Welcome to Reception Class
Hi Miss Searle,
This beach theme is perfect as Mylor loves going to the beach.
We drove through Veryan last week to go to the beach and then found out why some of the houses are round. Mylor has done a list of things to take to the beach next time we go with a frisbee for our dog at the top of his list. He has also drawn a picture of the things he saw at the beach last week and labelled them.
Best wishes 
Rosie and Mylor

Friday 26th June

Hello everyone,

Well done to the children below for completing their EducationCity activities this week!

Also, check out this website:https://kids.classroomsecrets.co.uk/

You can sign up for free to the new 'Classroom Secrets Kids'. It is the brand new site by Classroom Secrets. Why don't you explore their new quizzes and activities! They are brilliant! We have been using the 'EYFS Maths' interactive games in class lots. 

Miss Searle x 

Monday 22nd June 

Hello Reception! 

Well done to those children who have been completing their EducationCity work and Arithmetic questions every day. 

I have also now added a grid of activities to do alongside your other home learning. I've based the Reception themed work on what would have been our topic - The Seaside! Mr Walden will also be sending this in an email. You can complete as much or as little as you like!

You can see it below and also download it from the document list. I have also added a few documents to help you complete some of the activities. 

If you do any of the activities, I'd love to see them and post them here! So please send them in to: reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk  and head@roche.cornwall.sch.uk 

Have fun! Miss Searle x 

 Design a summer outfit .pdfDownload
 Ice cream parlour role play .pdfDownload
 Ice lolly recipe ideas .pdfDownload
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Fantastic home learning this week from Frankie!

Hello everyone we hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Roxette is doing very well with her home learning and has been so busy this week. She really loves reading using the myOn app and has been taking herself off for some quiet time to read the books. Roxette has been doing lots of writing this week and she even did a simple spelling test which she loved. Her sounding out and blending of words has been very good. We have been exploring more activities on education city and she seems to really enjoy the maths and number solving games. She also likes doing the Arithmetic quiz and now reminds me that she needs to do it everyday.

When the weather has been nice she has been helping out in the garden and her seeds have grown so much.

See you all soon and take care.

Roxette sends her love to you all.

Thursday 11th June

I would just like to say a big well done to these children for completing the Education City tasks this week! Keep up the good work! :) 

Miss Searle 

Hi Miss Searle and Mrs Welch,
Holly and Mylor have been practising their letter formation, ordering numbers and going on 3d shape hunts.
At the end of the week we went to the beach and made pictures in the sand, have planted some more seeds and made kites out of paper and ribbons.
Mylor is really pleased to be able to access numbots like Holly. 
Take care everyone 
Rosie  Holly and Mylor

Friday 5th June

Hello Reception! Wow, what a busy week. Some of us have been back to school this week and getting back into our routine and learning! We have come back to school with a positive and mature attitude and it is fantastic to see. For those that are at home please make sure you are still trying to do some learning. Well done to those who are completing the Arithmetic and Education City tasks each week!

A few reminders of what you could be getting up to:

  • Read books or magazines that you have at home or use our great new reading resource MyOn. https://www.myon.co.uk/login/index.html
  • **NEW** You now have NumBots accounts of your own! Mr Moore has sent your logins.
  • 5-6 interactive Education City homework tasks are set each week.
  • Daily Arithmetic’s which are set using either Socrative or Nearpod. Go to our website to find the link every day.
  • Reading books on Oxford Owl! https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/
  • Watch daily Read Write Inc. phonics lessons on Youtube.
  • Go to the Read Write Inc link on our website and try your best to read and write all of the Set One green words!
    Numbots for KS1 |EducationCity: Primary Teaching Resources and Educational GamesRead Write Inc. Phonics - Ruth Miskin Phonics Training

We miss you all very much! 

Miss Searle, Mrs Grigg and Mrs Kent x 

Hello Mrs Welch and Miss Searle,
Holly and Mylor have had a very busy week, they both made pictures out of vegetables and fruit. Holly made a sun and Mylor made himself, they then sketched their creations.
They designed a flower with magic powers, Mylor's flower can tell the time and Holly's can make rainbows.
We have also done lots of planting seeds and made perfume pots. 
Take  care everyone.
Rosie, Holly and Mylor

So we’ve decided to get in early with the theme this week! 

We’ve been having great fun! 

Monday 18th May

Hello Reception!

How are you are all? I have found something exciting I think you will all like- Mindful Monsters activity cards! They are great for mindfulness and will boost your creativity, concentration, and help you to relax. Try them at home with your family! 

