Welcome to Reception Class

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Roche School. This is an exciting term for all of your children who are just beginning their school career; each term you will receive a letter giving you some information about the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and some practical ideas about how you can support your child’s learning at home.


In the Foundation Stage there are six areas of learning: Communication, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Personal and Social Development, Physical Development and Creative Development. Each half term we focus on a new topic and work towards objectives that cover each are of learning. This half term the theme will be ‘All Around Us’ for the second part of the term the main focus will be ‘Celebrations’. 


This term the children will become explorers and they will begin by exploring the school environment, comparing trees and plants and learning about the animals that may live in the school garden.  They will talk about and sort animals and discuss similarities and differences.  Later in the term Screech Owl Sanctuary are going to be visiting the school to support the children’s learning.  In the second part of the term the main focus is learning about celebrations around the world and to begin to think about different cultures and traditions. 



The children will be introduced to computers this term and learn how to turn it on, use the key board and learn about different forms of technology that support their learning. They will explore a range of CD Roms and gain mouse control in order to perform operations.  They will also learn how to take photographs using iPads.

Our literacy work will begin by encouraging all the children to recognise and then write their names using the correct letter formation.  (Please see attached sheet)

Our literacy targets for the term are:

  • To speak clearly and to be able to talk about personal experiences.
  • To begin to hear and identify initial sounds (phonemes) in words.
  • To re-tell a familiar story by looking at pictures.


We will begin the term by learning rhymes and reading texts with a repetitive pattern that encourage the children to learn and predict what may happen next.  This term we will looking at stories written by Martin Waddell.

Please help your child by reading with your child every day at home and encouraging them to tell you about the stories that you share together. For each DAY they read a book (reading books or own book) at home they receive a paper book symbol to go on their book reading tower in school.   At the end of each term they then receive a certificate – bronze, silver, or gold, depending on how many times they have read at home.

Each week in the Reception class the children will be learning new phonemes, (letter sounds) to support them with their reading and writing.  Each new phoneme will be put into their homework books with the action.  Please practice these phonemes regularly.  Simple games like ‘I Spy,’ will help your child recognise each letter shape and sound. Once they can identify the first sounds in words encourage them to sound out simple words. Eg   b  - a  -  t , bat . 


We aim to read with the children at least once a week in school, but they also read in small groups in a guided reading session where they are taught specific reading strategies. If you have any spare time and would like to listen to children read at school, please contact me.

This term in numeracy we will begin to investigate numbers and shapes. The children will learn how to use numbers for labels and for counting.  They will explore shapes and patterns and sort items by a set criterion.  Please provide lots of opportunities for your child to count object in different ways; count objects you can touch like spoons and shoes; objects you cannot touch like cars, birds; also count things you can hear.   The children will be encouraged to solve practical problems involving number and shapes.


The children’s numeracy targets for this term are:-

  • to count 10 objects correctly
  • to use the language more and fewer to compare sets
  • to choose the correct number to show numbers 1-10 (moving on to 20 if secure)


In the Reception class we have PE each Thursday and Friday.  (Please make sure every item of clothing is named, even shoes) If possible, can earrings be removed on PE days for health and safety reasons? PE kits are left in school and taken home each half term. Each day we have a ‘Funky Finger’ time where the children do a range of activities to develop fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.  This supports the children to develop good handwriting.

Our creative work will focus on using paint to create different effects to create pictures. In music the children will be learning to differentiate between different sounds and creating musical rhythms. 

We are very fortunate at Roche to have a super outdoor learning environment and we make the most of this throughout the year.  Please could the children bring in a pair of wellies and a spare pair of socks to be kept in their PE bag (just in case of wet feet!) to be kept at school?  

Please encourage your child to talk about their experiences at school.  Look in the children’s red reading bags each Wednesdays for a newsletter that will keep you informed of any important dates etc. or look on Roche School’s web site where you can find additional information. We endeavour to try to make the transition from home to school as stress free as possible for you and your children so do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the Early Years Team if you have any queries or concerns.  Thank you for your support.


Kind Regards,  


Nikki Winch (Reception Class Teacher)

Carole Grigg (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Michelle Kent (Teaching Assistant)

Reception Class Documents
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