Welcome to Reception Class

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all of your support last term.  The children really enjoyed last terms topics.  Please have a look at our wonderful dinosaur display in the corridor.  This term the children’s learning will centre on two topics; first, ‘Growth and then ‘Pirates’.


To launch the first topic the children will be visiting the Eden Project on 24th April.  The children will be attending a workshop called ‘The Rainbow Route’ where they will be learning all about the importance of colour in the plant world and how animals can help with pollination of plants. There is a voluntary charge of £5.00 per child for the workshop and the school will be funding the coach transport.  Please complete the attached consent form with monies as soon as possible to school.  We are looking for a couple of parent helpers to accompany us on the day (no charge).  If you are interested then please let me know asap.


At school he children’s knowledge and understanding of the world will be developed when they learn about plant and animal life cycle.  The children will plant seeds and record what happens to them.   If you have any spare seedlings that we could plant outside in our garden, we would appreciate them.  The second half of the term the children will lean all about how to be a good (or bad!) pirate.  We will design and build a boat, investigate materials that will float or sink and begin to think about how to make  a fair test and begin to record ideas.  ICT will be used to support all areas of learning using a range of CD Rom programs and use iPads to take photographs and videos to record information. 


In Literacy the focus is stories.  The children will learn some traditional tales and begin to re-tell stories using imaginative language.  They will write their own stories using familiar stories as a basis to help them with their ideas. During the second part of the term the children will write for different purposes; using their imaginations to write messages, clues to find treasure, and posters. The children will continue to refine their writing skills and learn the correct letter formation for lower and upper case letters of the alphabet and begin to write simple sentences using a capital letter and a full stop.  


In numeracy the children will continue to investigate numbers to twenty, focusing on solving number problems such as doubling, sharing and halving through a range of practical activities.  The children will learn to recognise coins and use these in role-play situations learning how to add small amounts together.  When exploring shapes the children will be encouraged to identify symmetrical patterns and discuss the features of solid and flat shapes and learn their names.  They need to be able to name the 3D shapes, cone, sphere, cylinder, cube and cuboid.  The children will explore capacity and use different equipment to measure objects.


Our creative work will be to use a range of materials to create a character puppet and resources to help us with our imaginative play.   We will be using musical instruments to interpret and accompany the stories we re-tell.  


This summer term will be very exciting for the children with their first sports day.  Please see the weekly newsletter for important dates or Roche School web site for up-dates. I would like to thank all of those parents who have so generously given their free time to hear children read this year at school.  If you feel you can spare any time to help to listen to the children read, then please speak to me.  Thank you for your continued interest and support. 


Best Wishes

Nikki Winch ( Reception Class Teacher)

and all of the Early Years Team.


Here are a few ideas for how you can support your child’s learning at home this term.  Please feel free to write in the homework book if you wish.


  • Read lots of different Traditional Tales at home.
  • Encourage your child to talk about the beginning, middle and end of the story.  Discuss the setting ( where the story took place eg in the woods)
  • Write simple character descriptions
  • Ask questions ... What would this character like to eat? 
  • Write a shopping list for your character
  • Write numbers or letters outside using water, chalks, paints
  • Count larger sets of objects (  up to 20 )
  • Can you share this amount between two toys?
  • Play dice games  - Can you find a double?
  • Ask number questions.  Who has more?  Who has less?
  • Make up a number board game e.g.  Can the Wolf catch the Three Little Pigs? 
  • Plant seeds at home.    ( Bring them into school to show )
  • Explore your garden.  How many different flowers can you find?
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