Keep up your fantastic work on EducationCity and answering the daily arithmetic questions! I can see how many of you have been trying really hard. Remember to keep sending in any photos you have of your work at home!

Missing you all! Stay safe and stay positive.

Miss Searle x 


Holly and Mylor enjoyed doing painting using their fingers to make spots and then drew pictures of the beach.
Take care,
Rosie, Holly and Mylor 

Hello everyone, 

We hope you are all keeping safe and well?!
Roxette has had another busy week of learning and she has really enjoyed this week's art theme.
We wanted to do a fruit and vegetable portrait inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo so we did some research beforehand and then put together a picture using some of her favourite fruits for inspiration, which she also labelled.
Roxette has also been working on her pencil control and has been busy with her writing and making words using her phonics cards.
We managed to access the MyOn app and Roxette has really enjoyed the books and is working her way through them. 
Take care everyone and we hope you have a lovely weekend. 
Love from 
Roxette and Sophie 

Saturday 8th May

Hello Reception!

It feels like it has been so long since I last saw all of your lovely faces! I hope that you are all okay. I can see you have been working really hard from all of the photos that have been sent in and the number of children accessing Education city, well done! Are you enjoying the arithmetic questions set for you each day? I have enjoyed making them for you! 

I know that in Reception class we love Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s wonderful picture books! If you have any of these books at home you can now download a range of home learning activity packs to complete as you read them! They look brilliant. I know that ED loves 'The Ugly Five'! Let me know what you get up to!  

Make sure you send in any photos each week of the activities you complete. Please send them in to: reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk  and head@roche.cornwall.sch.uk 

Stay safe. Missing you all!

Miss Searle x

Hello Miss Searle,
Mylor has enjoyed learning about Cornwall, he drew a comic strip about St Piran, after listening to a story about him. He enjoyed making  a steam engine out of recycling. Mylor drew a lovely picture of Roche Rock. We also drew a pirate map of our back garden and went on a treasure hunt. After that he drew a map Cornwall and plotted his favourite places to go. 
He has also been practising his number formation this week and playing bingo. 
Take care everyone,
Mylor and Rosie

Frankie would love to show Miss Searle what she has been doing. We went on a mini beast hunt for our daily exercise while we walked the dog and then Frankie made some of her own minibeasts. She has really enjoyed finding out about all these little beasts. We also found a nest that had fallen in Frankie's pony stable so we have kept it as Frankie wants to show it at school. 

Wow your mini beast hunt looked like so much fun Frankie! I love the caterpillar that you have made, it looks like the Very Hungry Caterpillar! Miss Searle x 

Roxette has been making pasties which was her first time and they were delicious and so much fun to make. They didn’t stick around for long and were eaten rather quickly. We have also been looking at historical landmarks in Cornwall and having Roche rock right on the doorstep is a beautiful feature to the village, so we did a little research into this. Roxette found out this week that Roche rock is 66 feet high, which is a little too high for her to climb at the moment, but maybe one day? We went out to check the seeds we planted the other week and was surprised they have started to grow already! So she is keeping an eye on them daily. Roxette loved the video from all the staff sending a high 5 to everyone. It made her very happy and a little emotional too. Roxette would like to know the name of Miss Searle’s doggy?

 Keep safe everyone, Roxette and Sophie x

Your pasties looked very yummy Roxette! Well done for all of your hard work, it looks like you have been very busy. My doggy is called Snipe! Miss Searle x 

Some photos of Bradley from the last couple of weeks. He celebrated his 5th birthday on Saturday. He's been loving our daily walks/bike rides and has been really motivated to do lots of work. 
He's really missing his teachers though! 
Happy 5th Birthday for Saturday Bradley! We miss you too! Miss Searle x
Holly and Mylor have had a very busy week, they have enjoyed learning about Earth day. They have helped with the recycling and made a boat and a drum out of some of the recycling. They have both enjoyed listening to poems about the earth and then writing their own acrostic poems. Holly has been practising the common exception words and Mylor has been practising his letter formation. We have even found the time to make jammy buns and gluten free chocolate cake. 
Hope you are all well.
Holly, Mylor and Rosie.

Dear Mrs Gardner and Miss Searle, 

Lexton & Leyton were super busy last week and really enjoyed the theme.

Lexton has been practising spelling and writing his common exception words and Leyton has been practising his letter and number formation! 

They’ve been having fun making junk models out of our recycling and even more fun building a bug house! 

They have both been going on to do the daily arithmetic and also accessing education city daily, we read every day accessing books on Oxford owl! 

