Reception 2020-21

On this page you will find all the information for starting school in Reception Class 2020-21.

27th June 2020

10th June 2020

We are still looking forward to welcoming you and your child to our school in September.  However, due to the current circumstances we are having to adapt a few of our originally planned transition activities.  In this letter we want to go through these changes with you.

You will no longer be receiving a home visit from Miss Searle and a Teaching Assistant.  Instead you and your child will be invited to a virtual home visit with Miss Searle.  This will still be an opportunity for you to give us background information about your child and for you to ask us questions about your child’s first school days.   It will also be great for your child to be able to see and talk to Miss Searle.  These will be timetabled in for either Monday 20th July or Tuesday 21st July.  We will be contacting you for a time slot soon.

Unfortunately, we cannot invite your child to a morning and lunch session before the summer holidays with us at school anymore.  Alternatively we will be using this webpage dedicated just for our new September intake!  On here will be a virtual tour of our school and especially your child’s new classroom.  Miss Searle will be also posting videos of her doing a few activities, for example, reading a story.  There will be a special Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section that we will endeavour to keep updated as questions come in to myself, the office staff and Miss Searle on your virtual home visit.  We will always email you when new updates have gone on.

We are hoping that all of the above arrangements will still help in ensuring your child has a smooth transition during this uncertain time.

Did you receive your pack from us a few months ago?  Please can we have all your forms completed and posted back to school by July 1st?  If it isn’t possible to post them, you can drop them in at the main green gates Mon-Fri either 9am or 3pm. 

How has your child been finding our school readiness challenges?  As we have said before they are vital skills that will help your child transition smoothly to their new classroom in the Autumn Term.  Please complete as many as possible.  It is at the bottom of downloadable version of this letter (right) if you need another copy.  Below are some links to other documents that may be useful: This is a great document that gives guidance to your child’s learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  This is an informative document to help prepare your child for starting school.  This is a link to a new BBC Bitesize section about starting Primary School. 

Finally we wanted to give you some key dates for September.  Our official start date is 3rd of September, however the 3rd and 4th are INSET days so we will not be having any children in on those days.  We are aiming to have 10 children a day on Monday 7th September, Tuesday 8th September and Wednesday 9th September.  We will be telling you your child’s first day in the virtual home visit.  ALL children will be in school from Thursday 10th September and will be attending full time.

We hope this letter clears up any questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding any of the information above at or

Many thanks for your cooperation. 

Mr Walden                             Miss Tonkin                                         Miss Searle

Headteacher                          Deputy Head / EYFS Lead                 EYFS Teacher