Our aim is to create a “joined-up” approach to mental well-being across the school, through PSHE, PE and SEND, leading to:

  • All children having increased awareness of their own emotions; most children to be able to label simple emotions within themselves and others; some children to use strategies to work through their emotions and return to a calm-alert state.
  • All children to have knowledge of ways to improve their mental well-being i.e. talking, acts of kindness, physical exercise etc.
  • Stigmas surrounding mental health are challenged in our school with everyone recognising that mental health is just as important as physical health and that it is OK to not be OK.  Mental well being to be given the same priority and status as physical well being in our school.

We have introduced a new Relationships Education curriculum (link below) to structure learning at whole school level.

Our PE curriculum uses the REAL PE resources a component of which focuses on emotional intelligence and communication as well the development of children’s understanding of the impact of physical health on well being.

Year 6 wellbeing guide

The NSPCC have additional resources that you may find useful when considering online safety. Click the link below.

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