The school current subscribes to Education City for the whole school and Mathletics for KS2 pupils. Below are instructions for accessing these resources on various devices:


On a computer or Mac: go to

On Android or Apple iOS devices: Mathletics has a dedicated student app called 'Mathletics Student' that can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or Apple's App store. 


Education City

On a computer or Mac: go to 

On Android or Apple iOS devices: Education City requires Flash Player so a flash browser called 'Puffin Academy' can be installed for free. Once you've installed Puffin Academy open it and click on 'Puffin Academy Portal' the search for 'EducationCity'. Select the first icon that appears then click 'Install'. This will put an Education City link on the start page of the Pufflin Academy browser, then Education City can be accessed via this link

Installing Education City step-by-step