Code Club

Our School's Code Club runs between 3.15 and 4.00pm on Tuesdays and is run by Mr Moore. Code Club is a nationwide network of schools and volunteers aiming to teach coding to 9-11 year olds.‚Äč

This page will be used to showcase the projects created by pupils in Code Club, as well as sharing useful tips for other pupils taking part in a Code Club. More information about Code Club can be found by going to the Code Club official webpage.


Session 4 - Chatbots

This week our Code Club has worked almost entirely independantly to create robots that ask questions and react to answers. This has involved exploring the IF/ELSE control, the ASK and ANSWER senses and some more of those mathsy Operators.

Here's Holly's game from Session 4:

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Session 3 - Ghostbusters

In this session we've been doing the Ghostbusters session; creating a game in which the player tries to click on ghosts that are constantly hiding and moving. Lots of discussion about variables for score, as well as introducing the 'Operators' blocks (Or as the leader Mr Moore refers to them, 'Mathsy things'). Pupils also enjoyed discovering the sounds in Scratch, some a little too much, as shown in the tips below :)

Here's Josh's game from Session 3:

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Session 2 - Lost in Space

The pupils really enjoyed this session and we had some interesting discussions about object interaction and portraying depth on a 2D screen. The pupil's were really focused and several completed the session and were able to guide others.

Below are a couple of photos taken during the session as well as Holly's finished animation:

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