Lexton has also been accessing Numbots and he is trying to get enough coins to buy a new body for his robot ☺️ 

We’ve also been doing a bit of baking and the boys mixed red and blue food colouring to make purple icing!  

A message from Frankie and her mummy...

Frankie has been busy and loves all her education city tasks. She is doing well with her maths. 

I'm so so proud of Frankie, on Monday morning she did all of her education city and has only got 100% in all 6 activities. She only needed a little bit of help explaining the question on one activity but otherwise, she has done them all on her own.

This is a massive achievement for Frankie, she even said "Miss Searle is gonna be so proud of me."


I am very proud of you Frankie! You are brilliant at maths. Keep it up! Miss Searle x 


A message from Edward and his mummy...

Hello, thank you for keeping us informed and reminding us about the online educational site which Edward enjoys using. We have also been working on numbers, phonics, and writing out his letters a little each day.  

Many thanks 

Sarah Mims (Edward Mims mum)

Well done Edward! It is lovely to hear from you. Keep up the good work. Miss Searle x 

Hello Reception! 

A big well done to everyone who has accessed Education City this week! 20 of you have completed the tasks, so you have beaten last week's score! Keep up the brilliant work. 

It is lovely to see that some of you have sent in photos of what you have been up to for this week's them- Eco week!

Roxette has been helping out in the garden this week. They have planted some seeds and talked about plants and what they need in order to grow. They have even planted carrots and herbs as well as some beautiful flowers.
They have a compost bin in their garden so they talked about how it works and is environmentally friendly.
Roxette has also been looking out for mini beasts in the garden and has been collecting empty snail shells which she wants to put in her fairy garden that she has made.

Mylor has enjoyed learning about Earth day. He has helped with the recycling and made a boat and a drum out of some of the recycling. He has enjoyed listening to poems about the earth and then writing his own acrostic poems. Mylor has been practising his letter formation and he even found the time to make jammy buns and gluten free chocolate cake.


Make sure you send in any photos each week of the activities you complete. Please send them in to: reception@roche.cornwall.sch.uk  and head@roche.cornwall.sch.uk 


Missing you all! Miss Searle x 


A message from Jenson...

Jenson has been having a busy week. We have been going out for walks, at the beginning of homeschooling we planted some vegetables and have been watching them grow. This week we managed to get onto education city and Jenson was able to complete all the set activities and got 100%. Jenson has been enjoying reading books and listening to his sister read. Jenson lost a tooth yesterday and wanted to show Miss Searle. Jenson has started building a rock garden in our back garden. 

Well done Jenson! It looks like you have been really busy, I love that you have been reading a lot! Make sure you pop your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy! Miss Searle x  

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hello Reception!

I have found another brilliant activity booklet that 'tts' has created for Early Years children (see below)! It has a range of activities for you to try at home. Perhaps you could take a look at the 'Minibeasts' page? That is our topic for this half term, let me know what you find out or any activities you try!

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort at home, I am so proud! Keep it up!

Miss Searle x

Sunday 19th April 2020

Hello Reception!

How are you all? Has anyone managed to do our daily Arithmetic tasks this week? Mr Moore is very clever turning the questions I gave him into Nearpods! Let's show off our brilliant maths Reception.

This week we have had 19 children accessing the tasks I set on Education City!  That is brilliant and the most we have had so far! Let's see if we can get more of us next week!

Thank you to all those who have sent in photos of your home learning, we are putting them all up on our class page. I love seeing what you have all been up to!

Stay safe Reception! Miss Searle x  

A message from Harley...

Harleys been very busy playing with playdough and making all sorts of figures and food from it! 

A message from Kenlee...

Hello everyone,
Yesterday I made a rocket and did some reading and drawing. Today I have done some spelling mazes, the life cycle of frogs and some maths. 
I really miss everyone. 
Love from Kenlee 

A message from Roxette and her mummy...

Hello hope everyone is safe and well?!

Just thought I’d send some photos of Roxette’s learning so far this week.

We have been looking at adding and subtracting sums. Roxette loves using the Velcro sheets we purchased to help her learning. We also looked a little bit more into the life cycle of the frog just to recap over what we have already learnt.
Roxette has been making good progress on the 3 Activities which were set for this week. She especially enjoyed Activity 2 and even Daddy got involved.
We have started reading the first set of words for Activity 3 and Roxette has managed so far to write a few down. We will continue with Activity 3 over the next few days. We have also been doing a little bit of work on ‘Telling the time’ too.
Roxette has also been reading lots of stories to Mummy and Daddy. She likes to make up stories from the pictures and is keeping us very entertained (ha ha).

