At Roche CP School we are into our fourth year of our Mastery Maths journey. We are fully embracing the 3 main aims of the National Curriculum.  (Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning).

Mastery Maths

We want our children to be fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics.  We believe if children can manipulate numbers confidently, accurately, efficiently and flexibly they will then be able to work on their problem solving and reasoning skills more successfully.  At Roche we don’t just encourage number crunching activities.  We have spent time researching and creating our own Maths Policies that also link in with our Written Method Calculation Policy.  Our Maths Policies have put the National Curriculum objectives into blocks (See Long Term Plan).  They are then sequenced to allow children to make connections between their work. This sequenced order is highlighted in our Maths books which show a clear story of the children’s Maths journeys within an area of Maths,  for example, the story of Place Value.  This will help children with conceptual understanding as well as procedural.  Within an objective we break it down into small steps and focus on it practically, pictorially and then abstractly.  This allows children to gain a deeper understanding of Maths concepts.  We ‘linger longer’ so our children experience variation, depth and breadth within their year group.


Maths information for parents

Maths Action Plan 2020-2021

Calculation Policy 2020-2021