Welcome to Year 1

Dear Families,

Welcome to a brand new year at Roche and to Year 1.  I hope you all had superb summer holidays and you’re excited about the new school year. The children have already shown that they are ready for the new challenges and approaches to learning that Year 1 will offer!



Our aim is to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition from Reception to Key Stage 1. The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that the children have had in Reception.  Learning through play will continue to be an important part of the children’s early work with more formal approaches being applied as the year goes on. The delivery of free fruit for morning break will continue this year.  We encourage families not to send in alternative choices for their children unless there is a dietary issue.


This Term

We have a very exciting term coming up and it will be very busy throughout. This year will be much more structured for the children and this may take a little time for them to transition into.  We will cover a much greater range of subjects like Geography, DT, RE, Science and this work will be recorded in their Topic books (large A3 books).  The curriculum is a fantastic opportunity for the children to have really cross curricular lessons that are interlinked giving them a much greater context to what they are learning.

We will cover 2 topics this term with the first being the ‘The big Build’.  We will learn and role play the story of the 3 little pigs from Roald Dahls classic book ‘Revolting Rhymes’.  This is a twist on the original story that I’m sure the class will really enjoy. We will make simple structures from a variety of materials, explore our local areas using google earth and learn simple survival skills so we can last one night in the wild.

Our second topic is called ‘Posting and Places’.  It is a geography heavy topic focused on comparing our location with others around the world.  We will look specifically at the Arctic and may even get to have a Q&A with an Arctic explorer via video link. Each Topic will last half the term.



In this year we hope to promote much more independence from the children.  Each morning they will be expected to put all their coats and bags away, change their reading book (only if they have finished the book) and also hand in any forms that are being returned to school e.g. Dinner slips, club letters. They will be responsible for their belongings by look after their jumpers/cardigans, change for PE themselves, drink plenty of water and re-fil their bottles.  We greatly appreciate your support with this.



Homework will be one project based piece of work for each topic with spelling, reading and education city work as well.  The spelling assessment will be done on Friday mornings during phonics and the results will be put onto the school system so that we know how well our phonics work is going.  The reading book tower continues this year.  The children will be able to get a Gold, Silver or Bronze card if successful. If the whole class achieves Gold in any one of the terms, then they will receive a special treat for their hard work. Some extra help suggestions for spelling and lotto work are attached to this letter.


Outdoor Learning

We hope to incorporate lots of outdoor learning opportunities throughout the year so please ensure your child/children have wellies for the coming winter weather. We have waterproof suits that the children will wear but spare socks and an extra layer that can be left in school for the cold weather would also be useful.



Mr Bissenden is the class teacher and Mrs Hill and Mrs Davis being the Teaching Assistance. Mrs Hill will cover the class during Mr Bissenden’s PPA which will be on Thursday afternoons.  This term the class welcomes a Trainee Teacher from the Cornwall SCITT Partnership. Mrs Julie Campbell will be joining the class team from September till December.  She will be mainly observing in the first half of term and then taking on some teaching responsibilities in the second half.  She is a very experienced HLTA that has worked in several different schools in the county.


Twitter/social media

The school has a twitter account that can be viewed through your own personal account or through the school website homepage. Year 1 posts pictures throughout the account about our learning and we are investigating the potential of a class blog to make it more personal and relevant for parents.


Parent Briefing

On Tuesday 19th September you are invited into Year 1 for an overview of the curriculum and all things Year 1 related. This is a good opportunity for you to get an idea of what objectives we will cover in each of the core subjects and also ask any questions that you may have a bout the year ahead. I look forward to speaking to you all further on the parent briefing evening on the 19th.



Kind regards

Year 1 Files

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