Welcome to Year 5

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Summer term. As always, we are looking forward to a busy, exciting and productive time in Year 5!

The topics we will study are Lifecycles and Mountains. These link directly with the National Curriculum set by the Government. A more detailed outline of this can be found using the links on the right of this page. The PSHE theme will be ‘Sex and Relationships Education’ and finding out about influential people such as Nelson Mandela.  RE will focus on Rites of Passage and important milestones in life.


Important Diary Dates:

Year 5 Bikeability (cycling safety lessons with a trained instructor, more details to follow)

Wheal Martyn Dance Project: May and June (exact dates and details to follow)



As last term, an overview of the spellings to be learnt will be given to you.  Children will still have a spelling test each week but they will also include spellings from previous weeks.  Children will be assessed on all of these spellings at the end of the half term.  The words highlighted in red will be included in the Spelling Bee at the end of the half term.  It is important that your child learns the spellings each week and continually revisits spellings from previous weeks.

Times table homework will also be given out each fortnight on a Monday and is expected to be handed in on a Thursday.  The children will continue to be tested weekly on their times tables and children will receive certificates if they have made progress or achieved 100% at the end of the half term.

The children will receive a list of topic homework for this half term.   This includes a range of tasks, which will further develop their understanding of the topic. This should be brought into school on the date indicated.

Any homework not completed, will be expected to be done during the child’s break time.


P.E. lessons will focus on outdoor pursuit, gymnastics, athletics and cricket.  These will take place on Mondays and Thursdays. The children are expected to have a complete and appropriate kit in school on these days and will be expected to take part, unless informed otherwise by parents.


The children are fully aware of the class’s warning system.   Warnings are linked to playtime and golden time. Any specific or persistent problems related to behaviour, will result in contact with parents by the teacher or Mr Walden.

Home time

Could any parent who wants their child to walk home, please contact the school to inform them of this.  Many thanks if you have already done so.  In addition, could you please also inform us if your child is to be collected by another adult, even if this is another family member or parent of another child in the class. We hope you understand that these procedures will help keep all of our children safe.


As you can see we are set to have an exciting half term! Should you have any queries or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

Miss Palk and Mrs Powell (Class Teachers)

Mr Moore (Teacher of Maths)

Mrs Margetts (HLTA) and Mrs Lewis (Teaching Assistant)

Year 5 Files
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 Year 5 Summer Term 1 Curriculum - Lifecycles at the Beach.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Summer Term 2 Curriculum - Mountains.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Summer Term 3 Curriculum - Science Cafe.pdfDownload
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