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Golden Tickets

Reception Tommy

Year 1 Lily-Mai

Year 2 Jack S

Year 3 Joshua C

Year 4 Morley

Year 5 Aiden

Year 6 Amber 

Year 4 Trip

Year 4 are heading off to the Falmouth Heritage Museum on 4th November.  Thanks to a grant from the Cornwall Heritage Trust, the cost of the transport to this activity has been covered minimising the overall expenditure for the trip.  We are hugely appreciative of the grant and we hope that Year 4 have a fabulous time.

KS1 Reading
The KS1 Reading scheme is going tremendously well and the children's charts are growing daily.  By Christmas they will be looking very impressive! This scheme will continue into next term. Keep reading! 

Craft Club

There is a new after school club starting on Wednesday 2nd November from 3.15pm-4.15pm and each Wednesday until the Christmas break.  Mr and Mrs Allwood will be running a craft club where they will be designing and making bookmarks, key rings and other such objects.  The club is opened for Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  There are only 12 spaces available so places will be offered on a strict 'first come, first served' basis.  Please complete the form on the downloadable version of he newsletter (right) and return to the office if you'd like your child to be considered.

​Staff structure from September 2016 

Reception Class

Teacher: Mrs N Winch

T.A's:  Mrs J Carrington, Mrs L Trudgeon and Miss L Baigent (Mrs L Harris as from Sept)

Year 1

Teacher: Mr E Bissenden

T.A's:  Mrs S Hill, Mrs B Davies, Mrs M Kent and Mrs L Harrison.

Year 2

Teacher: Miss V Tonkin

T.A's:  Mr S Young, Mrs K Wheeldon, Mrs S Poet and Mrs S Allwood

Year 3

Teacher: Mrs K Welch

T.A's:  Miss J Vicary and Mrs C Grigg

Year 4

Teacher: Mrs L Gardner

T.A's:  Mrs E Margetts and Miss K Hoskins

Year 5

Teachers: Mrs C Powell and Mrs H Palk

T.A's:  Mrs S Lewis, Mrs V Webber and Mr D Moore

Year 6

Teacher: Miss C Goatman

T.A's: Mrs T Mansfield, Mrs K Tibbles and Mr D Moore


Intervention:  Mrs J Lang and Mrs L Harris

Headteacher: Mr J Walden

School Secretary: Mrs C George

Receptionist: Mrs R Batten

School Cook: Mrs E Whitford

Kitchen Staff: Mrs J Higgins and Mrs J Turner

Cleaning Team: Mrs M Barros, Mrs M Shelley and Mrs J Turner

Free School Meals

Is your child entitled to free school meals? Did you know that just by registering for free school meals that the school gets an additional £1900 per child?  You can see just how significant this is to the school and the children.

Your claim is completely confidential and will not affect any other benefits. If you wish to apply please fill in the form attached and return to the school office or alternatively call the Free School Meals Team on 01872 323298. If your child is in Reception or Years 1 & 2 they are automatically entitled to Free School Meals.

**However if you are in receipt of certain benefits we would ask that you to still apply as this could enable the school to receive these available funds**

If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 and your claim is unsuccessful it does not affect your child's right to free meals.




 Diary Dates


Friday 21st - Halloween Disco, KS1 3.30-4.45pm, KS2 5-6.30pm.

Monday 24th to Friday 28th - Half term.

Monday 31st - Autumn term 2 starts.

Monday 31st - Breakfast club starts.


Wednesday 2nd November -  Individual school photographs

Tuesday 8th November - Family portrait photographs 

​Saturday 26th - Craft Fair​ 10am - 3pm
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