
4 to 6 - Argh!! Pebble monsters!
7 - Busy in the construction corner.
8 - Den making.
9 - The beginning of something...

Monday 4th May

1 - Thank you Mrs George for our wool!
2 - Working hard.
3 and 4 - Learning the Makaton alphabet and signing our names.
5, 6 and 7 - All the vegetables are coming along nicely.
8 - Art and craft time.
9 - Making pebble monsters.
10, 11 and 12 - Which team has the quickest response?

Friday 1st May

1 and 2. Colouring sheets and Covid-19 time capsules.
3 to 5. Completed surfboards!
6. Construction workers in the role play area today.
7. Film time to end our busy week.

Thursday 30th April

1 and 2. Reading Oxford Owl e-books! Available here:  
3. Completing our arithmetic, we tried really hard Mrs Gardner!
4 and 5. Designing our very own surfboards, brand names, and logos.
6 to 10. Time to paint our surfboards using our designs- Finishing them off tomorrow!

Wednesday 29th April

1. Chopping onions!
2. DB had a little cry!
3. Chopping onions, suede, steak and potatoes.
4. Rubbing the flour and butter to make the pastry.
5. Quick Arithmetic break.
6. HM may have put too much filling in his!
7. Putting the filling in our pasties.
8. Peeling the suede.
9. Cutting the steak.
10. Jam tarts and pasty bites.
11. Our pasties!
12. Yummy!
13-16. Eating the goods!
17. Mr Walden eating the first pasty he has ever made!

Tuesday 28th April

1. Supermovers to start the day! 
2. Read Write Inc Phonics with Rosie! Videos are available every day on Youtube! 
3. Working together to colour in our map of Cornwall.
4. Thinking of places we like to visit in Cornwall.
5. Working out where these places are on the map.
6. Drawing lines from the photos to where they are on the map.
7. We found 8 places we like to visit in Cornwall and found where they are located!
8. Finished!
9. Everyones finished maps. They look brilliant! This is one of this week's themed activities! Have any of you had a go at them yet? 
10. We love the Reception class roleplay corner!

Monday 27th April

1+2. Using the Read Write Inc handwriting phrases to practise our letter formation. You can find the letter formation chart on our web page! .
3. KS1 maths quiz!
4. Watching a video about Richard Trevithick and his steam engine the 'Puffing Devil'!
5-7. Researching facts about steam engines on the iPads.
8-9. Choosing which junk modelling materials to use and make our very own steam engines.
10-12. Making our own steam engines following our designs!
13. Our final creations!

Friday 24th April

1 and 2 - Circuit training to start the day
3 - Today is all about Superheroes! Designing our capes
4 - Crocheting our headbands
5 - Roche Superheroes to the rescue!
6 and 7- Look at our great capes
8 - Roche Superhero Teachers forever!

9 - The wonders of modern technology. Setting up for our Superhero quiz
10 and 11 - It was one of our School Learner's birthdays today! 
12, 13 and 14 - Watering the plants.

Thursday 23rd April

1 and 2 - Start the day with Oti and our favourite Dua Lipa song - Let's get physical
3 and 4 - Learning time - Education City, Socrative and TimesTables RockStars
5 to 8 - Getting our capes ready for tomorrow
9 - Our logos to go on our headbands
10 and 11 - You are never too old to play in the role play corner!
12 - Quick game of cricket to finish the day

Wednesday 22nd April

1 and 2 - Gentle start to the day with cosmic yoga
3 - Education City time
4 - The girls finished sewing and making their felt paper clips
5, 6 and 7 - Parachute fun and games

Tuesday 21st April

1, 2 and 3 - Let's get physical with Miss Tonkin. Great singing as well!
4 - Completing the Earth day comprehension task.
5 - Lola and Esme's crocheting is coming along fabulously!
6 - Time out to chill.
7 - It's time to get crafty. Sewing with Miss Tonkin
8 - Concentrating very hard.
9 - Salt art.
10 - Miss Tonkin concentrating very hard.
11 - Salt art creation.
12 - Quick game of rounders to end the day.
13 - Half-way round to a rounder.
14 - RUN!
15 - Mrs Welch's turn.
16 - Can Mrs Campbell get a rounder?
17 - We think she did? It's a photo finish. What do you think?

Monday 20th April

1 - Start the day off with Miss Tonkin and circuit training
2 - Keep going!
3 - Look at what we made!
4 - Reading RWI book with Mrs Welch
5 - Mrs Campbell read Supertato to us. We then designed our own vegetable/fruit Superhero.
6 - Gardening time with Miss Tonkin.
7 - Mrs Campbell proudly showing Miss Tonkin her Supertato.
8 - Our army of superheroes!
9 - Smile everyone!

