Read, Write, Inc

RWI Activities to do at home.

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you’ve had a good Easter and enjoyed a bit of warm weather.

It’s a little more challenging setting Read, Write, Inc homework for children as they are streamed across the key stage and not within the class.  I am not therefore able to set individual tasks to complete, however you can register free on the oxford owl website.

On this page, it will give you some really useful resources you can go through with your child.  Please ensure that you are not going beyond the set they are currently working on.  These are as follows:

Reading Group

Set to be working on

Miss Searle (Red)

Set 1

Mrs Grigg (Ditty)

Set 1

Mrs Kent (Blending)

Set 1

Mrs Welch (Green)

Set 1 and 2

Mrs Davis (Orange)

Set 1 and 2

Mrs Gardner (Yellow)

Set 2 and 3

Miss Kent (Yellow)

Set 2 and 3

Mr Young (Blue)

Set 2 and 3

Mrs Hill (Grey)

Set 2 and 3


You will notice that there are some slide shows for reading speedy green words, handwriting practise sheets and speed sounds practise sheets.  These can be printed off or you could just work on them on your computer screen. 

If you get stuck or need any help, send an email to and I will respond as soon as I can.

Please remember all these activities are optional.   We are setting these tasks to help and support you and keep the children’s knowledge ticking over.

Kind regards,

Karen Welch

Phonics Reading Leader

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