Take care everyone

Sophie and Roxette x

A message from Josie...

Josie has broken her leg! Josie would love to see some more from her friends in reception class, maybe they could draw her a "Get Well Soon" picture and send it in? Louisa has been such a wonderful big sister and has been helping Mummy and Daddy look after her.
Here's a few pics, Josie with her school packed lunch on her special lap tray, Josie enjoying the garden and a walk down to the duck pond by our house with daddy.

Oh no, Josie! I hope you get better soon! Miss Searle x

A message from Kenlee...

Kenlee's writing today! We also did an alphabet scavenger hunt and this is what Kenlee came up with. We have also done some baking, yoga and a fun game in the garden with chalk and words. Kenlee had to use his scooter and scoot to the word that we pulled out of a hat. He loved doing it and burnt lots of energy too. Kenlee is missing his friends a lot and can't wait to see them all very soon.
Well done Kenlee! Your writing looks brilliant! Miss Searle x 

A message from Edie...

Edie has done worksheets on the Lifecycle of a frog and we watched a fun song about the frog lifecycle on YouTube which she enjoyed. We tried to make up a dance to go with it to help Edie remember but she didn't want to join in so mum and dad just looked stupid dancing to the frog song on their own! Each day Edie has been practicing her pen control writing her name and using fun reusable books.

Well done Edie! Your lifecycle looks brilliant! Miss Searle x


A message from Bea... 

We’ve been busy Reception. I miss my friends all so much! But Mummy has kept me very busy! I’ve been keeping up with my letter formation, writing in my learning journal, cooking, painting, making my own Elma, practicing cutting, number blocks game simple addition and the list goes on! We’ve even got our own rainbow reward system! But mummy is much stricter than Miss Searle! I’m not a lover of Joe Wicks Shhhhh, my brother Jack loves it! But I love Cosmic Kids Yoga! And in the last photo we made our own echo system from the moor, still waiting To see if any bugs appear! I really can’t wait to come
Back and play with you all again!
Lots of Love

WOW, you have been busy well done! I agree Bea Cosmic Kids Yoga is great. Miss Searle x

A message from Mylor and his mummy... 

Mylor has had a busy week, he enjoyed playing splat the sound to make a word and writing in shaving foam. He wrote about penguins which he has enjoyed learning about for his sister's topic. We have written instructions about how to make chocolate crispies. Mylor definitely enjoyed making them but his favourite bit was eating them. We have played what's the missing number in the garden with chalk. We have made Easter cards, written them out and posted them. Mylor has enjoyed playing lots in the garden in the sunshine too. 
Hope you are all keeping well.
Take care,
Mylor and Rosie
Fantastic! Keep up the good work! Miss Searle x 

A message form Roxette and her mummy...


We hope everyone is keeping safe and well?! 
Roxette has really been missing her friends and teachers this week so she’s been keeping herself busy, so that she has lots of stories to tell you all when she goes back to school. 
The weather has been lovely this week so it has been the perfect excuse to get out into the garden and look at insects. We even planted some seeds in plant pots which was exciting.
We have seen so many butterflies in the garden, so Roxette has been learning about the butterfly life cycle and reading her bug book. 
We have been concentrating a lot on her phonics this week and she especially enjoyed the app Phonics bloom which as you can tell from one of the photos, she thought one of the games was hilarious! 
She really enjoyed the Numberblocks bingo game and won against mummy! 
We have been doing lots of reading in the sunshine and playing ball games to keep ourselves active and to help with counting. 
We are now about to make some brownies (Roxette’s favourite).
Anyway we send our love to everyone and hope to see you all very soon. 
Take care and stay safe. 
Sophie (Roxette’s mummy)and Roxette x 
Miss Searle is very proud! x

A message from Harley-Pace... 

We have made a pretend shop and have been selling our toys. We had price tags and we played with real money!

Excellent! Can I please buy one of your toys? Miss Searle x 

Friday 10th April 2020

Hello Reception Class, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine ☀️!

I have finally finished making the 'Magical Fairy Garden' for you, I hope you will like it! (see picture below) 

I bet you are wondering how Mrs Kent, Mrs Grigg and Mrs Windram are doing? Well...

Mrs Kent has been out walking, riding her bike and doing Joe Wicks PE every day with her son Charlie.  She has also been baking and growing crystals! 

Mrs Grigg has been building new wardrobes for her bedroom, she said they have taken a long time but look really nice! She has also been digging in her vegetable patch. 