Friday 17th April
  1. Relay races to start the day!
  2. Which team won?
  3. Rolling to the finish line!
  4. Commando crawl this time! 
  5. Miss Searle set us the task of making this castle
  6. We did it!
  7. Movie time and eating the cakes we made yesterday!
Thursday 16th April

1 and 2. Completing Team A's workouts this morning!
3 and 4. We created spelling scribbles to help learn our spellings have you had a go at one yet?  
5 and 6. Symmetry!
7. Baking in our kitchen today- lot's of icing sugar of course!
8. Waiting for the cakes to cool down.
9. Look at the fairy cakes we have made!
10. YUMMY!

Wednesday 15th April

1. Morning fitness!
2. Playing 'Flashcards Time Challenge' on PhonicsPlay- How many sounds can you recognise in two minutes?
3. We managed 72!! Can you beat us?
4 and 5. More PhonicsPlay games
6.Busy creating this week's newsletter!
7. Helping Miss Searle clean some of the Reception class toys.
8. We do love these new chairs.
9. Digging in the sunshine.
10 and 11. Races in the meadow!

Tuesday 14th April

1 and 2. Reading the fantastic e-books available on Oxford Owl!

3. Miss Goatman telling us all about the Finisterre T-Shirt Design Competition! The winning design will be printed on a Finisterre tee with 100% of the sales proceeds going to the NHS Covid-19 urgent appeal. Why don't some of you at home enter? All entries need to be submitted by email to by Thursday 16th April! Check out their Instagram page for more information.

4 to 9. Everyone hard at work designing our t-shirts! They had to include a swallow and a rainbow!

10 and 11. Planting more pots in the greenhouse.

12 and13. Fun in the sunshine and sandpit!

 14. "Do you like my new chair?"

Monday 13th April

1,2 and 3. Helping Mr Walden cut down the tree!
4 and 5. We found bugs whilst digging out the beds!
6. Filling socks with rice! The first step to creating our sock bunnies.
7 and 8. Completed sock bunnies!
9. Reading Supertato in the sunshine.
10. Reading One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab with Miss Goatman.
11. We completed the Easter egg hunt Miss Searle set out for us!

Thursday 9th April

1 - Cutting out the felt template for our Easter cards.

2, 3 and 4 - Concentrating very hard to sew on the buttons. 

5 - Lola showing Miss Tonkin and Mrs Campbell how to crochet.

6 - Writing our message inside our Easter cards. 

7 - We built our own den!

8 - The finished Easter cards. They look amazing!

9 - Mrs Campbell ironing in school?!

10 - The finished ironed Hama beads. They look lovely. 

Wednesday 8th April

1 and 2 - We started the day off nice and easy with Harry Potter Cosmic Yoga.
3 - Mrs Welch working hard, producing this week's newsletter.
4 - Amazing crochet bracelets made by Carla. Well done!
5 and 6 - Quote of the day "Oh, Mr Walden is going to be mad with you!" as Mrs Campbell tries to retrieve the ball.
7 - A great creation, Ollie!
8 - We finished the day off with a bit of netball. He was so close!

Newsletter 9th April 2020
Tuesday 7th April

1 and 2 - Starting the day with Mrs Campbell's favourite - Supermovers.
3 - Learning time - Lola chose to do Maths on Education City.
4 - Ethan completed addition and subtraction calculations.
5 - The towers are bigger than they are!
6 and 7 - We split into 2 teams to design our own workout. More tomorrow...
8 - Meanwhile, in crochet corner, the girls are engrossed in crochet whilst staying warm under Mrs Welch's blanket.
9 and 10 - Hama time!
11 and 12 - It's time to release the butterflies!
13 - And they're off! Away they the nearest tree. We now have a butterfly tree!
14 - It's that time again, let's get running.
15 - Mrs Campbell bringing up the rear but made it 3 times around the meadow, playground and playing field.

Monday 6th April

1 - Anyone else dancing to Oti? No, just the teachers.
2 - Lola decided to join in. It was the Lion King!
3 - We used wax crayons and covered all of the white.
4 - We then painted over it with black paint.
5 - Mrs Welch taught some children how to crochet. It's very tricky!
6 - Concentrating very hard!
7 - Fun in the sun and the sand. 
8 - How can we get the water from the tap near the sandpit?
9 - Problem-solving.
10 - More ideas to solve the water problem.
11 - Making sculptures in the sand.
12 - Yay! They did it. They were very proud.
13 - Great teamwork!
14 - Finished artwork.

