Learning is structured within a curriculum that is designed to be engaging, enjoyable and rich with experiences and meaningful contexts for learning. The development of skills in English and Maths is at the core of the curriculum.

We want our children to become confident, independent, driven and resilient learners and young people. Teaching is designed to nurture and champion these attributes.

We want our children to learn and demonstrate the values of kindness, respect, tolerance and consideration for others.

We want our children to know how to keep themselves and others safe and healthy.

Curriculum summaries for each class are available for download (right). Alternatively you may contact either your child's class teacher or the school office should you require more information about our school curriculum. 

Curriculum Links

Early Years Curriculum

The Primary National Curriculum.pdfDownload
Maths calculation policy.pdfDownload
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Curriculum Summaries Spring 2018
Reception Summer Term 1 Curriculum - Growth.pdfDownload
Year 1 Summer Term 1 Curriculum - Brilliant Bodies.pdfDownload
Year 2 Summer Term 1 Curriculum - Sowing and Growing.pdfDownload
Year 3 Summer Term 1 Curriculum - Source to Sea.pdfDownload
Year 4 Summer Term 1 Curriculum - A place for everything.pdfDownload
Year 5 Summer Term 1 Curriculum - Lifecycles at the Beach.pdfDownload
Year 6 Summer Term 1 and 2 Curriculum Overview.pdfDownload
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Parent Briefing Notes Autumn 2017‚Äč


Y1 Briefing Slides.pdfDownload
Y2 Briefing Slides.pdfDownload
Y3 Briefing Slides.pdfDownload
Y4 Briefing Slides.pdfDownload
Y5 Briefing Slides.pdfDownload
Y6 Briefing Slides.pdfDownload
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