Welcome to Year 6

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Spring Term in Year 6. We hope that you had a brilliant Christmas. I hope you have found the termly statistic sheets useful and I look forward to seeing you at parents evening. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your support so far this year – especially with the Orienteering and Wonder. The children really enjoyed both!


Black-out museum

This term, we are as busy as ever! In the book, Wonder, the characters took part in a museum style activity which Year 6 are very keen to replicate. This involves them working towards a homework project – possibly in pairs. We will then share these homework projects, and any other topic related work, at a ‘Black-out museum’ afternoon, which you will be invited to. Please expect a letter about this in the next two weeks.


Cake Sale

As advertised on the newsletter, the School Council have decided that every class will hold a cake sale to raise funds for playground equipment. Year 6’s cake sale is on Friday 19th January so please get baking!


Spring Curriculum


Spring 1 – WW2

Spring 2 – Egyptians


Fractions, decimals and percentages; Measures; Shape


Science report writing based on black-out blinds; Discussion text about evacuation; Poetry based on Dunkirk and related writing such as internal monologues.

Out class novel this term is Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo.

Egyptian myth (Isis and Osiris) and related writing such as news reports; Instruction writing.


Light and Working Scientifically

Electricity and Working Scientifically


Locating countries using maps and atlases.

Locating countries using maps and atlases.


We will be learning about different aspects of WW2 such the countries involved, how people kept themselves safe and the impact war had on everyday life.

Researching and studying the lives of the earliest civilisations (Egyptians) – their rulers, culture and beliefs.


Researching, designing and modelling our own medals, and if we have time, making our own poppy installation based on the one created by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper.

Designing and making Egyptian masks.


Make do and mend!


Creating a program to replicate Morse code.

Creating and debugging algorithms to protect an Egyptian tomb!


Sikhism – how far would a Sikh go for his/her religion?

IS anything ever eternal? (Christianity)

PSHE and British values

PSHE - Go givers: Working for peace

Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

PSHE – Go-givers: Stressed Out



Tag rugby and dance

Netball and gymnastics


Creating soundscapes



Months of the year

Months of the year


Homework for Year 6 principally revolves around Numeracy and Literacy, although as mentioned above, there will be a topic related homework as well.


Times tables

The children will have times table homework every 2 weeks, which will be handed out on a Monday and expected back by Friday – they will then have a week off! If children do not hand it in on time, they will complete it during break time.



Year 6 will also have a numeracy revision book. Depending on the group your child is in (Miss Goatman’s, Mr Moore’s or Mrs Smtih’s) will depend on the revision book they will receive. SATs is an end of key stage assessment with questions covering Y3-Y6 content and it is important that your child is confident in their ability. This will be handed out on a Friday and expected in the following Thursday. This means the children have three days (as well as the weekend) to complete it or ask for help if they need it. They then have an extension until Friday, but will again complete it in break time if it is not handed in. The extension must not be relied upon by children and is there only for extenuating circumstances.



Spellings will be tailored to your child’s ability and are sent out each Monday. These will be tested on a Friday. Spelling makes up part of the SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) SAT so it is really important that children learn as many as they can and look for the same patterns in other words. Each week they will be tested on the ‘weekly’ pattern, but also on a few words from previous weeks to aid retention.

Spelling Bees will continue to take place half termly with the aim being that children revisit patterns taught so as to further root them in their memory and understanding.



We are continuing with Accelerated Reader and have recently done another STAR reader test and moved your child if necessary. We insist that children read at least once a week and if they have not handed in their signed reading record by Friday, they will need to read for 10 minutes at break time.



Children need to have their PE kits in all week – black shorts (joggers will be advisable as we approach the chillier months!), and a red t-shirt. If a child does not have a PE kit they will use the school spares to ensure they are not missing out on the curriculum. If your child is unable to take part due to illness or injury, please send a note into school with your child or send a message through the office.



Parent evenings

Monday 15th January and Wednesday 17th January


Y6 blog

I do endeavour to post something each week so please do keep checking. It is great that some of you are, and better still that you are taking the time to comment!


If you ever have any concerns or queries, please talk to me after school or arrange a meeting through the office.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Goatman                 Mrs Mansfield                  Mrs Smith


Hand out / Hand in timetable:


  • Times table homework handed out (every other week)
  • Spellings handed out






  • Revision book handed in


  • Times tables handed in (every other week)
  • Maths revision book handed out
  • Spellings tested



  • Reading records to be handed in at least once a week
  • PE kit in all week