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Headteacher's award

Reception:          Esme and Evie

Year 1:                  Imogen and Riley

Year 2:                  Ngaire, Merryn and Grace

Year 3:                  Oliver and Whole Class Award

Year 4:                  Harvey P, Harriet, Grace and Ruby

Year 5:                  Ethan, Alicia and Aiden

Year 6:                  Whole Class Award


Golden Tickets

Reception Class Riley

Year 1 Logan

Year 2 Ryan

Year 3 Imogen

Year 4 Erin

Year 5 Sophie

Year 6 Bradley T

Christmas Craft Fair

Don't forget, this Saturday between 10a.m and 3p.m we are holding our Christmas Fair. Please come along and support this lovely day, have a hot drink, a snack and some cake, maybe even buy a few Christmas presents too!

KS2 Accelerated Reader

Our new scheme is really gathering momentum and we are having more and more children not only scoring highly on their quizzes, but getting 100%! Well done to any child who has achieved this. A great way to encourage your child even further is to buy them a shiny new book! Ask your child what level they are currently working on and then check to find appropriate books. The level that they are on is ideally suited to them so that they have enough success but also enough challenge to develop. Just before Christmas we will be re-evaluating them and hoping to see progress. With this in mind, you might like to include the next level up when searching. The website is easy to use - use the 'advanced search' page to search by titles, authors and even levels (ATOS book level). Use the 'collections' page to get inspiration; here you can search through 'what kids are reading' and more. 

Book Levels

Blue: 0.0-1.9 Pink: 2.0-2.9 Green: 3.0-3.9  Red: 4.0-4.9  Purple: 5.0-5.9

Year 5 Pit Paper Porcelain

Year 5 recently enjoyed a trip to the Wheal Martyn Museum.  The children, parents and carers have been invited to view the collection of their art work and stories at the Wheal Martyn Museum on Monday 12th December 2016 between 5pm and 7pm.

Breakfast Club

As a registered childcare provider we are able to accept childcare vouchers towards the cost of our Breakfast Club. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the office.  Our OFSTED number is 142952.

KS1 Book Towers

WOW! The effort to read in KS1 is amazing and the book towers are looking INCREDIBLE! Countless Golden tickets have been earned and there is still plenty of time to try and reach an even higher level before Celebration assembly at the end of term!Book Tower.jpg

10 books = Bronze reader    20 books = Gold reader    15 books = Silver reader


Christmas Dinner Orders

Our traditional Christmas lunch will be held on Wednesday 14th  December (at a cost of £2.30 for KS2 pupils only, KS1 children are free).

So that Lizzie can order sufficient ingredients, please pre-order and pay for your child/children's Christmas lunch by Monday 5th December indicating your menu choice on the newsletter slip (available on the downloadable version of the newsletter, right)



Main – Roast Turkey


Vegetarian – Quorn Roast

Served with

Roast potatoes

Carrots & Sprouts

Glazed parsnips


Stuffing and Gravy


Festive Christmas Biscuit


Christmas Cake

 Diary Dates


Friday 18th - Wear something spotty for comic relief

​Saturday 26th - Craft Fair​ 10am - 3pm
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