Friday 3rd April

1. Watching the Black Rhinos at Chester Zoo!
2. + 3. South American fish
4. The sloth (Miss Searle's Favourite!!)
5. We decided to create a Sloth fact file. 
6. Researching facts using books - old school!
7. Mr Walden made us a den!
8. Our Sloth Factfile!
9. Watching Madagascar
10. Teamwork makes the dream work!
11. On our bikes and scooters

Thursday 2nd April

1. Made during breakfast club!
2. Completing our work on Education City.
3. Go Noodle.
4. + 5.Creating our own faces.
6. Miss Goatman showing us how to create funny hair on top of our faces!
7. We then had a go!
8. It is harder than it looks!
9. Our finished creations!
10. Fun in the sand pit to end the day!

Wednesday 1st April
Tuesday 31st March
  1. Mark and Callum's Zog castle!
  2. Letting off some steam on the cardio wall!
  3. More chalk art indoors today.
  4. Drawing a Fox!
  5. Creating letters using chalk.
  6. Animals and letters!
  7. Our amazing chalk art!
  8. On display!
  9. Watching Snail and the Whale on BBC iPlayer.
  10. Making a Matisse robot. 
  11. Our versions of 'The Snail' by Henri Matisse.
Monday 30th March

1. Phonics with Ruth!
2. Tape and chalk art.. before...
3. Tape and chalk art... after! Our masterpiece is called 'Rainbow Colour Chaos'
4. Planting in the Greenhouse!
5. Courgettes, peppers and aubergines!
6. Cat Grass and Kale!

Friday 27th March

1 - One of the children made this during breakfast.
2 - Aerobics time with Miss Tonkin.
3 - Miss Tonkin taught the children how to make a daisy chain. 
4 - Miss Tonkin also taught the children all the names of these wild flowers.
5 - A display of our work produced on hedgehogs to support Prickle and Paws.
6 - Our lovely clay hedgehogs.
7 - Fetching water for a moat.
8 - All hard at work building their sand sculpture.
9 - Digging.
10 - Very pleased with their finished work.
11 - Working well as a team with Miss Tonkin.
12 - Mrs Welch created a track with cones which we had to weave in and out of. We took turns on Haydyn's scooter.
13 - Mrs Campbell's turn!
14 - Mrs Welch made it quite tricky for Mrs Campbell.
15 - Quickest time of the day!
16 - One-handed!
17 - Trying to beat the record.
18 - Off-roading on the playing field.
19 - More off-roading.
20 - Mrs Campbell concentrating very hard.
21 - Flowers to take home to parents to say thank you for all their hard work.

Tilly's Diary

Hi Everybody

As you can see, although I'm not in school, I am keeping very busy 'helping' Mrs George work from home.

I have spent lots of time in the garden enjoying the sunshine and chasing my cat Joey, I haven't caught him yet, he's much faster than me!

I have learnt a new trick! I can now catch a sausage in my mouth. I pretended I couldn't do it at first, that way I ate loads.

Would love to see some photographs of what you have been doing to keep busy. 

Please send photographs to Mrs George's email address.

The rainbow pictures everyone has put in their window look great, what else have you made.

 I miss everyone from school but really glad that you are staying safe at home.

Take care everyone

Lots of love, Tilly xxx

Thursday 26th March

Our newsletter proved very popular on Twitter, including this lovely comment from Nansledan School:

Nansledan tweet


Pictures of the activities done by our school learners today are below!

1 - Start the day with a dance with Oti!
2 - Making clay hedgehogs. 
3 - Finished paper plate hedgehogs 
4 - Shadow art
5 - Gardening
6 and 7 - Finally planting onion sets 
8 - Rainbow painting
9 - Painting paper plates which will turn into hedgehogs
10 - Smile for the camera!
11 - Ethan putting his spikes on his hedgehog.
12 - "This is how you cut out a hedgehog Mrs Welch! She cut off his nose!".
13 - Onion sets and courgettes in!
14 - We decided to make our own rainbow for the window. Keep a look out for it when you drive/walk past.
15 - Bit of PE at the end of the day.
16 - Dribbling football, do not touch the cones.
17 - Very proud of our finished rainbow.

Wednesday 25th March

1) - Cosmic Yoga - Minecraft.
2) - Downward dog pose!
3) - Puzzle time for KS1.
4) - Where's the popcorn? DVD time.
5) - Planting the onion seeds.
6) - Off for a run, Miss Tonkin setting the pace.
7) - Exhausted but happy after a day's full activities.


Today the pupils have also been writing the School Newsletter, which can be viewed below:

Tuesday 24th March

1) A Year 1 pupil built this wonderful structure during breakfast club.
2) Miss Tonkin set the children a challenge to get across the "river" without falling in the water! You had to stay as a group in a hoop.
3) Next challenge, grab an item that is on the list.
4) Winning sand art!
5) Second place.
6) Hama time not with MC Hammer but Mrs Campbell!
7) Ryan's rainbow.
8) Carla and Poppy's Hama art.