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Greenpower 2015​​​​

This is the Greenpower group of 2015! We will be updating this page each week with progress on our Greenpower car.


Day 6 - 09.03.2015

This week we have completed the front and rear axles and have linked the front axle to the steering wheel. In class, pupils have been learning about structural integrity by creating load-bearing structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows:


Day 5 - 09.02.2015

The chassis has been tightened to provide a solid shell and reduce flex. We've assembled the front axle and attached it to the chassis as well as starting on the rear axle. The other group have been researching the tools we use and creating logos for the car:


Day 4 - 02.02.2015

In this session half of the group have been creating the front covers for their Greenpower books and completing the Greenpower tools activity. The other half have been continuing the build of our Goblin, we now have a complete tubular chassis:

IMG_0849.JPG IMG_0851.JPGIMG_0852.JPGIMG_0854.JPG


Day 3 - 26.01.2015

Today we have started our build and made covers for our portfolios. Split into two groups, we've managed to create the top an bottom parts of the chassis and discussed some elements of the science behind making our car go fast. Here are some pictures of the build:



Day 2 - 19.01.2015

Today we have decided on a name for the car.   It's called Lightning McRoche.

Also we have registered our car for the Greenpower event at Newquay Cornwall Airport on Wednesday 17th June. The team have looked at some previous events and some of the components of the car to get an idea of the work needed.​
Each team member has been given a manual for our Goblin car and a copy of the tech regs as bedtime reading!

Here's a picture of us getting to know the parts:


Day 1     12.01.2015
Today we have  discussed how Greenpower works. Here are a few things for you to know about Greenpower.

 *Today we have been told what races are included in Greenpower

 *For our car to glide though the wind nicely we need car to be aerodynamic