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Changes to car parking and drop off arrangements from January 2015. 

The Governors and I are making changes to the parking and drop off arrangements that will come in to effect from the start of Spring term 2015.

There have been a number of ongoing issues in the car park, most of which are the result of confusion over parking and drop off areas.

We are concerned for the safety of children and adults who use the car park and this has prompted the following changes.

The area of the car park which is already marked as a NO PARKING AT ANY TIME area in red hash lines will become the drop off zone. Children will be dropped at any point along the line of cones (marked as black triangles in the picture below). This is where a member of staff will be in attendance. Children will then be able to go in to school via the top pedestrian gate in the playground or via the gate by the side of the Old School House. Cars will then be able to drive straight out of the car park.

Children should only be dropped off on the left hand side of this area, in other words the passenger side closest to the cones. Drivers that wish to access the main car park area should drive on the right hand side of the drop zone thus overtaking cars that are dropping off.

Car Park 1.JPG 

Parents who wish to park for any reason will be able to do so in the existing parking bays in the main car park area but will also now be able to use the 11 parking bays that run down the side of the playground at any time. Parking should be in the bays marked by white lines at 90 degrees to the playground fence (as shown in the picture below) as opposed to parallel to the fence. The yellow hash lines in this area now have no meaning as this will no longer be the drop off zone.

Car Park 2.JPG 

The entrance to this area of the car park will be narrowed by a line of cones running from the corner of the playground. The aim of this is to considerably slow the flow of traffic in to this parking area. Cars exiting this area of the car park must give way to cars dropping off in the red zone, i.e. traffic coming from the right as one would at a roundabout or junction.

We would remind all car park users that a 10 mile an hour speed limit is in place throughout the carpark area.

If you are parking and walking children in to school, please supervise your children closely. There should be no unsupervised children in the car park at any time.

We hope that these changes will improve the movement of traffic in the car park but more importantly make it a safer environment.