Mrs Windram has been planting seeds and flowers in her garden and she is very excited to watch them grow! She has also been enjoying a daily walk with her dog Marley and has been reading lots of books! 

Have you read any good stories recently? Let us know! 

Please take a look at the Oxford Owl Website, there is a range of fantastic stories on there and they are tablet-friendly! https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

Also, there is an online page full of phonics activities, games and information just for Reception children! https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-age-4-5-reception/

Well done to those children who accessed Education city this week- keep up the good work!

Enjoy your Easter weekend everybody, we miss you all very much! 

Miss Searle x 

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello Reception Class, I hope you are all okay! Myself, Miss Goatman and Mr Walden (Team Alpha) have just finished our turn at school this week. Have you been keeping up with what we have been up to? We have had lots of fun. I just wanted to say how proud I am of your efforts on Education City this week, well done!! I will put up new homework for you on Monday, enjoy your weekend!

Keep safe, see you soon.


Miss Searle x 

Well done!!
Well done!!

Home Learning Links for Reception Class

EYFS Interactive Learning Links

Madison has been baking, doing ballet with her sister, painting and sitting in her lovely garden! 

Dear Miss Searle

Well Ashton has had a great week and has been missing both his friends and teachers.

I have attached some photos of his 1st week at home with his sister.

Unfortunately we wasn’t able to get onto Education city this week due to IT issues, but dad has now fixed that and will have a go next week. He is sad though that he can’t go on Numbots like his big sister.

Ashton said he hopes he is back at school soon.

Kind Regards

Sharron Malpass

Lola- Home Learning

Hello, hope everyone is keeping safe and well. 

Roxette has been learning about the life cycle of a frog and we found an educational video on YouTube explaining the different stages of a frog cycle. 
Roxette then did her own picture and labelled each stage. 
She really enjoyed watching the frogs and we finished it off with Paul Mcartneys ‘The Frog song’ (we all stand together). 
Roxette is now currently doing her yoga to the frozen soundtrack!                                    
We’ve also managed to access Education city and she’s been enjoying doing the work on there too. 
 This is what Holly and Mylor have been up to this morning.
We did a minibeast hunt this morning. I liked holding the worm-Mylor
The minibeast hunt was fun, I liked the snails and the ladybird, but did not want to hold the worms yuk!
Take care everyone.

Monday 30th March 2020

Hello Reception Class, I have found something I think you will like... 

Numberblocks have made a Bingo Game! All you have to do is draw 10 counters with numbers 1-10 on them. If number 10 is pulled then cross off Numberblock Ten. Keep doing this until someone has crossed off all their squares and can shout "NUMBER BLOCKS BINGO"

Have fun and practice your number recognition! Miss Searle x 

Friday 27th March 2020

Hello Reception Class! I thought I would update you on something Miss Searle and her mummy have been getting up to today.. can you guess what it is? (see pictures below). It isn't finished yet, but we have made a good start, we hope you will like it! 

A HUGE well done to those children who have had a go at the activities I set for you on Education City - keep up the good work! 

Miss Searle x 

After... Nearly finished!
After... Nearly finished!
Keep up the good work!!
Keep up the good work!!

A lovely email from Roxette and her mummy!

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe.
I thought I would send in some photos of what Roxette has been up to so far.
We have been doing lots of learning and Roxette has really been concentrating on her letter writing and number formation.

We’ve also been looking at zoo animals this week on the live web cams at Edinburgh zoo. We were fortunate enough to see the penguins being fed. So Roxy has been researching penguins this week.

We haven’t been able to access Education city as the site was experiencing problems when logging on, so hopefully that will be up and running soon!

Whilst the weather is nice we will be going out and looking for insects to draw and talk about. Ready for the minibeasts topic.

Anyway that is all for now from us and Roxette sends her love to everyone and misses you all so much. I will keep you updated on Roxettes work which hopefully can be passed on to Miss Searle.

See you all soon

Sophie (Roxettes mummy)

Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello Reception Class! Missing you all loads already! The weather has been lovely... I have been sitting out in the garden with my two dogs 'Snipe' and 'George', I hope you have managed to get some fresh air too!

Just a reminder that there are activities set for you on Education City (there is a link below) and I will change these each week. I look forward to seeing who has accessed them! Don't worry if you haven't got a login yet, I will send those who didn't get them last week :)

Please keep an eye on our page for any future homework !

Stay safe everyone. 

Miss Searle x 

Reception Class Documents
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