Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Summer!  We have a very exciting and adventurous term ahead.  You can access the full curriculum your child will be following using the links on the right of this page. Although it does give you an indication of what the children will be learning during the topic, it is a working document and may change accordingly.  We have already begun our Roman unit and the children have already learnt about some of the leisure activities the Roman did in their free time and what the Roman’s did for us such as providing roads, mosaics and different types of food.

Some images from our Roman Super Learning Day!

Straight after this unit we kick off our Source to Sea unit with a trip to Bodmin Moor on Tuesday the 1st of May, in search of the source of the River Fowey.  We will leave school at 8:30 sharp so please make sure you arrive by 8:15. 


Then the following Tuesday, the 8th of May, we are out for a day canoeing down the River Fowey.  This will be a long day.  We are expecting to leave at 8:30 sharp, so please ensure you are at school by 8:10 so we can check wet weather attire and ensure that lunch boxes are in small backpacks or shared bags.  We will also be returning late (probably between 4:45 – 5).


Year 3 at Bodmin Moor and on the River Fowey

Children will need to be suitably dressed for each day (wet weather gear – trousers and coat - for both days is essential).  It is also preferable that children have sensible walking shoes for the Bodmin Moor walk, and have either beach shoes or sandals for the canoe trip, as trainers get cold and wet! 

Homework as always in times table practise and spelling practise and reading.  It is really important that children regularly practise these as they are tested on them weekly.  Children who get 100% or improve their score will get a treat.  Children who are not making regular progress will be identified and strategies put into place to support them.   As a class we have made excellent progress on spelling.  This is impacting on their attainment in Literacy.  Please keep it up!

It is the children’s responsibility to take their reading quiz and change their reading books first thing in the morning.  Please ensure that your child brings his/her reading book and record to school every day as we check the number of reads regularly so that we can monitor those who are falling behind.  We have noticed that many of the children are not reading regularly at home.  At least three reads a week is recommended.  Children who do not do this will stay in on a Friday playtime to catch up.  We cannot stress how important and valuable this is.  It is evident that those children that read regularly at home make better progress than those who do not.  Please set aside 10 minutes a day to snuggle up and read together.  We would also be grateful for any parents who would like to help listen to readers in the afternoon. 


Grace's animation of the pollination process

As with spellings and reading, your child will continue to learn their times tables. The children have really embraced this and generally are doing really well. This term we are focussing on 2, 3,4, 5, 8 and10 times table – but with a twist! We will be including missing number times tables e.g. 24 ÷ ? = 8 or ? x 3 = 18. Please support them with this daily. Remember your children can practise these too using the following website http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button.

 A reminded that ALL children will need wet weather gear (both coat and trousers) and suitable shoes (walking shoes or trainers for the moor trip and water shoes for the canoe trip). On both days the coach will be leaving at 8:30 so child children will need to be in at least 20 minutes earlier.

We will be doing a small project this term, related to our Source to Sea project. Children can choose any North American River or European River (except the River Fowey) to study. Children will need to write a non-chronological report (information page) about their chosen river. Children have done non-chronological reports in school so should be aware of the key features of this type of report. This can be in done on a computer, in a PowerPoint, or written on paper. This is an ideal opportunity for the children to do a bit of independent research and writing.


In addition to this, it is Year 3’s term to go swimming. They will be done in 2 groups with half the class going this half term and the other half going after the half term break. Swimming will be on Tuesdays. A letter of consent and details about this will follow from Mr Bissenden and Mrs Gardner.

This term we will be joined by Mrs Julie Campbell, who is a student teacher. Mrs Campbell did her first placement in Year One with Mr Bissenden. She will be doing her final placement with us, and will be working closely with the children especially towards the end of the year. I know that she will fit in well to our busy schedule.

I’m sure you’ll agree, it looks like a fun packed term which will prove to be a thrilling learning experience; with the possibility of a few dirty, wet and tired children!

Thanks for all your support so far.

Kind regards,

Karen Welch - Class Teacher

Carole Grigg - HLTA

Sue Allwood - TA

Vicky Webber - TA

Julie Campbell - Student Teacher

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