Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to the final term of Year 1.  We can’t believe it’s the final term this year, it has flown by obviously because we have so much fun.  We look forward to the new topics that this term have to offer.  We have another 2 full topics to get through and attached to this letter are the outlines of the work we will be doing, this is a working document and subject to some changes.

The children will be covering more grammar in their literacy work and practice oral rehearsal for their writing. Presentation also remains a focus for the class to make sure we get the best from the class.  Number work is our most important part of maths.  We have and will continue to use all 4 operations with an aim to becoming comfortable using 2 digit numbers with each other. We hope to keep up our outdoor learning at every relevant opportunity.  We have already started redesigning a sensory trail and improving our school fire circle for use soon.

Our first topic is ‘Brilliant Bodies’ and we will be looking into the 5 senses.  We will be covering mapping, sensory trails, Andy Goldsworthy for Art, poetry and mini beasts.  The topic is rammed packed so the children will cover a great deal and work very hard to complete the topic.  It is very outdoor based so hopefully our recent good weather will hold out.

Our final topic is ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ which will focus on Alice in Wonderland retelling parts of the story and using the amazing imagination and creativity of the book to inspire our work. The class will have a superb end to the year and will have covered a great deal.  I look forward to seeing the final development in their journey in Year 1 and we will work very hard involving lots of fun to make the class ready for the new challenges in Year 2.

This term will be the phonics screen check for all year 1 pupils across the country (letter is attached).  Our focus in Year 1 will remain in our daily phonics lessons, learning individual sounds, using them and applying.  We will put more out about the test in due course including websites, resources and advice. More information will come out later in the term. For more info look on this https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/phonics-screening-check-sample-materials-and-training-video

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Year 1 team before or after school.  Thanks for your continued support throughout the year.

Year 1 Files
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 Summer Term 1 Spellings
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